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Welcome to another week of Project Life Inspiration at Elle’s Studio!  This week I am sharing the week of February 27- March 4 of my Project Life album.

Every week when I start putting together my Project Life layout, I begin to think I little bit about my color scheme.   Really, anything goes in Project Life.  Your layout can be as coordinated (or mixed-match) as you prefer.   However, the scrapbooker in me can’t help but adding a little coordination when putting together my page.

I have found that it can be a bit of a challenge to identify a color scheme when there are so many photos and memorabilia represented in a week.  So what I do first I find a single color that seems to be reoccurring in my photos (or just one color I want to focus on) and highlight it with papers and embellishments.   For this week’s layout, I focused on green.

 Since it was the first week in March, green worked perfectly.   There isn’t a TON of green in my photos– really only in my sons shirt, a bit in the salad photo, and the background of chalkboard in the bottom left photo.  But by using embellishments like the green pennants in the New Bright and Vintage Pennants, I was able to highlight this color.

I also used a bit of red and orange in my color scheme.  Red and orange are hardly represented in my photos at all, only in my memorabilia and embellishments.   I used red tags and washi tape to highlight the Chick-fil-A packaging and the dentist bag.  You will also see touches of orange in a few journaling cards and brads sprinkled throughout the layout.  
I hope this gives you some ideas about adding color to your Project Life.  Thinking of your embellishments, tags, and journaling spots as a key element in pulling together a color scheme will help you worry less on choosing photos “that match” and focus more on the photos that tell your story.
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Contest:  Project Life March 6
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Project Life was created by Becky Higgins as a way to simplify how you document life and preserve memories. Photo pockets used in my Project Life album are created by Becky and can be found here.  You can read of all the Elle’s Studio Project Life posts here.


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! What I love most about spring is that I get to use other jackets and shoes:)

  2. Jette Gad says

    Jenni I love your take on PL…
    What I love about the spring is that it brings the light back-thankful 🙂

  3. Kristen S says

    Thanks for the project life inspiration. I love the fresh spring air the most and spending time outdoors.

  4. Margie says

    I love the longer days, the fresh air and fantastic weather ( even the rain), and the blooming trees and flowers!

  5. Nitasha says

    Love the PL inspiration! I especially love the little “duck teeth” too cute and funny! Oh, what I love most about spring is the weather and getting outside more enjoying the fresh air!

  6. Wow…another great week! I love the longer days and warmer weather it brings!

  7. Joanne says

    I love spring because my birthday is the first day of spring!!!

  8. I agree….it’s nice to kind of have something that ties the pages together, even if it is a PL page. Love your strategy. Thanks!

  9. Lisa says

    I love your PL posts, they help me stay focused!
    What I love most about spring, the little bursts of color that start to pop in. Trees, grass, blooming flowers.

  10. Jamie says

    I love this weeks layouts!

  11. Renee says

    What I love spring is the extra hours of sunshine and the warm but humid temperatures outside 🙂 So Pretty!

  12. Kerry says

    Great pages! I love spring because we can start to get back outside to play a little more!

  13. Danielle says

    I love the longer days. Its so nice to leave work & arrive home an hour or more later to daylight still.

  14. Lynne says

    Love your pages! Great hints on colors!

  15. Jody says

    I love all the flowers blooming in the spring, even if their pollen bothers my allergies.

  16. Finally being able to open the doors and windows and not freeze! I also love all the little flowers starting pop up!

  17. Spring in Texas normally only lasts a few days here and there. I will say that what I love the most about it is being able to pack up the long-sleeves and bring out the flip flops! Well, the flip flops never go away, I just don’t get crazy looks when I wear them in the Spring.

  18. vegetablog says

    I love the sunshine, the fresh air, the HOPE that comes with spring!! Thank you again for another great week of Project Life inspiration.

  19. Melinda says

    I like to stick with a color scheme too and find that it is challenging since I’m working with more photos! But I try not to stress out on it and just enjoy the process.

    What I love most about spring is seeing and feeling the warm sun and anticipating summer! 😀

  20. connie says

    What I love most about spring is the long days and working in the yard.

  21. I love that it stays light out later…makes me feel like I have more time 🙂

  22. What I ♥ about Spring is all the flowers are in bloom. I take hundreds of pictures b/c I just ♥ nature.

  23. Melanie says

    I love the spring especially when it isn’t raining so we can be outside!

  24. Niki Estes says

    Great spread! I love all the larger alphabets you used!

  25. The Copes says

    FLOWERS!! I love the flowers 🙂 Seeing that fresh green sprout and then a bloom … there’s nothing like spring!

  26. anya says

    This is another great week Jenni! I love your ideas about using color. I feel so intimidated trying to match *everything* so pulling out a few ‘focus’ colors is the perfect solution. Your are always such an inspiration!

