Say Hello to Our 2022 Design Team!

We are so excited about a fresh, new year and an insanely talented group of designers to create for us! Today we’d like to introduce you to our 2022 design team:

1st row : Aimee Mertell, Aurélie Cormier, Diane Dzubian, Jennifer McMurtrey

2nd row : Junell Kruzel, Kat Benjamin, Kim Chaffin, LeeAnne Jones

3rd row : Marsha Farris, Meghann Andrew (Design Team Coordinator), Melissa Mann, Michelle Flynn

4th row : Nathalie Leonelli, Sarah Kee, Suzanna LeeWei Wei Wang

We are so excited to see what our new team creates for us this year, so be sure to follow us on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook group! And don’t forget to follow each of our wonderful team members at their links above to see what they’re creating throughout the year! Here’s to 2022!

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