Elle’s Studio Limited Edition Savoring Summer Project Kit is here!

Our very first exclusive and limited edition Project Kit is here! This kit has all the supplies you need to create a super cute mini album titled “Savoring Summer”. So, get ready to slow down and savor your favorite summer memories! Catching fireflies, running through the sprinkler, sipping lemonade, traveling and more can be savored for years to come in this special kit.

This kit features papers, ribbons, tape, mist and more, from popular manufactures, along with 26 limited edition and exclusive Elle’s Studio tags that were made just for this kit.

The Elle’s Studio Savoring Summer kit is $27.99 and is extremely limited – once they are sold out, they are gone forever! And, the exclusive Elle’s Studio tags that are in the kit will not be sold anywhere else, or printed ever again! You’ll only be able to get them in this kit, and once the kit is gone, so are the tags – so you won’t want to miss out on these!

The kit also comes with full instructions on how to put the cover and base of the mini album together just like Jenni Hufford has her album – here’s a tiny peek inside her 22 page album she made with our kit:

The instructions will also give you some inspiration and tips for how you can take your completed base of your mini album and add photos, journaling tags, ribbons and more to create fun pages all summer long!

We also some other fun things planned for this kit for during the summer- like a flickr group that you can upload and show off you mini album in! We will be highlighting and posting some of them from the flickr group, on the blog, all summer long! And, we will get to watch how Jenni’s album grows throughout the summer, right here on our blog! So, if you ever get stuck or need a little extra inspiration, you’ll know right were to find it!

TODAY ONLY: Because we are so, SO excited about our very first project kit release, we are also having a bonus giveaway! Everyone who purchases a kit, today only (Monday, May 23rd), will be entered to win a Fujifilm Instax Mini! These are so fun to play around with!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and joining us for launch of our new kit!


  1. Lindy says

    Gorgeous mini!!!! Already ordered mine and can’t wait to get it.

  2. Rita says

    I’ve order my kit… i’m so happy

  3. mojodawn says

    I need one of those adorable sweet Fujis! Off to get my kit! <3

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  5. Rebecca says

    YAY! The kit is gorgeous and the exclusive tags are AWESOME!!

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