Keeping it Organized with Lisa Dickinson

As most of you can relate, I have limited time to spend in my scrapbook space, so keeping it organized and efficient makes my time there much more productive! Here are few of my methods for storing and organizing my Elle’s Studio kits and products.
This little tin box (found in the bathroom storage section of a home goods store) is the perfect size for holding the monthly kits. I keep them in the original clear bags which makes it easy to flip through and find what I need. Once a kit has been mostly used up, I mix any remaining pieces in with whatever Elle’s Studio collection it coordinates best with.

The paper lines and coordinating elements are stored in this large plastic hanging file bin from Target. I love these for cheap and colorful storage! The 12×12 papers fit perfectly and are easily thumbed through to find the pattern or color I need. I group them buy collection and insert  a hanging folder between each different line. In the hanging folder, I slip in the matching tags, cards, and stickers that go with the collection.

For the wood and cork embellishments, I like to be able to sort through them to find the right shape and size for a layout. Rather than keep them in the original packaging, I empty them into small metal buckets and store them with my other accents. Then it’s easy to dump them out and find the perfect piece! You can often find these small buckets at dollar stores, or in bulk in the wedding section of crafts stores. I bought two dozen of them and fill them with everything from wood veneer to paper clips to stick pins. Tucked inside a drawer at my work table, they make it easy to see all the embellishment options I have at once.

And finally – my stamps! There are so many great small elements in the limited edition Elle’s Studio stamps, and it’s easy to forget what month had that small heart or little phrase you’re looking for. That’s why I like to have all my stamps together so I can quickly sort through and find the perfect image. I keep all of my stamp sets in a Martha Stewart Home Office binder that I got at Staples:

Inside, the binder holds pocket pages (available in a variety of sizes and configurations) and each pocket holds a stamp set. The sets are easily slipped out of the top-loading pockets and I love that this storage keeps all my stamps in one place.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my studio storage and can use a few of these tips for your own scrap space!

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