New collection reveal: Everyday Moments

Our second reveal is here – we are excited to introduce our second collection called Everyday Moments, that will start shipping to stores around January 14th! Thank you so much for all your amazing comments on our first reveal! We loved reading what you guys thought of Love You More – so excited that you love it! Our second collection is perfect for documenting everyday moments and also has 9 different double-sided papers. We’ve also included our popular cutouts, lil’ snippets and stamps in this collection, too!

We have quite a few new things this time around for this collection, too! Our Bits & Pieces now include ALL the popular shapes you’ve come to love so much – you’ll find tabs, frames, tidbits, and more in this pack. Our journaling pack now includes four more 3 x 4 tags. And, don’t miss our wood veneers! We love the fun texture they bring to this collection.

We’d love to hear what your favorite part of this collection is, too! Just leave a comment letting us know and you’ll be entered to WIN the entire collection! We’ll draw all the winners on Monday, December 30th.

Stay tuned for our last reveal tomorrow – we might have saved the most exciting news for last!!


  1. Angela says

    The wood veneers look adorable! Love your creativity & cuteness.

  2. Umichka says

    Oh my!… I love th whole collection! And paper with tags… And especially stamp set!

  3. Nathalie says

    I love the colors and patterns of this collection! The wood veneers are my fave 🙂

  4. Don’t know that I can pick a favorite! Love this whole collection!!

  5. Tammy B says

    i’m digging the bits and pieces right now!

  6. Am I allowed to say I love it all?!?! I can’t pick just one thing!!!

  7. Love those bits and pieces and the yellow speech bubble and pink number papers are so fun!

  8. tpgirl says

    I love both the papers and the stamps!!!

  9. Jamie says

    Love the wood veneers!

  10. Chelsea says

    I think the bits and pieces in this collection are great…and I’m a sucker for cut apart cards!

  11. Love the bits and pieces both for my scrappy pages and for my Project life album. 🙂

  12. Theres nothing that I don’t like! It’s all so fun, practical and the pieces are all so easy to use!

  13. Angel S. says

    They are all adorable! I really like the Bits and pieces. Thanks!

  14. Tracey says

    Love this collection!! The wood veneers are fantastic!!

  15. I love the cutouts & lil’ snippets. What a great collection. Thanks for such a generous giveaway! 🙂

  16. IAM says

    Oh my gosh, there’s so much! The lil bits is adorable! Oh my gosh!! Aww the tags! The wood! It’s so hard to decide!!

  17. Kim says

    I adore the wood veneer!!! It’s amazing! The whole line looks delish! Thank you so much for the chance to win. Take care. 🙂

  18. Flomster says

    one of my goals for next year is to scrap more of my own daily moments! loveeeeeeeee this!

  19. This is awesome I love the paper. Inspiration for a really fun page.

  20. I love the double sided paper, Hard to come by around me and the colors are perfect

  21. April says

    I just loooooooove the Bits & Pieces!! Thanks for for the chance to win!!
    – April W

  22. Love the stamps…but my fave is the GooDsTuff hex-it’s my go-to phrase for everything I love.

  23. Michelle says

    I love the addition of the bright blue in the range! The sentiments are perfect – will go perfectly in my 365 journal. 🙂

  24. Stephanie says

    I love the wood veneers and stamps!!

  25. wow…..WOW!!1 look at all that beautiful colors and designs—-so pretty!

  26. Kristine says

    Oh my! Love the wood veneers on this one!

  27. Kristine says

    Oh my! Love the wood veneers on this one!

  28. marylouh says

    I love the papers – the red, the yellow block look, the multi-colored vertical stripes. I make greeting cards so the paper is the thing I look at first. then I decide how to add all of the other embellishments. Thanks for sharing. I’d be thrilled to be the first to use this paper – before anybody can buy it or see it.

  29. Sandi says

    Love the wood veneers and that aqua polka dot paper!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Again, you make it difficult to choose one favorite thing because I love the entire collection. But those wood veneers are totally catching my eye!

  31. Shanon says

    I love the stamps and the veneers! Awesome!

  32. Jen says

    Love the colours! The wood veneer on this collection has the best sayings!

  33. Awesome!! Again I love the stamps and wood veneer best! But also love the rest!

  34. cghundley says

    Great collection,
    and I really like
    the bits n pieces
    and the veneer!
    Carla from Utah

  35. Laurel says

    Wow, another fabulous collection Elle! Love the bits and pieces!

  36. Mel says

    I like the wood veneers but I also like the journaling tags as well!

  37. Janet says

    I really like the wood veneers and the stamps! Such a wonderful collection!

  38. Dana says

    I really love the remember stamp,

  39. Denise Key says

    The collection as a whole is beautiful! Love the tags and wood veneers!

  40. mimi g says

    Stamp set looks really good.

  41. JPScraps says

    I love the wood veneers…as well as the rest of the collection.

  42. Scrap2day says

    Love it! I would have to pick the bits and pieces again. I just love how versitile they are!

  43. MrsClark says

    Another beautiful collection!

