Introducing Little Moments

EllesStudio-LittleMoments-01We are thrilled to introduce to you our next collection: Little Moments. This sweet collection will have you ready to document those little moments you adore so much. This collection has 12 x 12 papers, labels, journaling tags, die cuts, wood veneers, acrylic, stamps, stickers, and a 6 x 6 paper stack!

Here is the very first look at Little Moments:










This new collection will start shipping to stores the first week of February and is available for wholesale pre-order now, so make sure you call your local scrapbook store or email your favorite online store and request this collection! This collection should also be available in our shop in March.

We would love to hear what your favorite part of the collection is – leave a comment on this post and we’ll draw two winners to receive a Little Moments collection pack! Winners will be drawn and posted on our blog on Monday, January 18th, 2016.

Thank you so much for stopping by on this exciting day – we appreciate each one of you so much!


  1. Mel H says

    Love the wood veneers and the acrylics. The colors are great.

  2. Jen Boumis says

    Everything!!! The stamps are incredible and I love the pocket cards. But that grey heart paper? I’m going to need a full ream!!!

  3. Kathy Skou says

    Omg I love all of this!! The bits and pieces are such fun!!!

  4. super stick chick says

    What a great release! I love all of it, but my favorite is the colors, 12×12 papers and the white acrylic title.

  5. Heather says

    This collection is beautiful! I especially love the cut-aparts and stickers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Melinda Sweetman says

    This whole collection is beautiful I love the colours and those stamps are gorgeous!!

  7. Carimar G says

    Oooooo I love the gray with the pops of color . I can’t wait to get my hands on this

  8. nathalie says

    Such beautiful colors… the perfect complement for beautiful pictures… gotta start saving $$ to buy the entire line… I am keeping my fingers crossed the Canadian dollar stops dropping…

  9. Anne B says

    Adorable! My favourite would have to be the 6×6 paper πŸ˜‰

  10. sarah says

    This collection is beautiful!! I love the collors and patterns in this collection!! The bits and pieces that have vellum, love that! And those stamps are so darling!!! Omg this is a beautiful collection!!

  11. Angela A says

    I love the wood veneers and all the cute bits and pieces! Really, I love it all!

  12. Sarah Souza says

    Love this! So pretty!

  13. Meredith Thomas says

    I love the stamps the most! But also love all the colors! So excited!

  14. Tiffani says

    What’s not to love about this line!? So hard to pick just one thing or even two that I like. The papers are gorgeous. Such a tough choice which side to use on the mint green with white polka dots and the scripting on the other side. I’d need two of those for sure!! I’m in love with those papers. And of course I’d have to have the 6×6… I sense a Coptic binding book from this kit!! Oh it would come out so gorgeous with this collection!! I love the bits and pieces, but I think what I love most is the touch of vellum. I feel like we haven’t seen much in the scrap world with vellum lately so this is a nice touch. Loving that white acrylic too and the stamps. I love the stamp set with the documented stamp!! Such an exciting collection and I just love everything about it. Good luck to everyone

  15. Zsoka says

    Oooh cute! My favourites are the stamps, 6×6 paper pad, bits and pieces and the wood veneer pack! X

  16. Marie R says

    I love the patterns of the paper and the cut it and snippets. Everything goes so well together.

  17. Michelle says

    Congratulations on the new release! My favorites are the patterned papers, vellums and stamps!

  18. Jeanelle says

    I love the pop of Kelly Green and of course all the hearts! I like how you have included some vellum!

    • charlee says

      I love the little moments

  19. Ruth Tacoma says

    I love the hello stamps as well as the bits & pieces!!!

  20. Patricia says

    Wow, it’s hard to pick one favorite. The journaling cards are a must have for my book. Oh and the paper pad!

  21. Julia says

    Love the wood veneers!

  22. Susan says

    Wonderful collection! I think my favorites are the 6×6 paper stack and the stamps. I’ll definitely be ordering a lot from this collection!

  23. Joan C says

    This collection is super! I love everything! ❀️

  24. Chelsea says

    I love the colors and all the hearts but my favorite is the stamp set with the tiny stars!!

  25. alison says

    Love all of it, but especially the alpha stamps and the 6×6 paper pad!!!

  26. Jennifer says

    I love the stamps and the colors! Beautiful!

  27. Christine B. says

    Wow, it’s all so beautiful that it’s hard to choose just one! If I had to, I’d say the 6×6 paper pad – yummy goodness!!

