Announcing our NEW collections!

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve been waiting and waiting to show you all the new stuff that is coming to Elle’s Studio and we are so, SO excited to introduce to you our mid-release today, which includes two brand new collections, that start shipping to stores on May 13th! 

Our very first all-boy collection is here and named after Elle’s nephew, Cameron!

12 x 12 papers:

Cutouts and Lil’ Snippets:

Tidbits and Tiny Tags:

3 inch circles:

Large & Medium Journaling tags (4 x 6 and 3 x 4 inches)

Tabs (4 x 6 and 3 x 4 inches)

And here is our NEW SHAPE!

These die cut frames are so fun to use! They are cut out, so all you have to do is glue your photo behind them and you’ve got a framed photo! They’d be great for layouts, mini books, cards, and they are also sized to fit your Project Life pockets!!

With our Cameron collection also comes our first ever alphabet stamp! This is the same font that is used throughout the collection, too.

And, get ready for SUMMER!!

Whether you’re headed to the beach or staying home, this collection has everything you need to document your summer!

12 x 12 papers:

Cutouts and Lil’ Snippets

Tiny Tags:

Tabs (4 x 6 and 3 x 4 inches)

Large & Medium Journaling Tags (4 x 6 and 3 x 4)

We’ve made frames (our NEW SHAPE!!) for this collection, too!
And a 4 x 4 inch stamp with 9 stamps on it:

These new collections begin shipping to stores on May 13th and we can hardly wait to see all the amazing things you guys make with them! If you have a local scrapbook store that you want to see these new collections at, please call them and let them know πŸ™‚

How about a giveaway to celebrate this BIG day?!
Here’s four different ways you can enter to WIN:
1. Post a comment here on the blog telling us your favorite part of these new collections
2. Tweet about our new collections (and then leave a comment here with your twitter handle, letting us know you did)
3. Post on facebook about our new collections (and then leave a comment here letting us know you did)
4. Pin your favorite item on Pinterest (and then leave a comment here with a link to your pinterest account, letting us know you did)

We’ll draw FOUR winners on April  27th – each person will win either the Cameron OR Saltwater collection.

Thanks for joining us today – we hope you love our new collections as much as we do!


  1. Laurel says

    Seriously wow! LOVE that Cameron collection and the summer one is going to be perfect for our camping photos!

  2. I LOVE both of these!! I just had a baby boy in Oct, and every boy collection I’ve seen has just been “eh” to me, but I will be ordering all of Cameron! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Gidget says

    I LOVE the colors in the boy collection! So cute!

  4. Okay definitely need to win!! πŸ™‚ Really love both of these!! The stamps with the Cameron collection are awesome and I LOVE the Vellum in the Saltwater Collection!

  5. *krystyn* says

    I just LOVE the boy collection of tags and cards…great addition to my PL project!! And the Saltwater – oh I love that too for our beach travels this summer!!

  6. *krystyn* says

    I tweeted!! My twitter handle is krystyn13

  7. Andrea says

    LOVE THEM! Fun that you did a boy collection!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  8. Andrea says

    Here it is on pinterest!

  9. Sabina says

    WOW!!! I love both of these!! But definitely I adore the stamps from Saltwater Collection!!!

  10. Jennie M says

    A favorite?! A FAVORITE!? Seriously, Elle, these are a homerun! I cannot wait to have it all! GREAT job!

  11. lisaplus6 says

    WOW!!! Saltwater is gorgeous and so on my wishlist now! all of it! I also love Cameron!

  12. gabbyfek says

    DIE CUT FRAMES!!!!! omggggggggggg i am so in love.

  13. Oh my Elle!! These news are gorgeous!! I would have to my favorite is the entire Cameron line since I’m having a baby boy this summer!!

  14. Jennie M says

    tweeted it, too! @jenniemcgarvey

  15. Kerry says

    Both collections are fabulous but since I have three boys I especially love the Cameron collection. I think great boy collections are lacking a bit in the scrapbooking industry so I am super excited about all these great boy tags and awesome polaroid frames!

