Quick and Simple Cards with Steph Grimes

When was the last time you tried to send a handmade card and found your card collection lacking? The end of the year is a great time to create cards and send to the ones we love, and Steph Grimes is with us today to share two quick and simple, yet beautiful designs created with our newest products! Let’s see what she made!

Hi everyone! It’s Steph again and I’m here to share two greeting cards that I made using the September 2019 Kit and extras. I used to do a TON of cardmaking, as in, it was my main hobby; but since scrapbooking has taken center stage again, I have barely made any cards in the last few years. I noticed a few weeks ago that my card stash is just plain sad, and dwindling. To rectify that, I am going to try to make a few quick and easy cards each month. Starting now!  

It’s also worth mentioning that these two cards took me around 20 minutes to make both of them!

Supplies | September 2019 Kit, Die Cut Labels — Jewel Tones, Happy Moments Puffy Stickers, Puffy Autumn Heart Stickers, Home Sweet Home 6 x 6 Paper Stack, Jane Alphabet Stamp

I like to have a variety of cards in my stash for any occasion that might require a card. So this month I made a “congrats on your new home” card and a general celebration card. I started by picking the tags from the September Kit that I wanted to use: the house tag and the peach mandala tag. Every decision I made following was inspired by those two choices. I decided that the house tag was too large to use whole, so I cut the house image out to use on its own and then cut a little banner around the phrase on the card. I also really liked the idea of adding a little more shape to the card by trimming around the mandala to create curved edges. These three elements together would create the centerpiece of my card.

After I had the main design of the card figured out, I needed to select the rest of the elements that would round it out. I used a plain white card base and then layered on a gray patterned paper and a strip of yellow patterned paper, both from the Home Sweet Home 6 x 6 Paper Stack (which is gorgeous, by the way!) I decided to tear the edge of the gray a little for some added visual interest and to make it less boxy.

 I also knew that I wanted to add a label and additional sentiment, so I used the Jane Alphabet Stamp and coral ink and one of the teal colored labels from the jewel-toned Die Cut Labels to create a label that says “congrats!” The final touch was adding in an odd number of embellishments. On my cards, if I am adding embellishments, I like to stick to odd numbers, often three, and arrange them in a visual triangle. In this case, I used three little shape stickers in matching colors from the Happy Moments Puffy Stickers and Puffy Autumn Heart Stickers

For my second card, I had a specific purpose in mind for creating this particular card. My cousin just started a new job and she loves all things autumn! I went into this second card knowing I wanted to use the beautiful fall colors included in the September Kit and really lean into that warm color scheme!

Again, my goal was to make quick and easy cards, so I went really simple with this second card. I started with the “hooray for this” puffy sticker from the Happy Moments Puffy Stickers, then I picked the multicolor heart card from the September Kit as my main element. I trimmed it down a good bit so it would fit a little better onto the card. Then, I used the green 4″ x 6” tag in the September Kit and cut it into a banner shape by cutting along the shape of the pattern on the card to make the ‘flag’ end. I tried a couple options for a background, but ultimately decided on using the orange grid paper from the Home Sweet Home 6 x 6 Paper Stack. Then, I layered everything up! 

For embellishment on this card, I used hearts and a few other shape stickers from the Happy Moments Puffy Stickers and Puffy Autumn Heart Stickers to add a little extra dimension. On the heart tag, I added a trio of puffy hearts in matching colors right on top of the printed hearts. Then I used the other shapes in two little clusters around the sentiment. 

I hope this gives you some ideas for how to use the September 2019 Kit and extras (or any Elle’s Studio kit!) to create some quick and easy greeting cards to use for a nice handmade touch to let someone know you are thinking of them! Do you like to make cards? What are some of your tips for making quick cards? Share them on Instagram using the hashtag #EllesStudio. I can’t wait to see what you make!

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