  28. Julianna says

    Oh my goodness I love this so much! I know it’s not technically a “baby” line but that’s what the Little Moments title made me think of and I have been searching all the CHA releases for a line to use for my upcoming baby girl’s first year album (she’s arriving end of March). This would be SO perfect. I love the journaling tags and vellum shapes the best!!

  29. AnnieB says

    It’s so pretty! My favorite is a toss up between the paper stack and the sweet acrylic phrase.

  30. Heather Adams says

    I’m soooo excited about that 6×6 paper stack (on my MUST BUY list) and those alpha stamps are absolutely perfect.

  31. Carol says

    I love the Alpha stamps !!!! So pretty!!!

  32. Jenny Kozar says

    Love it all! I am a huge fan of the bits and pieces for tucking and embellishing. I look forward to being able to get my hands on this for sure! Thank you

  33. Marcia Scantlin says

    Love that touch of purple. It’s so hard to find.

  34. Jill Rugg says

    Great new collection! Love the wood veneers and the white acrylic!

  35. Lisa C. says

    Wow – I love this so much! Love the pops of black!! Also happy to see the 6×6 pad. The wood veneer are so cute. My favorite are the florals!!!

  36. I love those journaling cards, and the stamps+tags are fantastic! And did I spy a star pattern in the 6×6 pad?!!!! LOVE it!

  37. Gay Weusten says

    It’s all gorgeous. I love the bits and pieces and the 6×6 paper stack

  38. Marti Richards says

    Love it! I really love the 6X6 pad and the stamps. I will also need 50 sheets of the black alpha stickers! Your alpha stickers are my favorite!

  39. Juliana says

    Wow! Such a great collection! Love everything about it!!!

  40. Anika F says

    What a great collection! That’s one of my goals for this year is to do more memory keeping. This would be a great place to start.

  41. jackie c. says

    How pretty! I love the stamps and all the beautiful papers!

  42. Angela says

    Love, love, love the stamps and labels! Can’t wait for this release! Yummy!

  43. Adele says

    I love it all but the 6×6 patterns are my favourite!

  44. Tiffany Huang says

    Everything! Love it all! Especially the wood veneer and stamps!

  45. Christine says

    I think the Cutouts and Snippets are speaking to me. Lovely collection. Thanks for the chance.

  46. StacieD says

    I love the papers and 6×6 pad!! I am a huge lover of your mini alpha, stamps, and those fab bits and pieces! Love this collection, Elle!

  47. cindy b says

    Oh my word! Such a cute and versatile collection. Love it ALL!!

  48. Tracie Ferguson says

    I love all the colors in the collection. I love how there are so many. Makes it very versatile. Thanx for the chance to win.

  49. Emily F. says

    I love this collection! I’m loving the paper pad, stamps, and the cutouts.

  50. Erin D says

    I love the labels and the letter stamps!!!! What a great collection. I love everything.

  51. Lindsay says

    The 6×6 paper stack and the acrylic phrase!

  52. sophie says

    I just love all these papers!I would definitely make an adorable mini album for my sweety!

  53. Nicole says

    I love the font on the stamps and the idea of layering them with tags!

  54. THoltfreter says

    Love every little bit, as usual, but the gorgeous paper stack is my fav!!!!

  55. Stephanie Kaye says

    I love the bits and pieces with vellum. Beautiful

  56. Lynette says

    Such pretty colours & beautiful fonts. To make it all even better
    … vellum. I’m in love β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  57. Rachel McG says

    Oh my goodness, everything?!?! This is a gorgeous collection, I love the discuss, abs the 6×6 paper pad particularly though, so great!

  58. Christine Maupin says

    I seriously love it all! The color palette is perfection. It’s hard to pick my favorite items, but I would have to sat the paper, cutouts, and the bits and pieces.

  59. PernillaJ says

    I really like it allooks but especially the 6×6 paper pad and the stamps!

  60. Oh my word – I love every single piece of this collection! The colors are beautiful, love the bits and pieces, the wood veneer, and the stamps. Love that there is a 6×6 paper stack, too! I need all of it!

  61. Mareike says

    I love everything about it! But if I had to pick something, it would be the bits and pieces with vellum and the cut-outs.

  62. Jenny Wymore says

    What an incredibly sweet collection! I love hearts…so I love that you can find hearts on the paper, cards, and embellishments!

