What’s on your desk?

This was my view all weekend and it’s carried over to today! Lots of fun layouts being made for some really cool upcoming projects and some just for fun, too. I’ve currently taken over one end of the table in the kitchen so I can be in the center of all the action and even catch up on some of my favorite tv shows. It’s been my favorite spot so far 🙂

What are you currently working on? If you need a little inspiration or incentive to get crafty, don’t forget to check out our Inspiration Gallery, Sketch Thursdays and our new monthly Challenges!


  1. sophie says

    on my desk there are all the tags from your shop I got today in my post box!! I can’t wait to find time to play with them!!and hopefully to participate in the 2 peas challenge!

  2. Melanie says

    It was a mess until about 30 minutes ago. Now it is clean! Just finished up some projects. Can’t wait to create some more tomorrow 🙂

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