Traveler’s Notebook Advice with Andrea Gray

Today Andrea Gray is with us to share a touching traveler’s notebook spread just for her son. Her project is a great reminder that you can create meaningful layouts with very few supplies—showing that the photos + words are what really matter. Let’s take a look.

Hey crafty friends! I hope May has been treating you well! I’m excited to share a new project with you today, a spread in a traveler’s notebook that will eventually be a gift for my teenage son. I made a list of topics I want to give him advice about and when there is a photo that deserves to be documented, this is what happens.

Supplies | May 2017 Kit, Adventure AcrylicApril Labels, Little Moments Blank Labels

While playing at the park with our puppy, I caught him walking away and I couldn’t help but capture his silhouette against the setting sun. The image nearly made me cry just thinking about what little time we have left with him in our house. He’s growing up and I wanted to write a little something to him before he walks away toward his own life.

The top half of the photo was perfect for the Adventure Acrylic, so I adhered that to the photo and left it at that.

I chose the “best things in life” journaling tag from the May 2017 Kit, a sentiment that really nailed the theme of this layout, but I also wanted to make sure I used my own voice so I added my own journaling above it.

Even though the card had a great blue color to compliment the blues in the photo, I also wanted to pull out the pink, yellow and orange of the sunset. To do this I used yellow and orange labels to layer under the card with a little pink die cut from the May 2017 Kit.

This spread is my reminder to my man-child to go on adventures and to not be afraid to step toward something bigger, because the experiences are all going to end up being memories and life is the most important adventure!

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