New product reveals!

Our third and final reveal is here and we can’t wait to show you what is coming to Elle’s Studio! Also, we cannot even put into words how thrilled we are to read all your comments about our Everyday Moments collection, and our Love You More collection
We are so happy to announce that we are expanding our 2014 collection with a set of wood veneers and an awesome stamp! Both of these will be perfect for your layouts, cards, mini albums, and Project Life! Also, these products work with our 2014 Calendar collection:

In the coming weeks we will show you how they coordinate and work together – very fun stuff!!

And, our biggest announcement with this reveal is we will now have coordinating alphabet and number stickers with our collections! These letter & number stickers will also work perfectly with our older collections, too!

They come on a 6 x 12 inch sheet and we’ll be stocking four different colors!

We love hearing what you love! Just leave a comment letting us know and you’ll be entered to WIN! We’ll draw two winners for this reveal on Monday, December 30th. And, if you haven’t entered the giveaway for the other reveals, make sure you do!

We can’t thank you enough for all your amazing support!


  1. Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! Excited!!!! I can’t wait for those letters. Every colour for me please. Maybe 2 of the blue, I love the blue! The stamps and wood veneers look fabulous too! X

  2. Cynthia B. says

    Yay for alpha stickers! Yes, I have a diecut machine and lots of fonts, but these are so handy to quickly apply on projects – they look like a great size for pocket scrapbooking too. And – as always – love your wood veneers and stamps!

  3. Shirley says

    Oooh, I’m excited about those letter stickers!

  4. Dawn F. says

    The letter stickers are to die for! Love them! Thanks for the chance.

  5. Maya G says

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  6. Tracey says

    Oh man, I am loving it all!! Those letter stickers in particular would be an awesome addition to my scrappy stash!!

  7. Eva Scott says

    Yah for letters!!!! I seriously can’t get enough of letters or wood veneers. Can’t wait!!

  8. Loving the alphas and that they have a lot of the vowels on each. 🙂

  9. Love the sticker sheets and the digis.
    good ones are so hard to find.

  10. Kim M says

    Love the alpha letter stickers!

  11. blupixy says

    Love those alpha stickers and the stamp set! Love love love!

  12. Oooohhhh those leter stickers…and the stamps….and the month papers….I love it all!!!

  13. Dana says

    Love it all!!!! I can’t wait to see it in stores!!

  14. smga1 says

    Love the wood veneers!

  15. What do I love..hmm..everything!! Love the versatility of the stamps and the wood veneers are super cute!! Great Job ES!!

  16. Flomster says

    oh good golly im excited about the letter stickerssssssss!!!!!!!! im an alpha ho… 😛

  17. Jessica G. says

    Wood veneer?! O-M-G, those are my fav! I am such a wood veneer hoarder!!

  18. Susan says

    Love it all! If I had to choose just one favorite though I would say wood veneer ~ I have an obsession!

  19. Wood veneers and stamp sets are awesome. The letter stickers are just brilliant! Love the capital and lowercase letters on one sheet!!

  20. Kristine says

    Sweet!!! SUPER excited for more alpha sticker options!!! I don’t know about other people, but I get anxiety when I use my alpha stickers, so I always buy two.

  21. Jeana says

    Love those stamps & the alpha stickers! I need 3 of every color, lol!

  22. CathyM says

    Hard to choose just one thing to like. 🙂 my favs include the wood veneers, stamps and letters

  23. I love the calenders, I scrap book calenders every year. Love it

  24. Stace says

    oooh…love the letter stickers to coordinate! i also love the potential easiness of the calendars!

  25. I LOVE your wood veneer and stamps! They have been my favourites from each new collection!

  26. Blackinese says

    Definitely the wood veneers and alpha stickers. Can’t wait!

  27. Denise Key says

    Love the everthing! The wood veneers are one of my favorites! Stamps are a beautiful to!

  28. Lisa P says

    Love those veneers. And letters…Yeah!

  29. Val Dubree says

    Love this line, would be perfect to win! Thanks!

  30. Claude says

    I can’t decide what I like best! Awesome!!

  31. Marielle says

    Yay!!!! Letter and number stickers from Elle’s Studio !!!! Gotta have these …in every color !!!

  32. Marielle says

    Yay!!!! Letter and number stickers from Elle’s Studio !!!! Gotta have these …in every color !!!

  33. Marielle says

    Yay!!!! Letter and number stickers from Elle’s Studio !!!! Gotta have these …in every color !!!

  34. Love the letter stickers! Great font and colors!! Also definitely need that stamp set!!

  35. Nita K. says

    My favorite of the reveals! Love the stamp set. Can’t wait to see more of those papers, too.

