CHA Summer Reveal: Noel

 Get into the Christmas Spirit with our brand new collection, “Noel”.   “Noel” is perfect for documenting the holiday season from Christmas until winter.  We had such a positive response from the chalkboard theme from our last CHA show in our “You and Me” Collection, we decided to incorporate chalkboard in our “Noel” Collection as well.  Noel will begin shipping to stores on September 9th.

Noel Bits and Pieces:  You will love our brand new die cut shapes introduced at this CHA.

 Noel Large & Medium Journaling Tags

 Noel Frames

 Noel Tabs

Noel Tiny Tags, Noel Lil’ Snippets

Noel Cutouts and Noel Stamps

If you are attending CHA please make sure to stop by our booth #1413– we are so excited to meet everyone!


We have three chances for you to win the Noel collection!
1.  Leave a comment on this post telling us what you love most about this collection.
2.  Pin your favorite item and leave a comment on this post with the link to your pin.
3.  Tweet a link to this blog post and comment with your twitter name.

Tomorrow we will be back to begin sharing our beautiful booth layouts!


  1. I love the addition of the chalkboard and the snowflakes on vellum…..fabulous!!

  2. Diana says

    I love everything about this collection!

  3. Janet says

    I love those papers and the Polaroid frames are so cute. Love it all!!

  4. Love the snowflakes on vellum and those polaroid frames! Fabulous collection.

  5. Patti says

    Love how the paper patterns are so classic looking – goes with anything!!

  6. Love the frames and the snowflakes on vellum!! I really just love the whole collection!!

  7. Candy M says

    Adore the vellum! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. jcobb says

    I love it all, but I really like the papers and stamps. Sorry, just couldn’t choose between them!

  9. jcobb says

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  10. Gina200 says

    Love the bits and pieces!

  11. Paula says

    Beautiful! And you named this line after one of my favorite Christmas Carols too lol! The frames and pretty colors make me so happy – goes perfectly with my holiday photos whether the family is all dressed up or in jeans!

  12. Angi Barrs says

    The Noel frames are fabulous. Love the festive paper too!

  13. Cynthia says

    I love the colors–especially all the gorgeous kraft! And the chalkboard papers are awesome too!

  14. Steph says

    Love this collection! The frames and vellum are my favourites.

  15. Steph says

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  16. Marielle says

    I’m actually drooling !!! That vellum snowflake paper is awesome , love,love,love this collection !!!

  17. Vanessa says

    Oh how I love the new bits and pieces shapes…great additions!

  18. vegetablog says

    Snowflake vellum!!!! love it.

  19. Vanessa says

    Oh how I love the new bits and pieces shapes…great additions!

  20. Tasha says

    Awesome new collection! That vellum is so awesome!

  21. Tasha says

    Tweeted @Tashakcooks

  22. Jean says

    LOVE the geomtrics!!

  23. Sue D says

    Fabulous collection–I like the white snowflakes on vellum.

  24. Dawn says

    Gorgeous! Love the paper!


  25. Oh my gosh!!! Snowflake vellum!!! It just brought years to my eyes! Elle you have outdone yourself! xoxo

  26. says

    I love papers and frames!
    thank you

  27. Chelsea says

    Oh, I love the colors! Thanks for a chance!

  28. Lynne J says

    love the colours-what a great combination with the neutral and chalkboard added in there! Thanks for the chance!

  29. Cute!! Love the vellum and chalkboard elements! Thanks for the chance!

  30. archie says

    Wow..this is such a pretty collection..definetly want this.

  31. Catherine says

    Hard to pick but the snipets and tabs are adorable. Luv the color palette

  32. Ami says

    Such a great collection. I love the frames!

  33. Amanda says

    I love the white snowflakes on vellum! Thanks for the giveaways:)

  34. Louise says

    snowflakes on the sound of these. The tabs are fantastic too.

