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Welcome to another week of Project Life here at Elle’s Studio!   For this week’s project life I am sharing the week of January 30th- February 5th.

As you can tell by the dates I have gotten slightly behind in my Project Life album.  We had multiple rounds of colds and ear infections in our family the last few weeks (myself included!).  I reminded myself this week that there is no “time table” when it comes to Project Life.  I see so many people post on message boards that they have fallen behind and feel very discouraged.  My hope today is to share with you that life happens and some days you can not get it all done, and that’s okay.  “Being caught up” is really a subjective term.  Don’t let what other people are doing, or where they are at in their Project Life album discourage you and your progress.  There are no rules here.

This was a fun week to document because it was Super Bowl week.  I live in Indianapolis (which was the host city for the Super Bowl), so life here was very exciting and electric.  You can see on my title page how I even called it “Super Week”.

In addition to many of Elle’s Studio Handmade Layers and Collected items, I used Lily Bee Design’s Buttercup line, and Dear Lizzy’s Neapolitan line.  Both of these collections look great with Elle’s Studio tags!  I included an 8.5 x 11 layout I made for Lily Bee in this week’s project life.  I’ve never included a layout before, but I love how the smaller sized layout works with a Project Life spread.

In addition to the layout, I also included one of my son’s school papers, prescription stubs, ticket stubs, chopstick packaging, and the front page of the Indianapolis Star on Super Bowl Sunday.

In case you didn’t see, we added Dear Lizzy’s new roller stamp to our shop this week!  I had the chance to  play with it and LOVED how perfectly it works with our tags!!   It’s a great stamp for Project Life.

One of my favorite Elle’s Studio items that I use EVERY week in my Project Life are the Daily 3×4 Tags (seen here as the “On This Day” tag).  The pack contains a tag for every day of the week plus three bonus tags.  It never fails, I always include one of these for a photo or journaling in each week’s Project Life!

We have a few winners to share with you today!

Congrats to Samantha the winner of Ali’s Favorite Items.  Please contact us at with the following info:
Prize: Ali’s Favorite Items.

AND, congrats to Becky, the winner of our February 7th Project Life giveaway!  Please contact us at with the following info:
Prize: Feb 7 Project Life.

We have another giveaway this week!  Leave us a comment here for a chance to win a $15 prize pack from Elle’s Studio.  We will announce the winner next Tuesday on our weekly Project Life post.

Project Life was created by Becky Higgins as a way to simplify how you document life and preserve memories. Photo pockets used in my Project Life album are created by Becky and can be found here.  You can read of all the Elle’s Studio Project Life posts here.


  1. This is always one of my favorite weekly posts. Love to see what’s included and how the products are used.

  2. ruth says

    Tuesday mornings are my fave day! I get my coffee and see your new PL blog post…love them!

  3. Tracy says

    I love all the PL inspiration on Tuesdays! I am behind a bit too but not discouraged as I have a plan to get caught up this week, while working on week 8. Love the layers in your pockets. Thanks for the inspiration Jenni!

  4. I just learned of your site/shop from a fellow swapper at MAS and I must say, “where have you been all of my life?!” Your products and ideas are so up my alley and I am thrilled to be placing my first order sometime this week.

  5. I’ve gotten a little behind too, but I’m not gonna sweat it!

  6. Amy Coose says

    Love seeing your PL progress, Jenni!

  7. April says

    This looks fabulous!!

  8. Cynthia B. says

    How exciting to be in Indy for Superbowl week! Great slice of life memory-keeping for Project Life!

  9. Kerry says

    We all get ‘behind’ sometimes…what’s important is that you are capturing your life stories as much as possible. 🙂 I’m behind on my son’s baby book…thanks for the reminder that it is okay and it will get done.

  10. Lynne says

    I always love to see your pages! And thanks for te reminder about being “caught up”.

  11. I love your attitude about NEVER being behind…. keep it simple!

    Thanks for the inspo!

  12. Such a fab week you had Jenni! So happy for you. Love the schoolwork and the newspaper clippings added into the mix!

  13. Moi says

    I always forget to not compare myself to what/how fast others are doing things. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. vegetablog says

    You do such a good job of including all those little bits and pieces from everyday life. The tags and journaling spots make them fit together so well.

  15. Nathalie says

    I always enjoy seeing your PL album! So inpiring!

  16. blupixy says

    Love seeing your PL pages! So inspiring! Thanks!

  17. Tuesday are super fun. I love to post and know I am not the only one who is posting PL all over the Bloggy world! LOVE!

  18. Lea-Maria says

    I just love looking at you Project Life. It gives me so many ideas to try on my own!

  19. leanne says

    love seeing the inspiration for my own project life…..