  36. lynda says

    I like the letter stickers, especially how many you have of the most common letters.

  37. I can’t wait for those alphabet stickers!!

  38. Margie says

    I love it all!!! Especially those yummy letter stickers!

  39. I really love those letter and number stickers!! Very exciting!!

  40. Jeanna says

    I’m always looking for new additions to my Project Life stash, and these new stamps look pretty stellar 😉 Thanks for offering such a neat giveaway!

  41. April says

    Loooooove the letter stickers!!!
    – April W

  42. Umichka says

    I really loverhis stamps! And wood veneers are so cool! Want to usethem right now!

  43. I just LOVE the wood veneers. Great new releases!!

  44. Nicole says

    Super excited about the letter stickers….and the stamp and the wood veneers. I’m just excited about it ALL!!

  45. Donna says

    This looks like a good way to start the new year – thank you for the giveaway!

  46. Donna says

    This looks like a good way to start the new year – thank you for the giveaway!

  47. JPScraps says

    Love that stamp set!! and everything else 🙂

  48. Ruth G says

    The wood veneers look fabulously fun and I love the colors for the alphas! Everything looks wonderful, though! Yay!!!

  49. Michelle Y says

    You weren’t kidding about saving the best for last! LOVEE those alpha sheets – so exciting!!! Glad to hear that you guys are expanding!! And that stamp set… NEEED it!!!

  50. jasmine says

    Oh my gosh. I love the alpha stickers!!!! So much! The colors are wonderful. 🙂

  51. Tiffany says

    *squeal* Those alpha stickers! Love!

  52. oh my goodness!!! Totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the alphas… and those stamps are so perfect!!!

  53. The alpha characters are great. I only have one style right now (Harry Potter themed), and it’s getting pretty old!

  54. This stamp set makes me so happy! It is so versatile!

  55. Mel says

    Eeek! Stickers and stamps. Awesome and must own items

  56. Chelle says

    Those stamps are a must have! Love!

  57. cghundley says

    Great collection
    and would be great
    for PL I’m sure.
    Liking the veneer
    and stamp sets.
    Thanks for sharing
    all the peeks.
    Carla from Utah

  58. Laurel says

    Oh my, those veneers and stickers!!!

  59. of course I LOVE it ALL but really like the stamps since I can use them over and over!!

  60. Love, love! The calendars are just a necessity and I love having lots of alphas and numbers around!

  61. Jasmine Ko says

    The veneers are super cute, but I’m the most excited about the alphas! You can never have enough of them! 🙂

  62. totally love the alphabet stickers… awesome colors!! but can i say i love the whole thing?! 🙂 awesome!

  63. Angel S. says

    Honestly love the whole thing!

  64. Kim says

    How can I pick just one? I love the alphas, stamps and wood veneers. They are darling! TFS Take care. 🙂

  65. rut says

    I love it all.. the stamps… the months… and the alphas!!!!!!

  66. Lara says

    Love the calendars!

  67. apes says

    Ohmylanta! I looooove those alphas!!! Can’t wait to buy them all! 😍😍😍

  68. justasiam says

    I am loving the new letter and number stickers…especially the teal/aqua set!

  69. I like, like the most people, these word/letters thickers. It’s amazing 🙂

  70. zgagi says

    I love those stickers and the stamp set looks great too.

  71. omg!!! Love the alphabets!! But my favourite is the wood veneers again!! 🙂 So cool!!!

  72. I love the little alpha stickers, I am always using a ton of them and was hoping for Elle’s coordinating ones!

  73. Sabina says

    Everything is great!!! Love the calendar collection and the wood veneers set!!!!

  74. oh my, love the wood veneer and the stamps!! and you can never have too many letter stickers :). wish me some luck for this draw 🙂

  75. Must have the wood veneers, stamps and alphabets (LOVE the font!)! This is a great release!

  76. Lucia says

    alpha stickers!!! LOVE the colors!!! and also stamps and wood veneer… ah, love everything! 😀

  77. ohhh loving that font for your number and letter stickers! woot

  78. Ooh, looking forward to the alpha stickers, can’t wait to see how all the veneers and stamps work together. Congrats on all the great lines!

  79. Connie says

    Love the letter stickers!

  80. stinker says

    ooh i really love those alphas! and the wood veneer? yummo!

  81. Joanne says

    Omg those stickers are gorgeous, can’t wait till they are available! Xx

  82. Carol says

    i love the alpha and the stamps. have been doing project life this year and i think these are just perfect as embellishment and for mini title. i am loving it!!!