  35. Cynthia B. says

    The snowflakes on vellum looks fabulous, and I love the Bits and Pieces!

  36. Rita says

    OMG I want all!!!!
    stamps and frame are my favorite… but tag, journaling tag and tiny tags and lil’snappets too 😛
    Thanks for the chance to win

  37. I like that it’s not a green-and-red – there is also blue and cream and that’s really nice.

  38. eva says

    i love the tabs!!! so addicted to making little albums with them.

  39. Holly says

    Elle – this collection is amazing, I need every single bit of it!

  40. justasiam says

    I love the Noel bits and pieces…perfect for layered embellishments.

  41. Renee says

    What I like most is the navy blue pieces and snowflakes on vellum!

  42. Jen Tapler says

    I love everything – but especially the Tiny Tags and Lil Snippets – perfect for both Project Life and my new plan for December Daily!

  43. I LOVE the patterns you chose for this collection!!!

  44. Snowflakes on vellum… count me in! Love this line!!

  45. April says

    What a pretty collection!! I love the colors…
    – April W

  46. Marti says

    Love the Bits and Pieces, especially the chalkboard Merry Christmas banner and I love the frames! Awesome collection and I look forward to owning it! 😉

  47. Ange says

    Love the Noel frames! What a great line!!

  48. totally LOVIN the patterns in this lines, esp the blues!!!!!

  49. Melanie says

    I LOVE it all! If I had to pick one thing…the vellum!

  50. Kerry says

    I love the little frames and all the fun tags/sentiments in this collection!

  51. What is there NOT to love?? Vellum, kraft papers, those frames, the chalkboard,those journal bits—LOVE it all!!

  52. So cute!!! Snowflakes on vellum!! Love it:) and I love that little speech bubble that says “Ho Ho Ho”

  53. Karen says

    I love journal tags and yours are very festive.

  54. kattera22 says

    I Love these! i have been wanting to do a December daily this year, and this line is perfect for it!

  55. love the new die cut shapes, and LOVE that it is not over the top snowman and ice and mittens. Great colours too.

  56. Aunt Dee says

    Love the Frames and the snowflake on vellum paper. I love Christmas collections and find, you can never have too many

  57. Love it!! The chalkboard pieces are awesome and I really love the Vellum snowflake paper!

  58. thearthurz says

    I love this entire collection! My favorite might be the bits and pieces!

  59. great collection! the frames are great but i like the papers the best…the snowflake vellum is to die for! thx for chance to win 🙂

  60. Barb says

    Love the chevron and blue paper!

  61. What an awesome collection! I love the blue in this line the most.

  62. Personalizing my holiday gifts is so much a part of my joy this time of year. This collection would be such a great addition to my holiday gift wrap closet!

  63. This is an amazing collection. Love to win these awesome goodies

  64. crschaf says

    Love the vellum snowflakes and chalkboard goodies!

  65. Love the chalkboard accents the snowflakes on the vellum paper and the color combo.

  66. Gorgeous collection! Love the snowflakes on vellum… yum!

  67. tammy b says

    i love, love, love this collection! i think my fave are the bits and pieces! thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  68. My Favorite part of this collection is the Vellum with Snowflakes! That just screams christmas to me!! Love it!


  69. Stacy says

    I am loving the chalkboard elements and the color scheme! Beautiful!

  70. I love scrapping Christmas and this collection is awesome!

  71. Linda says

    Great collection! Thanks for the chance!

  72. Jumbbumble says

    I love the journaling tags but well really i love it all

  73. Flo says

    My favorite is the tiny tags and the lil snippets. I like the papers and the stamps and the frames too.

  74. Vicki says

    I love the variety of colors!!! 🙂 I’d love this for my project life!

  75. Kathleen says

    What a beautiful chrisrmas collection! Especially that snowflake vellum and the polaroid frames!!

  76. Renuka says

    Love the frames and the tabs. Pretty collection.

