Printable Perfection with Nathalie Leonelli

Today, design team member Nathalie Leonelli is here with an important reminder: Our monthly digital files that coordinate with our kits are perfect for using in conjunction with your kit, or on their own to create something truly special—even if you’re not a techie! Let’s see what Nathalie created! 
Hello crafty peeps! I am back to share with you how easy to use and convenient the Elle’s Studio printables are, even if you are low tech like me! I didn’t use any special machine or program. Today I am focusing specifically on the Gather Together Printables and the October Print and Cut Labels. I love that the printables always coordinate with the monthly kit, but with this project, you will see that you can use the digital files with great results without using the kit at all!

Supplies | Gather Together Printables, October Print and Cut Labels, Family Fun 12″ x 12″ Paper Collection, Noteworthy Stamp
To start, I printed one PDF sheet (on white cardstock cut to 8-1/2″ x 11″) of each of the Gather Together and Print and Cut Labels. I decided to use a bunch of elements on one edge of my traveler’s notebook spread, cutting a couple of tags into shipping tag shapes:

I also layered in a few labels, making sure that I would include different shapes, colors and lengths. I used another printed tag as a decorative journaling spot for my right page:

I cut the journaling tag in half so that I could have it on top and bottom of my photo (I like to split my journaling that way). Then, for my next step, I grabbed my Noteworthy Stamp to add a contrasting title in black ink, but also to create an eye catching visual triangle.

For my last touches (and my most tech advanced move!), I placed the individual digital “Leaves” tag (which is the same one I used for my journaling) into a Word document and made it so big that it would be almost 8-1/2″ x 11″. I printed two copies of them just so that I could hand cut some of the drawings (leaves and stems) to use as embellishments, creating another visual triangle on the page.

Finally, a few machine stitches, before adhering the photo, add a bit of texture.
So as you can see, all you basically need to use those digital files are a computer (no fancy program) and a printer. If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ll give them a try, with or without a kit.
If you use the Elle’s Studio digitals and share your creations online make sure to let us know by using the tag #EllesStudio on Instagram or leave us a comment with a link! Thank you for stopping by today!

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