  16. My favorite are the stamps from the Cameron collection! Love the whole collection!

  17. Michelle Y says

    Lovee the stamp set in the saltwater collection!

  18. Posted on facebook and tagged you! User name: Viji Siddharth

  19. They are both great, but I love the wood and confetti elements on Saltwater!

  20. Valerie says

    Absolutely stunning. Can’t wait to get them.

  21. I love them both! I can’t wait to get the Cameron collection for my little man

  22. well you certainly have did this up right girl…love these lines! love the saltwater line…especially the stamps & instaframes! oh, & LOVE the name you picked for the summer line!

  23. Lynne says

    Love the colors in Cameron and the frames!

  24. Tweeted, too…LOVE Saltwater!!

  25. Celeste B. says

    Love that you have 12×12 papers that match the collections.

  26. Sunny says

    Love the saltwater collection my favorite part of it is the stamps.

  27. Tina says

    saltwater vellum is AMAZING! jUST LOVE IT!

  28. Tina says

    Shared on FB!

  29. C Wu says

    love everything here. It is hard to pick a favorite – the tags and the stamp will be it.

  30. Sue D says

    I like the colors and the stamps.

  31. Pam says

    Love the Saltwater collection. Any collection that has wood grain and hints of grey in it gets my attention !

  32. Pam says

    share don my FB page ! Pam Allen Sohan

  33. Monica says

    The saltwater collection is great, I specielly love the tabs and the big & medium tags.

  34. Wow! Wow! Wow! Each time I think you can’t top that, you go and do it again! Amazing!! My fav? Of all that goodness?! Hmm… Probably the Polaroid frames. Love the stamps, always do.

  35. I ♥ the tabbed journaling cards in the Saltwater collection.

  36. Melanie says

    I LOVE the Cameron Collection…especially the stamps!

  37. Lara says

    sense I have more boys then girls I seriously love Cameron! I’m always a sucker for you circle tags.

  38. oh sweet jesus!! I need it ALL!!! ugh, if I had to pick one thing that really made me happy I’d have to say the alphabet stamp set. LORDY I can’t wait to get my hands on this!!!

  39. LOVE the boy colors of Cameron line!!!! perfect for boy pages and the frames for the Saltwater line!!!

  40. Karenj says

    Love the new frames and the Stamp Set’s!!! I love using your products in my project life. Thanks for the chance!!

  41. I love the stamp sets, and I really love the tidbits too, they might be my favorite kind of tags that Elle’s makes, and loving the frames, too much to pick just one thing!

  42. The Saltwater Collection is to die for!! Love the new frame shapes!! Everything you make is so amazing!!:-)

  43. Amanda says

    I love Cameron, I have 2 boys~so I big puffy red heart anything boy-ish:-) I really luv the new frame shapes & the pieces w/ cut-outs! Thanx so much 4 the chances 2 win!

  44. Mandie says

    these are all fabulous, elle! great work!

  45. Amanda says

    I posted on FaceBook about the giveaway w/ a cute little screenshot of this blog post:-) Thanx again!
    FB Name: Amanda Parham-Hall

  46. Amanda says

    I have pinned a screenshot of my fave new product, I’ve just got 2 figure out how 2 leave a link~haha! My pinterest name is Prhmangel. Thanx:-)

  47. Just when I thought you couldn’t top last year’s summer goodies.. YOU DID!!! sooooooo in LOVE w/that saltwater set!!

  48. Jeanne says

    I love this set because its a boy theme..I have two boys and was looking for a great collection! Wonderful colors too!

  49. Jean says

    Love the new frames!!

  50. Jean says

    I shared on FB!

  51. vegetablog says

    I LOVE the alphabet stamp set! So versatile!! (and not just for boys :))
    ~Natalie (QSOgirl)

  52. Oh my goodness!! I love both releases! I’m gonna die from happiness! I really love the new diecut frames in both collections. If I won it’d be hard to pick between these two lovelies!! πŸ™‚

  53. Angela says

    I love the patterns and colors of the Cameron collection! So great looking!!

  54. julie e says

    Lovethe colors in these collections!