  20. Dawn says

    Love seeing your weekly spreads and how you’ve used the products!

  21. connie says

    thanks for sharing PL! I love seeing them.

  22. pegg says

    Enjoy seeing your pages. I love working on my PL weeks on Sundays. Reminds me I need to order more Elle’s products 🙂

  23. anya says

    Love to see your PL pages. I, too, am starting to feel like I am not as ‘on top’ of my PL as I was when I first started, so its always good to hear some reminders that I am the only one to set the time-table for the project. I love all the extra goodies you add to your pages! Thanks for the awesome inspiration.

  24. Melanie says

    Great PL week! I like how you added the newspaper clippings.

  25. What a fun way to document having the Super Bowl in your city. Thanks for the generous giveaway! ♥

  26. AllyW says

    I am so loving your Project Life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Danielle says

    Love the layout you included.

  28. Joanne says

    Count me in! I need some Project Life goodness.

  29. Gina M says

    I also enjoy seeing your PL each week. Keep it up!

  30. Deb A. says

    I really enjoy your project life updates each week. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Makes me want to start project life ♥ Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. I’m so excited that the PL page protectors were finally restocked on amazon, because now I can realllly join in on the PL fun! I’ve been saving all my memorabilia && goodies to have a day of catch up when they get here! ALWAYS love your PL Jenni!

  33. Jen says

    Thanks so much for the encouragement on PL. I haven’t even started my album yet, waiting on my page protectors to get here this week. I have been trying to take pics & notes. I have some “missing pieces”, but I am gonna just go with the flow & do what I can. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  34. Nitasha says

    PL is coming along beautifully! Love seeing pieces of daily life and events such as an actual newspaper! Imagine how awesome it will be to look back on this album in 20 years!

  35. Meghan says

    I enjoy peeking at your pages. I appreciate that you are so willing to share!

  36. Margie says

    I love these! Great look at a PL album!

  37. toni from says

    another great layout. I especially love the chopstick wrapper. What a great idea!

  38. Jessica says

    I love seeing your book! I just ordered items from Amazon for project life…. but I’m doing mine a little different (following the school year). And I JUST discovered your blog today! Woo Hoo!

  39. lcdzines says

    Hi Jenni….love your Project Life pages!! I live near Indianapolis (Anderson) so I know what you mean about the excitement of the Superbowl being in Indy! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go see everything but my husband did and he got some good pictures 🙂 Anyway, love what you do with the Elle’s Studio products in Project life. I am doing PL, but with my own spin on it.

  40. Love this spread – and all the paperclips:)

  41. Jennifer says

    Love your PL even more now that I’m participating. 🙂

  42. AmyBug says

    Fun ideas. I like all the mementos and the little house in the doily. 🙂

  43. Brooke says

    Love the one of a kind tag. I’m behind too, but am quickly finding ways to journal in the moment and get it in my album later.

  44. Jessica says

    Love Jenni’s layouts & Elle’s studio. Thanks for sharing

  45. Jeani says

    Love the project life posts . . and thank your for helping to alleviate the guilt I feel when I fall behind in my PL pages . .lol!!

  46. KellyG says

    Love your project! Love how you inpcorporated the newspaper articles! Great stuff!

  47. Shirley says

    I like all the handwritten journaling. It’s easy to think now that it’s not that important, but I think it’s great in retrospect.

  48. justasiam says

    I would really enjoy getting a gift certificate…and am liking your project live

  49. justasiam says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. justasiam says

    I would really enjoy getting a gift certificate…and am liking your project life

  51. I like what you’re doing. I love the quote about the sun kissing our cheeks; we’ve had crazy warm weather too – with more coming this week.

  52. Vicki says

    You really inspire me to keep going with my Project Life and not to be discouraged when I have fallen behind. Thank you so much!!

  53. Vicki says

    You really inspire me to keep going with my Project Life and not to be discouraged when I have fallen behind. Thank you so much!!

  54. {VICKI} says

    thanks for the chance!

  55. MarionK says

    Very cool PL-Week. I love all the little details. Thanks for the chance to win some goodies

  56. Mandy says

    always love seeing your project life spreads. love the inserts you added in between. great pages!!!

  57. wendyg says

    Your PL is awesome as usual. I love the added 8 1/2 x 11 page!

  58. NIcola says

    Glad to hear everyone is healthy again!! Love the inspiration.

  59. sheezie11 says

    I enjoy seeing the different ways of using the products in your PL

  60. Jenny says

    Awesome PL pages!

  61. Olivia says

    Looks great, love the use of the tape 🙂

  62. Linh C. says

    Love seeing how the little snippets are used in project life!

  63. ShellyJ says

    Always a fan of your updates 🙂

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