  44. Nicole says

    My favorite so far…definitely a must have!!

  45. Wow! This was is awesome, too!!! Love the wood veneers!!! 🙂

  46. Julie says

    Absolutely love all of this collection, but especially the wood veneers! 🙂

  47. love the stamps, but it is all awesome

  48. There is so many awesomeness in this collection,… But my favorite will be these woodveniers!!!! I definitely love this collection :).

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Ellen H.

  49. Alex says

    I am in love!!! Those wood veneers are to die for! And I adore all the hearts! What can I say? I love it all!

  50. This look fabulous! Especially the 12×12 cut apart sheets, and the stamps, and of course the wood veneers! Gimme gimme! x

  51. jasmine says

    I love the wood veneers!

  52. Beautiful collection! Such happy colors! I especially like the journaling tags – I could really use these. I need to add more journaling to my layouts.

  53. Cathy says

    fabulous papers and veneers to go with them, love the stamp too:)

  54. Those papers are perfect. Nice backgrounds without being too busy. I always like the wood veneers, too, because you can never have too much texture.

  55. It’s so hard to choose one thing. The entire collection is fabulous…..would love to win them

  56. I love the wood veneers and those little bits and pieces!

  57. Nita K. says

    I love the wood veneers for this collection. Stars are always a favorite!

  58. Christy says

    I LOVE the bits & pieces- so fun and fresh!!!

  59. Shirley says

    Loving those wood veneers and Bits & Pieces!

  60. gabbyfek says

    the bits and pieces!!!!
    this is so absolutely fantastic.

  61. gabbyfek says

    the bits and pieces!!!!
    this is so absolutely fantastic.

  62. KariL says

    I love the whole collection, with my favourite item being the wood veneer, amazing!

  63. evelynpy says

    love the colors! hard for me to choose which one but bits and pieces always catch my eyes

  64. Adel Otto says

    I love how the wood veneers are separate and also integrated into the paper pieces.

  65. Maria says

    Love wood veneers and the stamps!! thanks for the chance!!! 🙂

  66. Michelle Y says

    Wow awesome collection!! I love the wood veneers even more than the last ones, and I will have to get that stamp set!!

  67. Marielle says

    Love this so much, great color combos and fun wood veneers !!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  68. Adel Otto says

    I love how the wood veneers are separate and also integrated into the paper pieces.

  69. Pam says

    I love it all! That stamp set looks great!

  70. Love the wood veneers! Everything really looks amazing!

  71. Ange says

    Fantastic! Everyday lines are a fav of mine!! Love the wood veneers here too, but my fav this time around is the stamps. Fun!

  72. So cute!! I love everyday collections and this one is so fun!

  73. Very cute and bright!! I love the updated bits and pieces pack. I would TOTALLY put those to good use! 🙂

  74. well i always love your cutouts! another super duper collection by you! can’t wait!

  75. Cynthia B. says

    This collection is awesome!! I love how versatile it is – perfect for Project life, especially!
    My favorite items are the wood veneers, but really I love it all and hope to buy the whole lot when it becomes available. 🙂

  76. bean6284 says

    journaling tags! I like the journaling idea in scrapbooking!

  77. bean6284 says

    journaling tags! I like the journaling idea in scrapbooking!

  78. Darlene says

    I love the Bits & Pieces, they would be fun to layer with.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. More great wood veneers and great journaling tags. Love them.

  80. ruth says

    I adore the bits & pieces!

  81. More great wood veneers and great journaling tags. Love them.

  82. Great new collection and really have many fav’s but especially the stamps!!! “this is the Good Life” stamp, “snapshot details”, and all of them! The colors are perfect!

  83. KellyG says

    Love the journaling tags! Great collection, love the colors!

  84. Love this collection, especially the wood veneers

  85. Sarah Webb says

    Love the bits & pieces and journaling tags! Thanks for the chance!

  86. lynda says

    My eye was immediately drawn to the speech bubbles paper. I found myself asking if I’d use it as is or cut out the bubbles for various projects!

  87. Wendy says

    I love the wood veneers!

  88. vegetablog says

    I really like the “Big Smiles” sentiments that appear in the Bits and Pieces, Wood Veneers, and Stamps!
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

  89. I LOVE the wood veneers — especially the ampersand. Cannot wait to use these!

  90. I love the Lil Snippets! I’m also loving the wood veneers!

  91. Paula says

    This entire collection is wonderful! I think the bits and pieces are perfection!!

  92. I am so in love with this collection. A must have for my PL!

  93. Esti says

    Love this collection, love the colors!!

  94. Julie GM says

    Another fab collection! Love those papers & wood veneers!

  95. Lizzy Hill says

    I like this on even more than the Love Collection…those stamps are my FAVEST bit – great words, great fonts etc:):))

  96. Sarah says

    I absolutely LOVE that stamp set!! Awesome!!

  97. LOVE the papers and ALL the pretty elements of this fabulous collection for making Everyday Moments special!!! My favourite part, if I have to choose just one, are the FUN & FABULOUS the Wood Veneers 🙂

    THANK YOU for the chance to win!!!