    I am looking forward to enjoying the longer days ahead, and spending time outside!

  27. blupixy says

    I love spring flowers blooming and birds chirping and the extra sunlight!

  28. Cynthia B. says

    Looks great! The Chick Fil A totally drew my eye. 😉 (my kids’ favorite!)

  29. Jill says

    I have always been a lover of winter, but I appreciate the end of cold and all the new life! It’s so refreshing.

  30. Jennifer says

    I love all the fresh flowers blooming!

  31. ruth says

    I love hearing the birds again….and smelling the earth. After a long Michigan winter (which ironically has been fairly short this year), it’s such a great smell!

  32. wendyg says

    Your PL is awesome! I love the sounds of spring, the birds, frogs and kids playing outside!!

  33. KellyG says

    Love the spring flowers popping up! Your project life is awesome, love seeing what you do each week!

  34. NIcola says

    I love that I can finally throw open the windows again and get some air into the house! Thanks for the inspiration.

  35. Another awesome week of inspiration just LOVE it all!

  36. Kelli says

    I live in central Texas, so I love seeing bluebonnets everywhere … hands down, the best part of spring!

  37. I love to see all the new sprouts coming up out of the ground and on the trees! It is a new beginning!

  38. Nathalie says

    I LOVE the mix of bright colors and the “busyness” of it all!!! Great spread!!!

  39. TJ says

    I love the fact that I can sit in the backyard and read since the weather is so nice.

  40. I love the tags and the use of thickers! Thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Wow! Thanks for the inspiration! I love the beginning of spring…the warmer weather the smell of my garden beginning to bloom…..

  42. Pam says

    Love your ideas – and I love spring when the farmers are out in the fields prepping for this years crops –

  43. Alesk says

    what I love most about spring? green hills and pretty flowers!

  44. Thanks for the inspiration. I really want to do project life one of these years. I love the flowers and lilacs.

  45. spip718 says

    Great inspiration. What I love about spring is the flowers that start to bloom, people seem happier and it’s light out longer.

  46. I should start on project life too! So many things happen & if you don’t scrapbook them they fly away & I will forget what happened that week or day. I love how you added the embellies to highlight the colors not prominent in your layout. Love the great inspiration!

  47. Andrea says

    I love that it stays light out longer and the fresh air and open windows! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  48. bailey says

    I love being able to work in the yard and seeing how my son takes in his 1st spring.

  49. Olivia says

    So glad Im not the only one who loves her PL pages to match 🙂
    I love the blooming new life of spring. It is so invigorating!

  50. Michelle says

    I love all the pretty colors in spring and the sun shinning!

  51. ziska says

    Of course in South Africa where I am we’re very far away from Spring, but what I love most are the colour of new leaves – and the smell just before the first afternoon thundershowers. It smells electric, full of suspense and anticipation…

  52. Shayne says

    I am also loving try to colour co-ordinate my weeks – it’s challenging, but fun!

    Oh, what do I love about spring? The crisp mornings, the explosion of flowers. the tiny buds on the trees and the sudden explosion of colour in my garden.

  53. Stephanie says

    Loving that it is feeling spring like around here! Can’t wait for my fav part-THE COLORS!!

    Also loving your PL layouts, thanks for sharing!

  54. Janna says

    I LOVE the occas sunny warm days! We need those here on the wet coast (WA)! Also all the beautiful colors that start blooming – LOVE! And one of the first signs that is my fav – the BIRDS CHIRPING early in the morn:) ALways makes my heart smile!

  55. Mandy says

    thanks for sharing your ideas on color inspiration! i love when spring comes so i can break out my sandals!

  56. AmyBug says

    Oh thanks for all the great ideas but I have to say now I am wanting Chick-fil-a! 🙂

  57. Tracy says

    love the green! My pages always seem to find a color scheme wether I try to or not. Great pages this week…I love the Duck Teeth journaling card…super cute Idea to enlarge those words.

  58. {VICKI} says

    Springe means get the Flip flops out!

  59. I love how you’re doing your album!! Spring brings out the new flowers and fresh smells (oh yes, and pollen!). It also means that longer days are coming. I can get more done and enjoy it more too!!

  60. Marfa says

    I like to see the baby duckies and baby chickens…lol I live in South Florida, the seasons don’t change here. We have Hot, Hot, Hot and Hot, green, green, green and green. So what I enjoy is all the baby animals.

  61. Shirley says

    Seeing the Thickers on your pages makes me think I need more to have options!

  62. lighter mornings, longer evenings, blue skies and a little sunshine, also being able to hang my washing out on the line !

  63. Rachel says

    I love leaving the windows open!

  64. lynda says

    I love the bright cheery flowers & trees that come with Spring!

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