Capture Life : My Process from iphone to Print

Today I’m going to share with you the editing process I use when capturing our everyday life via my iphone.

This was the orginial photo SOOC (straight out of camera) or in this case, my iphone.


I then opened the photo in an app called Pic Tap Go and used a few of my favorite “recipes” within the app to get the look I love – soft and matte.


In the particularly case, I wanted to share it via instagram as well. So, I then did a bit more editing there, thus cropping it into a square.


I email the full size images directly from my phone to my email address and create a folder that I later save onto my external hard drive.

When printing the photos for my Project Life album I pretty much always resize them so I can print two images on one 4×6 print. (I do this step in Photoshop) and it looks like this :

Untitled-27webThe next step of course is to preserve those images and memories.

I used a combination of the new SHINE collection, the May Exclusive Tag Kit, and the Bloom Wood Veneers.



I also wanted to incorporate the cute little creations my kids made me that held the flowers they gave me. I carefully took the cones apart (with their permission of course) and added elements of them to my page. These make the page all the more meaningful. IMG_3986 IMG_3987I’d love to hear you’re phone to print process!

Happy Creating! ~ Megan

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