  98. antenucci says

    Love the colors of this collection and the wood veneers!

  99. The cut outs and snippets add just the right touch to my project life spread. Love the whole collection

  100. The cut outs and snippets add just the right touch to my project life spread. Love the whole collection

  101. Eva Scott says

    I always love the wood veneers!! Super cute collection!!

  102. Becky says

    I love the whole collection, esp. the wood veneers!

  103. Crazy8farm says

    I love it all! Especially the stamps :0)

  104. Crazy8farm says

    I love it all! Especially the stamps :0)

  105. Dawn F. says

    That stamp set is something I could use in my PL. Thanks for the chance.

  106. Shelley C says

    Love it all, however I can’t pick between the wood veneer, bits and pieces, and the stamp set. Love to have them all!

  107. zgagi says

    Love the whole collection but the wood veneers the most!

  108. Lanette says

    I love this collection!! The stamps are perfect and the wood veneers are amazing!!!

  109. sooo cute LOVE LOVE the colors and how the line can work with anything. love the journaling tags

  110. Peggy says

    oooh… loving the gray, this would be a great line for mixing

  111. Rhonda Kay says

    Stamps and wood veneers are everyday awesome!

  112. Rhonda Kay says

    Stamps and wood veneers are everyday awesome!

  113. Love the new papers and the journaling tags!!! So totally cute!

  114. Lindsay says

    Love those wood veneers!

  115. jj says

    Love the bits and pieces, esp. the circle and polaroid shapes.

  116. Blackinese says

    Wood veneers of course! Its a must have!!

  117. I bought some of your tags recently and I have one complaint. They’re all so cute that now I don’t want to use them, I just want to look at them…lol Winning this loot would be supercalifragilistic!

  118. Lisa C. says

    Oh wow – I love this collection so much!! Love the veneers!!

  119. Espiritu says

    beautiful collection…love wood veneers and paper )

  120. Anita B says

    What a lovely collection

  121. Susan says

    Wood veneer!!!

  122. Stace says

    as usual, i find myself loving the veneers and the lil snippets. great job as usual

  123. Lisa P says

    What a fabulous collection. Love the papers. The bits and pieces are cute too.

  124. This is my favorite thing to scrap about. Love this line – wood veneers & bits and pieces are my fave!

  125. Donna says

    Now, this would be fun to play with!

  126. Amy C. says

    I especially love the wood veneers!

  127. Tiffany says

    This color palette is really nice. I am also kind of obsessed with stars and the wood veneers are fab!

  128. I love the wood veneers and all the colors are so cute!

  129. OMG! How do you guys keep making stuff BETTER??! UGH! 😉 I am loving those BITS!! and the stamp set is probably a tie with the BITS.. LOL!

  130. The wood veneers have got to be my favorite, paired with those papers!!

  131. Kim says

    I love it all, and want it all! The bits & pieces, stamps and wood veneers… love it! TFS Take care. 🙂

  132. Lara says

    Love the bits and pieces

  133. I love the stamp set and all the everyday little captions! What a nice collection!

  134. I love the stamp set and all the everyday little captions! What a nice collection!

  135. Sabina says

    I love the whole collection!!! papers are my favorite!!!!

  136. Lucia says

    i love the stamps! but love the color pallete of all the snippets, bits and pieces and everything 🙂 ♥

  137. Connie says

    Love the journaling tags most!

  138. Joanne says

    Love the wood veneers but whole collection looks amazing

  139. Carol says

    I love the colour for this collection. it is so cheerful. the font is also amazingly cute. Everything looks wonderful I love your new collection. jan 14, please come soon!!!!!

  140. Valerie says

    love the bits and pieces in this one!

  141. Maria says

    Gorgeous collection!!! Love wood veeners and the stamps!!!! 🙂

  142. Karen says

    Seriously, I love all of it, the fonts, the colors, the shapes. Products I will have no trouble using.

  143. Kathleen says

    Oh I love this collection! The stamp set is absolutely perfect!!

  144. Olivia says

    Seriously what’s not to love?! I am really excited about the extra 3×4 journaling cards. I can never have enough!

  145. Andrea says

    i love the cut apart paper and wood veneers!

  146. I love the journaling tags, and the bits and pieces would be prefect for my new project. My mother passed a few years ago and I have been making all of the grand kids a scrapbook to celebrate her life. This is a perfect collection to pull it all together.

  147. Pam says

    This collection rocks! I would use every bit of it.

  148. Amy says

    Just love this color como….the wood, stamp….oh all of it…too cute.

  149. Kim says

    I’m becoming a big fan of the wood veneers. Keep them coming!

  150. howo34 says

    I love the wood veneer’s, I just can’t get enough of them!1

  151. Sandy Ang says

    if I had to choose, i’ll pick the journaling tags, just love them to bits

  152. Keshet says

    I LOVE love love the 3×4 tags!

  153. I loooooooooove the bits & pieces!! Kudos to another great set!!

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