Project Life

This week’s Project Life covers week 3:  January 14-20.

The beginning of January marked 18 months since I began documenting using the Project Life system. I absolutely love this method of scrapbooking.  With the new year, I challenged myself to try new things as I designed my spread.   It’s fun (and inspiring) to spice things up a bit.  Even a slight move away from “the norm” offers opportunities to learn and be inspired.  It reminds me of what we always tell our children at the dinner table– “just try it, you might like it!”    
So for this week my goal was to not fill every pocket with photos.   Now let me first say, there is nothing wrong with filling every pocket with photos! 🙂  I chose this challenge so that I could play a little bit more in the pockets, and so that the photos I DID choose would be highlighted and might make a statement (sometimes I feel like my photos can get lost if I fill every pocket with a photo).
In my “non-photo” pockets I used logos (from a napkin), a little badge my son received when he lost a tooth, cover of the Star Wars trilogy (which has been playing nonstop at our home), a tidbit from the new You & Me collection (backed with a transparency), and packaging from a gift I received from my grandma.
For this spread I included TWO inserts.   The first one is a Design A Page Protector by Becky Higgins trimmed in half.  

The second insert is an 8 1/2 x 11 page.   this is an interesting insert— a cartoonist drew my dad (far right) and his three brothers holding a picture of their father and a copy of “Resolve” (the book about my grandfather’s WW2 experience).   We received the cartoon this week and this is a copy of the PDF file. Really special and fun to include in Project Life.
The backside of the insert is a little collage of clothing tags acquired from an outlet mall trip this week.  I love seeing the price tags and also the sizes I bought for my kids.

The final right side page is an enlarged sunset from this week.  It’s a 12×12 photo printed through  (they also now print 4×4 prints!).   I loved highlighting this beautiful winter sunset.

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  1. gabbyfek says

    this looks fantastic– i LOVE that huge sunset photo!

  2. Congrats to Courtney!! I loveeeeeeeeee your PL pages!! LOVING the way you did the big photo into different sections of your book and loving the cartoon!!

  3. Lesley G says

    Some fabulous pages – I really must give this a go 🙂

  4. vegetablog says

    Neat idea to make a page with tags from you shopping trip!!

  5. Congratulations Courtney 🙂

    The sunset photo is AMAZING!!! Love the cartoon addition!

  6. Margie says

    That big photo is awesome!! And I love the political cartoon!

  7. I love the inspiration I get here for PL! Keep those great ideas coming!

  8. Laura M. says

    Love your pages! and all the different inserts 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  9. Really great ideas here! Love the tag collage from the outlet trip!:-)

  10. I love Project Life Tuesdays! Your spreads always provide so much inspiration which makes me itch to create! I love the enlarged sunset photo! Gorgeous!

  11. Karenj says

    Thanks for sharing your project life pages. Love the idea of using the tags/sizes/prices of clothing for the kiddos…. cool cartoon!!!

  12. Angel says

    I always look forward to Tuesdays for beautiful inspirations here on Project Life. Thank you for sharing and the chance to win some Elle’s Studio products which I cannot get over here.

  13. Kathleen says

    Love that sunset photo! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  14. marylouh says

    The sunset is beautiful. And having it in several sections is really striking. Great job.

  15. jj says

    I enjoy project life so much, it is truly were the touching memories are kept and loved.

  16. Great week! I love all the things you incorporated, especially that cartoon, what a cool thing to have, and all the things from your shopping expedition and the little tooth insert, so much fun!

  17. Shanon says

    What a great challenge to yourself! I love that you switched it up and mixed in more bits and pieces of your lives!

  18. Kelsey says

    Awesome! So many ideas for me to use in my own PL album! 🙂

  19. Kelsey says

    Awesome! So many ideas for me to use in my own PL album! 🙂

  20. Melinda says

    Love seeing your pl pages! Love the sunset photo and the clothing tags from your outlet trip!

  21. faithspage says

    What a great idea using the tags from the shopping trip. I may go back to my week 1 and slip a few in.

  22. Sandra says

    Awesome spreads!!! Especially love the “outlet” insert!! 🙂

  23. Jen says

    Super cool spread. The shot of the sunset is gorgeous!

  24. Sue D says

    Fabulous–I like the addition of the cartoon.

  25. Angel S. says

    Thanks for sharing! Love the sunset pictures!

  26. Cynthia B. says

    That cartoon looks awesome! Great piece to have for your album. I also love the big photo that fills your whole page. Great ideas for the pocket protectors! As always, TFS!

  27. Love the way you cut the large picture to put into the pockets. So cute!

  28. Melody says

    I just started PL for 2013.

  29. Shirley says

    Love how that sunset picture is 12×12, but split up among the smaller pockets!

  30. Kim Warne says

    Thanks for sharing your PL spreada! and, thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  31. Jan says

    Great ideas shared especially the lovely sunset photo!

  32. {VICKI} says

    Love that last page!

  33. blupixy says

    Love the use of the inserts. That cartoon is awesome! Thanks for sharing another great week!

  34. Danielle says

    Love the cartoonist’s drawing – so cool!

  35. ErinJean says

    I love the collage on the back of the 8 1/2×11!! I’m using one this week and I wasn’t sure what to do with the other side. Thank you for the inspiration!

  36. Stephanie says

    The full photo page is awesome! Looks great!

  37. Project Life rocks .. and so do your new lines which I can’t wait to get order tomorrow !

  38. Wendy says

    I happily complete Project Life last year and loved it!

  39. Julie S. says

    Beautiful book . I love the pic. of the sunset . TFS .

  40. dlwidder says

    Fabulous pages! Love the divided photo idea!

  41. April says

    This looks amazing!!
    – April W

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