  55. um….how can you make be choose just one favorite thing. Let’s just say if you don’t pick me to win….you can just take all my money because I will be ordering both of these collections!!!

  56. yasmin says

    I love those new alphabet stamps!

  57. Anita says

    Love the large and medium journaling tags! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  58. I am in LOVE with cameron– i want it all! i have 2 boys!!

  59. Well my youngest son’s name is Cameron… how perfect would that collection be!

  60. Tracey says

    I am in love with these collections!! The die cut frames are fantastic and the stamp sets are awesome!!

  61. Oh my goodness!!! I love them all!!! I have 2 boys, so of course I’m dying for that collection, but I live Saltwater, too!

  62. Carla says

    Cute collections. I like the 4×6
    and 3×4 cards and the new frames.
    Carla from Utah

  63. Angela says

    Love the color combinations of both of these new collections! And I love that they come with stamps too!

  64. Angela says

    Love the color combinations of both of these new collections! And I love that they come with stamps too!

  65. Oh Elle! absolutely love these new collections buy my heart (as a momma to two boys) is of course really partial to the Cameron boy line! (But they are all so, so fabulous!

  66. Angela L. says

    I totally adore both of these new collections. I love that there’s a smattering of everything that all works together perfectly for project life style and now 12×12 paper is being made also if you want to have a full size layout next to project life layout and it will all match! While I am loving every single item, my heart is really drawn to those “Saltwater” stamps!!!

  67. Anita says

    Wow! I love them both.

  68. Rita says

    Only this comment (no fb no pinterest no tweet!) but…
    thanks for the chance

  69. the boy collection is wonderful! I love every piece of it!

  70. the boy collection is wonderful! I love every piece of it!

  71. Maria says

    Gorgeous summer collection!!!! I love these stamps!!! πŸ™‚

  72. Cynthia B. says

    Fantastic! Love ‘me both. I can always use more “guy” products I scrap my son and hubby, and I’ll be ready to scrap my summer photos too. Looking forward to seeing these in person!

  73. MUST HAVE CAMERON!!! Oh my gosh! Drool! I just had a little boy and am buying EVERYTHING boy since I had a little girl first! THank you for coming out with such a great line!

  74. WOOHOO! Thank you so much for the awesome releases. I have to have almost ALL of cameron, I have had a hard time finding BOY things that are not too baby or too themed/stereotypical. YAY!

  75. Tammy B says

    oh my gosh, i am loving those polaroid frames!

  76. Veronica says

    Love these. I especially love the new frames. Genius! Thanks for the chance.

  77. oh wow—great collections, really great!!!! Love those frames!!! Love it all! And those colors for the boy collection! yowza!

  78. MMJ says

    I love the colors & prints in the Saltwater collection. Also, can’t wait to see the vellum in person!

  79. OMYGOSH!! I loveeeeeeee these collections!! I am IN LOVE with the colors!!!

  80. Dria says

    Saltwater! LOVE IT!

  81. Rosann says

    i love any all boy collection but this one is extra great πŸ™‚ and summer? who doesn’t love summer lines.

  82. Gina200 says

    love the beautiful patterns & colors of Saltwater!!

  83. Both of these collections are amazing, but those alpha stamps have my heart!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  84. Patricia says

    Loving both of these collections! I love the brighter colors of Saltwater so it’s right up my alley!

  85. Leanne says

    Both collections have a WOW factor but I love the stamps the most. They are a must have for me!!

  86. redmom says

    Both lines are amazing!!! As a mother with 2 boys I always love a good boy line!

  87. Kim Warne says

    Love, Love it all, but especially the 4 x 4 stamp!

  88. Kim Warne says

    I tweeted the giveaway @kimscjourney

  89. Nita K. says

    Love all of this, especially the stamps and vellum

  90. Wow. Love the new collections! Loving the boy themes and those new poloroid shapes are fabulous!!

  91. Jennifer says

    Love the stamps… And the vellum!

  92. Sandi says

    Love the woodgrain paper and the vellum on the Saltwater collection. Thanks also for developing a boy collection….I love scrapping boy pages.