  63. Just GORGEOUS! LOVING the colors and loving how the stamps work with the labels!!!!!!!!

  64. Theresa says

    Wow! Every piece is adorable… seriously!!!

  65. Karen Lai says

    Love everything about this collection! I really like the wood veneers – it has such fun shapes & words. Perfect for layouts!

  66. Tegan Skwiat says

    Oh wow! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite! I just love everything! The colors are gorgeous and labels and stamps look so fun! I really think I need every last bit of this collection!

  67. Karrie says

    ooooh this is sweet! I really love the colour combo and all the little details.

  68. Jenny says

    Alpha stamps get me every time! <3 The papers are gorgeous but I love the yellow striped and the gray hearts. They'd be awesome together! Add the 6×6 paper pad and it'd PERFECTION! YAY!

  69. Robin Voak says

    I love the 6×6 pad and ephemera for sure!!

  70. Kim says

    Love the universal message!!

  71. Heidi Cocca says

    LOVE this new collection! It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I really like how the two stamp sets work together.

  72. Julie says

    Love the sweet pretty papers and the stamp sets. Thank you for the chance to win such loveliness!

  73. Veo says

    Love the bits an pieces with vellum! So beautiful! πŸ™‚

  74. Tracy Dayett says

    Love this collection and my most favorite is the acrylic phrase!!

  75. Carla Hundley says

    Looks so fun and I
    love the Bits & Pieces!
    Carla from Utah

  76. Anna Ekman says

    Such a cute collection. I love the colors and the decorations.

  77. Denise P says

    OMG, OMG, OMG! I love this collection and LOVE that there is purple and I’m so excited to see a 6×6 paper pad! Love the labels, the pops of black, the stamps, and oh…just everything! Beautiful job!!!

  78. Sara M says

    Such a pretty collection! I’m really excited about the 6&6 size paper! πŸ™‚

  79. Janet says

    I love it all. The stamps and wood veneers are my fave!!!

  80. Hannah Brown says

    I love the look of those papers! The vellum bits and pieces look like fun, too. Lovely collection!

  81. Sacha says

    I love everything about this collection but what first caught my eye is the paper that starts at light pink on the top and changes towards dark pink at the bottom. Super cute! Definitely buying it when it is available πŸ™‚

  82. Cassie W says

    I can’t pick just one thing I love about this collection…from the paper, to the vellum, to the wood veneers…I seriously adore each and every piece!!

  83. Cendrine says

    Wow! I love EVERYTHING! The papers, the stamps, the labels… Everything! What a great collection!

  84. Grace Tolman says

    What a lovely collection. The colors and papers are so awesome. My favorite would have to be the alphabet stamp. Its so versatile but large enough to make an impact to a page. thank you for the chance.

  85. Karen says

    Such a beautiful collection!

  86. Elizabeth says

    The whole collection is adorable, but I really like the Bits and Pieces with Vellum!

  87. Cynthia B. says

    Yay! Very pretty collection! I love the bits and piece with vellum, the wood veneer, journal tags, and so happy you’re making the 6×6 size paper too!

  88. Barb S. says

    Love all of these new goodies! Would love a chance to win some. A great way to get some new suplies!

  89. Lisascreativeniche says

    Eeekkkk! The papers are incredible!!!!

  90. Christina S. says

    Just beautiful!

  91. Cindy says

    What a fabulous collection! I especially love the colors of the 12 x 12 papers.

  92. Dottie says

    Can’t choose love it all❀️

  93. Lupe martinez says

    12×12 papers. I love paper! Sometimes I will sort thru my paper just to freshen my memory of what I have. All kinds of ideas come to me that way. I’m inspired!

  94. Ange says

    Oh lovely! What a wonderful line!!! I love everything about it!

  95. Sandi Rath says

    I love, love, love the entire collection, but my favorite are the cutouts and snippets!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  96. Darlene says

    Beautiful collection thanks for a chance to win it!

  97. Pam Sohan says

    The wood veneers! And the Bits and Pieces with Vellum. the papers are really pretty too. Thanks for a chance to win!

  98. JoAnn Martin says

    I love this fresh and vibrant collection. A perfect way to start the new year.

  99. Sandy says

    Love everything about this. Would be a fantastic addition to any crafter’s stash.

  100. Jannie says

    Oh goodness I love it all. The paper is beautiful, love all of the stamps, labels just everything.