  83. Valerie says

    I’m excited about the wood veneers and letter stickers!

  84. jj says

    Love the alphas. Great sizes.

  85. antenucci says

    LOVE the alphas!!! Oh thank you!

  86. ruth says

    Can’t wait to get some alphas!!!

  87. Maria says

    Love the alphas stickers!!! 🙂

  88. Maria says

    Love the alphas stickers!!! 🙂

  89. Love the alpha stickers….so pretty….and useful.

  90. Scrap2day says

    Love that you are adding new products that we will use and want! You can count me in on getting them. I am a huge Elle’s fan!

  91. Becky says

    Love the alpha stickers!

  92. I love checking out new products and trying them different ways

  93. I love checking out new products and trying them different ways

  94. Karen says

    The letter stickers are a must have! I like your system as an alternative to Project Life – I just like it better. Thanks!

  95. Hester says

    These stamps are fabulous, so are the letter stickers

  96. Melissa says

    love it all… Woot Woot!

  97. Kathleen says

    Love, love, love all the new additions!! And hoorray for alphas!! 🙂

  98. stephanie says

    Alphabets!!!! Can never have too many 🙂

  99. Angela says

    Love the stickers–so good looking!

  100. Espiritu says

    Oh..I love letter stickers… beautiful

  101. Lizzy Hill says

    Oh, yes, have to agree – Alphas – but I’m sorry, I don’t get why there aren’t at least TWO full rows of ‘E’…they always get used first & it’s sooo frustrating – especially when you’ve had the chance to develop your own line…..maybe it’s just me:):)!!!!!!!

  102. Julie says

    Hooray, alphas! Think you might just have to hold me back!!! 🙂

  103. Um I need a bunch of the letter stickers,love them, really I love all the new releases!

  104. I love it all! I am so looking forward to getting my 2014 album started. I really need 2014 to be a great year!

  105. Kelly says

    My first time in the studio and I am in LOVE! Look forward to many hours of browsing. Creative Blessings in 2014

  106. Andrea says

    love the wood veneers and alphas! Great idea!! you guys are a great company!

  107. I have to say i love the colors. I am petty new to scrapbooking and card making and when i first started it was so easy to use neutrals, after a while i have found that i love working with colors and you guys made some very pretty ones. My creative juices are flowing and I already have 100 ideas. Thank you for the inspiration.

  108. I have to say i love the colors. I am petty new to scrapbooking and card making and when i first started it was so easy to use neutrals, after a while i have found that i love working with colors and you guys made some very pretty ones. My creative juices are flowing and I already have 100 ideas. Thank you for the inspiration.

  109. Ange says

    Sweet! Loving both the wood veneers and the stamps and the alphas are rockin’!!!

  110. Pam says

    Wow! fabulous new products. I am loving that stamp and the wood veneers!

  111. Amy says

    Lovin that new stamp set….and the colors!!!!

  112. Anita B says

    I’m loving the pink alphabet stickers!

  113. Kim says

    Oh, I hope I’m not too late for the drawing! Loving the letters!!!

  114. Leanne says

    OMGosh! love those new alphas!

  115. howo34 says

    I love the wood veneer’s and the co-ordinating stamp set!

  116. Sandi says

    I love your wood veneers and the letter and number stickers are awesome….I can see myself using those A LOT!!

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. LOVE ALL of the NEW ADDITIONS!!!

    … I confess that I am an alpha addict, so my favourite element today HAS to be the Letters & Numbers Stickers 🙂 They are a lovely font and come in beautiful colours, perfect for all occasions!!!

    THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS!!!

  119. Sandy Ang says

    how cool to have those stamps and wood veneers !

  120. gabbyfek says

    too late for the giveaway but i have to say that these are SO PERFECT– cannot wait to see them in my project life album! 🙂 (and to order them– with the feb pl kit, maybe?!?! :)))

  121. Rachel says

    Those alphas are just too cute!

  122. thank you so much!!! looking forward to playing with those letter stickers <3 <3 <3!! Happy New Year!!

  123. I love the letter and number stickers. Such great colors and such a great size! Thanks!

  124. Keshet says

    love the letter stickers!

  125. Laurie says

    Love the versatile font on the letter stickers and great colours too! I really like the wood veneers and stamp set because I love making my own embellishments etc and these look perfect!!

  126. jbuffan says

    I am dying, I want it all ! LOVE the stamps, but gotta have the wood veneers and the stickers, well I have to have every color don’t cha know !
    Oh CHA kills me every time 🙂

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