  93. Leslee says

    Loving the Cameron collection. With two little grandsons, it would’ve perfect! Love the tidbits and tiny tags.

  94. Leslee says

    Loving the Cameron collection. With two little grandsons, it would’ve perfect! Love the tidbits and tiny tags.

  95. *Monica B* says

    oh wow, I am already in love with both lines! Cameron would be perfect for scrapping photos of my nephews, and Saltwater is going to be fun for summer photos… or photos from any occasion!

  96. Oh wow how gorgeous are both of these collections!! I especially adore the ‘Cameron’ collection with having all boys in my household!! Off to pin something now! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  97. Becky Litz says

    OMG Elle!!! these are awesome!!! Love them both πŸ™‚

  98. justasiam says

    My favourite part of this collection is not only the beautiful colours of the collection itself, but the fact that my son’s name is Cameron! That means I have to get this set!

  99. wow!! gorgeous new ranges, i have a boy and a girl so i’m rapt!! thanks so much for the chance, so hard to find all of your collection here.

  100. Foodie Mom says

    Love the new collections! I love that the Saltwater collection encompasses so much about summer, not just the beach, or just camping, etc. We do it all in the summer and this collection is perfect for my memories!

  101. Foodie Mom says

    I posted on FB about your new release!

  102. Suuuuuper cute new lines Elle’s Studio!! The colors in Saltwater are to die for- love!!!

  103. Love the colors from the Saltwater paper collection!

  104. These are both brilliant! My favourite bit is the multicoloured bokeh on the Saltwater collection, so pretty and happy! x

  105. Alinor says

    loving the new summer collection <3 Those polaroid frames are awesome!!

  106. Denise says

    Wow love both lines!!!! Little circles and tidbits are my faves. Could use both!

  107. Denise says

    Wow love both lines!!!! Little circles and tidbits are my faves. Could use both!

  108. Amy K says

    These are both great collections. I bought the You & Me tabs – LOVE them – and can’t wait to get these tabs and die cut frames, as well as the vellum!

  109. Janet says

    OH MY!!! These are such cute collections!! I love the stamps and all those cute tags!

  110. Anna says

    love the saltwater stamps, and its the perfect color combo!

  111. LILY says

    love the saltwater collection,

  112. LILY says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  113. Barb Wagar says

    I really like the cut outs, the snippets and the tiny tags!

  114. Susan says

    I love all the colors in Saltwater!!

  115. Crystal says

    Love it all the colors are so much fun.

  116. Lunie says

    I got happy when I saw the announcement that Elle’s Studio had a boy theme… I have not fallen in love with any boy collection yet but Cameron is perfect.

  117. Both collections are gorgeous….but I absolutely love Saltwater.

  118. I love the vellum and the stamp sets. Very cute collections!

  119. I love the vellum and the stamp sets. Very cute collections!

  120. Linh C. says

    Love the die cut frames!

  121. I love the graph paper with the bright colors and shapes.

  122. Danielle says

    Oh man, I just can’t wait to get my hands on both of these collections!! I LOVE it all!

  123. Paula says

    Both collections are spot on! Hard to pick a favorite, because as usual there is nothing I don’t like πŸ™‚ Come on May so I can buy some! I’d say what really stands out for me are the tabs from both collections! I use tabs alot and these are much cooler than anything else I’ve seen!

  124. Paula says

    Both collections are spot on! Hard to pick a favorite, because as usual there is nothing I don’t like πŸ™‚ Come on May so I can buy some! I’d say what really stands out for me are the tabs from both collections! I use tabs alot and these are much cooler than anything else I’ve seen!

  125. I love both lines, the colors are just amazing and the patterns are drool worthy! Can’t wait to order both sets!

  126. roxy says

    Love the new collections.

  127. Linh C. says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. wahoolady says

    What great colors for summer. Love the snippets, tidbits and tiny tags—perfect for PL.

  129. Claude says

    The tid bits and lil snippets are my faves!

  130. Margie says

    Fantastic new collections! I love the Saltwater collection!

