Tag You’re It :: 02.08.14

Today were going to look at creating what I like to call a Male*ntine.
You know a Valentine for the male species.
Something that’s not so frilly and pink but still uses many of those same elements; just in a different way or by altering the color just a bit.
While my husband and I don’t exchange gifts on the national day of “Love”; he usually cooks me a nice supper and we get small gifts for the kids. This year I thought it would be fun to create something personal yet inexpensive for him. 
I call it the “After Work Snack”. 
This is something that could easily be set up for the kids too; with kid friendly munchies of course!
But first we need a cool tag to hold a special note.
Here’s a look into my process …
As  you can see, I used a variety of layers to create this months tag.
Bits and pieces from the “Love You More” collection, tags from the December Tag Kit, the new letter stickers, and a fun bunch of sneaks into the February Tag Kit
Which by the way goes on sale this coming Monday the 10th!
Once the tag is complete, just put together a bunch of yummy hubby style snacks to have on the kitchen table when he gets home & you’ll be sure to win his heart all over again.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone!
**A quick little survey. Would you prefer seeing the step by step process via a moving image as I did above or broke down like I did in last months post found : HERE : ? **


  1. cghundley says

    I like step by step
    instructions. Thanks
    for all you share.
    Carla from Utah

  2. I love the creativity behind the moving photo steps

  3. Davida says

    I liked the step by step in last month’s (if I had to choose):-) Both are inspiring!

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