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EllesStudio-Stamps-Elle01Today I wanted to share with you these six 3 x 4 inch journaling tags I made with the exclusive Good Days stamp set, our exclusive May kit, and the Cienna collection! These products mix really well, and now all I have to add is the journaling to these tags, and they are done! I use these in my Project Life album, and on scrapbook pages.

I have really fallen in love with stamping lately and love to stamp on journaling tags to customize them, or make them my own – It adds a whole new element to your pages and albums! I’ve made a couple changes to my stamping routine that has greatly improved how much I use my stamps! Now I find myself always reaching for them to add the perfect finishing touch to my project!

I wanted to share these tips with you, and hopefully it will make you want to stamp even more!

I used the same stamp to stamp every color of ink I have, and then I wrote their name underneath. It’s amazing how much this has freed up my time in choosing an ink, and now I know exactly what color I will get before I pull the ink pad out and ink my stamp!

As seen on the right hand side of the photo above, I will ink up and stamp a stamp several times before I feel comfortable stamping on my project. It’s not a necessary thing to do, but I find that I feel more at ease doing it this way.

Then, after I’ve stamped my image on my project, I go back to my test paper and stamp a couple more times on it, to “stamp off” the ink. This will help remove most of the ink so I can pull the stamp off my block, and put it back in it’s place.

Then, last but not least, I wait until I am finished with my entire project before I clean the stamp set with warm soapy water. I leave them attached to their packaging, and clean the entire set at the same time, even if some weren’t used. The stamp set may get dyed from not being washed immediately… but I’m okay with that because the stamps looked well loved, and it doesn’t interrupt the flow of my project. Before, I would clean the stamp each time I stamped something and would find myself less likely to pull my stamps out, but not now – I stamp on everything!

I hope this post inspired you to grab your stamps and start stamping more! Thanks for stopping by our blog!


  1. Great ideas for stamping! Clean stamps? We’re supposed to clean them? 😉

  2. michelle t. says

    Great ideas. I love my stamps. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Michelle t

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