Summer Memory Wrap-Up with Magical Memories and Patricia Roebuck

Our Magical Memories collection isn’t just for your theme park photos—this versatile, colorful collection is perfect for recording your best summer memories, and now that the change in season is upon us, this is the best time to get those memories recorded! Let’s take a look at how Patricia Roebuck is doing that in pockets today!

Hello, Elle’s Studio friends! The seasons are changing, and for some of us sooner than others! Today we will walk through the last of the summer hurrah my daughter and I shared before heading back into a new school year and a new season by using the Magical Memories collection to create a 6″ x 8″ pocket page!

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My summer wrap-up was probably the most special to me. My husband was out of town for two weeks, and that meant it was just the girls. As soon as I asked my daughter what one last thing she wanted to do the most before heading back into a new school year, she said the zoo and the insectarium.  The Magical Memories collection was literally the perfect collection to document our sweet visit into the city. The first thing I wanted to start with was journaling. Using the journaling block from the Magical Memories Stamp, I created my own spot for journaling.  After stamping the lines onto my 2″ x 8″ strip to fit my pocket, I stamped more images in colors that would pull from my photos and the collection, leaving the larger images with words to the edges to not clutter my journaling. In black ink, to add emphasis to my journaling, I stamped “something to remember” vertically to the left, then sent this through my typewriter to add my journaling. To finish this pocket, I added a banner Acetate Die Cut and star die cut from the Magical Memories Journaling Tags in two lighter shades of green to complement and balance the green throughout the spread, as well as bring the eye to my journaling.

After my photos were printed, I arranged them into the pockets, and then pulled the Magical Memories 6 x 6 Paper Stack and Magical Memories Journaling Tags to layer under the smaller photos. Once the printed photos, paper, and tags were in place, I started pulling in embellishments to balance out the colors of the photos and the papers. Starting with the top left 4″ x 6″ photo, I added the Magical Memories Acetate Die Cuts and the Magical Memories Phrase Stickers to work with the photo and break up some of the darker green in the background. This also added to the summer, playful feel of our memory. Adding the month and date with the Lime Green Puffy Alphabet Stickers also helped to break up that dark background, creating balance to the right side.

Knowing that most of my photos have dark green in them, to create some lightness and a resting spot for the eyes, I used a majority white 4″ x 6″ tag from the Magical Memories Journaling Tags to layer under my smaller photo for the next pocket. The colorful, circle icon images on the tag repeat the designs I stamped on my 2″ x 8″ journaling strip. I finished that pocket with a die cut from the Journaling Tags, a wood piece from the At The Castle Wood Veneers and the year using the Mini Dated Stamp.

Moving onto my next pocket, I added a 4″ x 4″ yellow-lined pattern from the Magical Memories 6 x 6 Paper Stack under my smaller photo that balances with the yellow in my shirt and the journaling tag on the left side of the spread.  I also selected a simple design for this pocket, adding only a few embellishments to help accent, since I have two photos I will combine in the bottom pocket, helping to create some space between the pockets.

For my last pocket, I layered the gray grid Magical Memories 6 x 6 Paper Stack pattern, balancing the grey puffy sticker in the top pocket, and the die cut from the bottom left pocket. Next, I selected a 3″ x 4″ Journaling Tag to create a visual triangle of the red in the top and left pockets, and then added an Acetate Die Cut border, die cut from the Journaling Tags, and a Magical Memories Puffy Sticker star in between the photos to finish my spread.

As you work through your summer memories, leave your photos in color, try various photo sizes and/or pockets, create your own journaling spot with stamps, and then add layers, texture, and color using the wonderful Magical Memories collection. Enjoy documenting your summer!

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    The first photo seems disrespectful to me. A Buddha is to be respected, not posed on and put stickers on. How would you feel if someone did that with a sacred icon of your religion?

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