  77. Renuka says

    Tweeted here –

  78. Alina says

    Wonderful collection! Love it!

  79. This collection is lovely! I like the vellum paper with snowflakes, and the frames, and the cutouts. Hey, I love it all! Thanks for the chance to win! x

  80. Angela says

    I love the mix of kraft paper with all the other colors! So fun!

  81. I adore the kraft color mixed in and the frames are fabulous!!! Such a fantastic Christmas collection!!!

  82. Britt Bass says

    I love all the elements printed on kraft! The snowflake overlay is fab too!

  83. I love everything about it.. those snowflakes are just perfect.. love it all

  84. julie e says

    Love this – one of my favorite Christmas reveals.

  85. julie e says

    Love this – one of my favorite Christmas reveals.

  86. LOVE this collection. I love all the embellishments that go with it.

  87. Lisa P says

    Gorgeous collection. Love the paper. So glad you have addedthat in to your products.

  88. Nicolle S says

    I looove the bits and pieces!


  89. tndj says

    love the snowflake vellum. Colors are great too.

  90. I love the Bits and Pieces and the stamps… Loving ev’ry thing!

  91. Angel S. says

    I love that it isn’t just red and green. Great designs!

  92. Angel S. says

    I love that it isn’t just red and green. Great designs!

  93. don’t count my entry but just gotta say this collection is so rad! just love it!

  94. Wendy says

    I love the chalkboard elements!

  95. Jingle says

    I love the simplicity of the patterns on the papers! These are so usable!!!

  96. Christy says

    Loving this Noel line, can’t wait to scoop it up! The chalkboard element is awesome!

  97. smahrty says

    Lots of cute things to like about this collection! Many things are my fave especially the blue/green chevron stripes.

  98. smahrty says

    Lots of cute things to like about this collection! Many things are my fave especially the blue/green chevron stripes.

  99. What is not to love…. I am really loving the colors the most. oh.. And the white snowflakes on Vellum.. Yummy!!!

  100. Angie says

    The thing that really caught my eye is the ‘Merry Christmas’ look on chalkboard. I love that look that’s in right now!!! Love white snowflakes on vellum too!

  101. I love all the non traditional colors for this collection. I super adore all the notebook and graph paper prints in the tags and snippets!

  102. Gail says

    The chalkboard and tags!

  103. It’s all so pretty… I love the white snowflakes on vellum!

  104. I make a lot of mini books so I love the tabs and tabs. Great collection!

  105. tarkus says

    Great, graphic holiday papers– perfect for people who celebrate in less traditional ways or don’t have young kids (but would be good for that, too!). That vellum is out-of-this-world cool, too!

  106. sandi says

    Wow! What a stunning line! I love the feel of happiness, festivity here the most. I NEED this line for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Olivia says

    Fantastic winter & Christmas collection! I love the pops of royal blue with traditional red & green. And vellum snowflakes? Swoon!

  108. stacie d says

    I love the chalkboard and script font you used. It is divine!

  109. Shirley says

    I like those Noel tabs with the music note snowflakes!

  110. They are akk fabtastic, I love the stamps the best I think:)

  111. They are akk fabtastic, I love the stamps the best I think:)

  112. gabbyfek says

    oh goodness. LOVE the snowflakes on vellum. so much so! xo.

  113. Sara Kiiru says

    Love the chalkboard elements, the green triangles, and just the presence of all the black & red: my faves!

  114. Maureen says

    Love this collection, but what really caught my eye was the chalkboard paper – so cool!

  115. Love it all! Especially the chalkboard, bits & pieces and the hashtag stamps 🙂

  116. alissa says

    i love this line!!
    i think it’s the chalkboard and vintage green, red and blue!
    love it all!!!!

  117. Melissa says

    I really love the Tiny Tags and stamps!

  118. Margie says

    The snowflake vellum is one of my favorite things from this CHA!

  119. buyouwmn says

    love the frames and snowflake vellum so cute

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