Product Spotlight : Sycamore Lane


Sycamore Lane is already proving to be a huge hit and can be found in both online stores as well as your Local Scrapbook Store! It will also be available in our shop this coming Wednesday, September 24th!!!

I can’t get enough of the patterns in this collection! It’s so hard to choose whether to use the A or B side of each sheet!¬†meganklauerphotography-2698-copy

I created this layout to show how to intermix those patterns in a fun and playful way. Cut it, Layer it, Stamp on it, Punch it, Tear it, Sew it … pattern paper is such an amazing & versatile product!meganklauerphotography-2701-copymeganklauerphotography-2702-copymeganklauerphotography-2703-copymeganklauerphotography-2704-copymeganklauerphotography-2706-copymeganklauerphotography-2707-copymeganklauerphotography-2708-copymeganklauerphotography-2709-copymeganklauerphotography-2710-copy

Have you gotten your hands on the new Sycamore Lane collection yet? If not, come back to the SHOP this Wednesday and get ¬†yours on order! You’ll love every bit!


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