Capture Life :: Let your Feet tell the Story

These days as you flip through your instagram feed, you’re sure to find someone’s toes in the sand enjoying the best part of Summer.


Inspired by Patricia Roebuck’sSand in My Toes” layout, I got to thinking. How does our feet help tell our story?Untitled-1Maybe it’s our first time at a Lake with a brand new bucket of toys …IMG_1404maybe it’s playing in the mud …IMG_9996or the rain …IMG_4830 maybe it’s a pair of chore boots passed down to another generation …IMG_0014

or maybe it’s your favorite cowgirl boots that over the past 10 years have become formed to your way of walking…IMG_9339maybe it’s memories of a cold winter wedding and trying to huddle together to stay warm …IMG_2878 or, maybe it’s telling the story of welcoming a new member to your family.IMG_6335Whatever story your feet may tell; I challenge you to capture it today!┬áBe sure to share your “feet” layouts with us in the Member Gallery as we can’t wait to see where they take you!


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