Project Kits are Sold Out!

{Bloggers not letting me post a pretty picture 🙁 }

WOW! You guys are amazing – our very first project kit sold out yesterday, in only 4 days! That is incredible 🙂 Thank you all so much for purchasing a kit. We are so excited about this new adventure and can’t wait to see the mini albums you put together!

We are shipping them as fast as we can, we will be caught up by Monday for sure, so if you haven’t received your shipping notice, you should soon! And, be on the look out for the instructions – those will also be emailed to you. If you haven’t received them yet, please let us know!

Also, Jenni is already planning on posting the first post related to the project kit next week… and there might be a giveaway with it 🙂 So if you missed out on purchasing a kit, make sure you stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to check out Steph’s blog and be on the look out all summer long. We had planned in advance to give away some kits, but now that this kit is sold out, it makes these giveaways extra special!

Thank you all for an amazing week – we are absolutely thrilled that you loved our first kit so much! We are already brainstorming for the next kit!

xo, Elle


  1. Not surprised at all- that kit is KILLER! I totally had a paper fit when I opened mine and I’m already using it.

  2. sophie says

    yeah!! so happy for you!well deserved!!

  3. Daniela says

    Awesome news!!! So happy I got mine!

  4. Caroline says

    I am dying to get mine though im in NZ so could be 10 days before it reaches me, i actually already have 4 mini’s on the go , im just loving making them just now.
    Im sure the next kit will be amazing too 🙂

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