  101. Linda Gorman says

    WOW! I love the whole collection! I especially am drawn to the great colors and the stamps!

  102. Rebecca May R. says

    I adore the 6×6 paper designs they’re cute and fun. Looking at it makes me happy and wanna do something creative.

  103. Cathleen says

    Such a beautiful assortment
    Congratulations on your new adventure.

  104. This whole collection is positively charming but my favorite is the Scrapbook papers. The first page shown with the yellow stripes and the floral sheet are perfect for a project I want to start in the near future! Thank you for the chance to win this set, I love them all.

  105. Susanne says

    So cute and fresh! I love the labels, 6 x 6 pads & journal cards.

  106. Deanne says

    Beautiful! I could use everything with all the ideas I have. ❀️

  107. Debby Jones says

    Awesome! Would love these!

  108. Ange says

    Fantastic! Love this line!! My fav part would be the wood veneers. Love!!

  109. Tracy F says

    What a beautiful collection! Love the colors and prints and all the embellies!

  110. Monica F. says

    Such an adorable & “useable” collection! I love the colors & details. My favorites are the Jonah labels & stamp sets. I love how they coordinate for so many possibilities. I can’t get enough of your happy designs!

  111. sophie says

    I love your papers and the bits and pieces of vellum!!!!!!

  112. Cherri Simon says

    Such beautiful papers! And the stamps sets would be very useful.

  113. Lynn says

    I love every thing about the new collection. Love the stamps.

  114. Erika McDermott says

    I love the 12×12 paper and vellum pieces. I can’t wait to get it if I don’t win it. Great collection.

  115. Anastasia M. says

    I think it’s your cutest collection ever! Pretty papers and I love the stamp set.

  116. zura says

    I love the sweet papers.

  117. Phaline says

    The paper collections are adorable! We just bought a house and I haven’t had time or opportunity to unpack and organize my scrapbook room, but I wI’ll definitely be investing in some of the paper sets when I am set up. I have a new grandbaby and lots of pics to scrapbook!

  118. Norine says

    oh why oh why do I have to pick just one LOL love the whole collection
    My fav would have to be the stamps
    Good Luck to all Hugs

  119. I love the yummy colors in tha patterned papers!

  120. Nita K. says

    I love the colors in this collection.

  121. charlee says

    Love the little moments stock paper

  122. Tona says

    Love the wood veneers & colors in this collection.

  123. MelissaMeyer says

    Love the bits & pieces pack with vellum. Vellum is one of my favourites to add to my layouts πŸ™‚

  124. Maricela Najera says

    I love the whole collection, especially all the hearts!

  125. Theresa Kane says

    Lovely collection! I love the 6×6 pad and the stamps/label collection.

  126. Rayette M says

    Loving this whole line. But really loving the wood veneers.

  127. I absolutely want this entire collection! Wow!! I love every tiny bit of it!

  128. Lisa Hall says

    Fabulous colors!

  129. Aroha Barlow says

    Can I just say what a fabulous collection, the colours are just Devine and I can’t pick just one thing because I love it all!
    My top two would be the paper stack and the embellishments.

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  132. kim says

    I love this collection! The cuts outs are my favourite.

  133. Janet chinn says

    Gorgeous all of it, especially the wood and the stamps. Thank you for the giveaway at CS mag!

  134. lena nunn says

    I came here from creative scrapbooker magazine.I can’t pick a favorite I love it all especially the papers.

  135. Annelies Batty says

    hello and thanks so very much for sponsoring CS with such great products

  136. Cath Thompson says

    Wow!!! What great stuff! The girls from CS warned us it was cute!!

  137. Annette says

    This is a beautiful collection. Hi from CS.

  138. Robin Mowat says

    I got an invite to come here from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. Thanks for being a part of Thanks for being a part of their contest.

    • kathleen smith says

      Love your products!!! Thanks for participating in CS giveaway.

  139. Betty S says

    just stopping by to say hello from Creative Scrapbooker Magazine. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway

  140. Shannon says

    Hi there! CS Magazine sent me and I am so glad they did — love what I am seeing here!!

  141. janet chinn says

    love your collections, so well thought out. CS Mag sent me your way!

  142. Amy says

    Beautiful collection! I love it all! CS sent me over to check it out!

  143. Twila Young says

    I love the whole collection, but, the vellum pieces I think are my fave!

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