  131. Lea L. says

    Completely in LOVE with the Saltwater collection!! I adore it…so fun! I am SO ready for summer!!!!

  132. Oh my goodness, this collection is awesome! You guys did a really good job.

  133. Cameron may be all-boy collection but the colors are so great that I could use it for myself only)

  134. Comment 1 – I LOVE the CAMERON line!! Colors, designs and ESPECIALLY those cute Photo frames!!!

  135. Meghan says

    I love both of the new collections! Fun colours and great extras!

  136. Cristina says

    LOVE the alphabet stamp in Cameron!!

  137. Cynthia B. says

    I posted on FB – both new lines look awesome!

  138. Juliana says

    Loving the new polaroid cuts!!! The new collections are spectacular!!!!

  139. Shirley says

    That new alphabet set looks great!

  140. tpgirl says

    I love both of these collections …the colors of CAMERON are just stunning!

  141. Keshet says

    This is fantastic! I LOVE the wood paper in Cameron!

  142. {VICKI} says


    Everything ===its hard to pick a fave

    the 3 inch circles are one of my faves and the stamps are always at the top of my list!!!!!!!!!!!


    for the chance to win something Great!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Fluffy says

    Awesome collections my favourites have to be the stamps but there are so many different elements to love!

  144. Ellie says

    Saltwater has it all for my style – the colors, the sayings..Dear Saltwater, I love you!

  145. bailey says

    I love that you have a boy line now and the alpha stamps!

  146. Love the new die cuts & the addition on a stamp alpha!!

  147. dlwidder says

    oooh! Love the new collections and shape! πŸ˜€ I have 4 boys, so I think it’s awesome you now have a boy theme and our family took our first trip to the beach less than a month ago, so that’s just perfect! πŸ˜€

  148. Lisa P says

    Wow! I love how you are expanding your lines and adding new stuff all the time along with your already fabulous tags. love that you made a boy collection. It’s so cool. Love the Saltwater line too.

  149. Lisa P says

    tweeted. @scraphappygirl

  150. Lisa P says

    shared on my fb page

  151. Lisa P says

    pinned my fave from Cameron. Excited about this line. Lisa Peeples

  152. Stephanie says

    Oh my!!! How can you pick just one??? Everything is so amazing!!!!

  153. Nicolle S says

    I love the stamp set in Saltwater!


  154. Amanda says

    I love the cutouts and snippets in all the collections and the Saltwater ones are no exception!

  155. How cool is this!! I LOVE collections!! And I’m so glad you guys have expanded your line πŸ™‚

  156. Lea L. says

    I ADORE this summer collection!! It is so fun and whimsical and perfect!! Thanks for the chance!

  157. Maureen says

    I love everything about the Cameron collection!! I have 2 boys so it would be perfect for me!

  158. Danielle R says

    I am so happy with the colors in this! It’s perfect for boys pages!

  159. Alex says

    Oh, wow! I love it ALL! My favorite must be the Saltwater vellum. Gorgeous!

  160. Alex says

    And I posted on Facebook! Done it ALL! Now I’ll just keep my fingers crossed… Thanks for the chance!

  161. Shelley says

    Both collections remind me of the Westcoast which I miss dearly. The sea and the camping in the mountains. Thanks for the chance!

  162. crschaf says

    Love both these new collections!Also love the names of them-so cute.Good ole summertime…

  163. crschaf says

    Love both these new collections!Also love the names of them-so cute.Good ole summertime…

  164. Rachel says

    Love the colors and the stamps in that first collection, and that chevron paper is so pretty in the second!

  165. Gina200 says

    So hard to choose – love the little frames!!

  166. Tink says

    They’re both beautiful, but I’m happiest that it’s a pretty green, instead of the “ick” green I’ve been seeing in collections so much lately. (:

  167. Kristy says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Kristy says

    I love them BOTH! I have two boys so the Cameron really caught my eye – but I think my favorite piece is the letter stamp set. So versatile!

  169. Kristy says

    Tweeted at @KristyMinMN.

  170. elisa says

    how can i purchase the summer stamp set?

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