Journaling: In your own words | Journaling Tips!

We’ve got some journaling tips to share with you today! These tips are ones we’ve used over and over again, so hopefully they will help you as much as they’ve helped us!

When you’re stuck: Sometimes, the hardest thing to get past is when you’re stuck on the writing part of your layout – Next time you get stuck, use one of these suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing again:

-Use a quote, song lyrics or Bible verse
-Ask someone else what their favorite part or memory is from the event you’re scrapbooking
-Make a list
-Write it as a letter, addressed to someone
-Tell it from a different person’s point of view
-You don’t have to write full sentences! Just write down the words that come to your mind

Weren’t there when the photo was taken? This can be hard because you weren’t there to record all the details. For these situations, if you are keeping the layouts, ask the person who gave you the photos what went on, what were the important and memorable moments, who said what, etc. If you are giving the layouts back to the person who took the photos, leave a space for them to journal and when you give it to them, let them know it’s their job to finish the layout!

Where are my journaling tags? If you’re journaling tags aren’t handy when you need them, they are easily overlooked and forgotten about! Keeping your journaling tags organized and handy will make them easier to access! We LOVE Clip-It’s for keeping things in full view.

Don’t stress about it: Sometimes it will be too hard to find the words to express how you feel. It’s okay to have a couple layouts with no journaling. Don’t be too hard on yourself for letting a couple layouts slide πŸ™‚ When you stress out about things, it makes it harder to go back and do them the next time. So, every now and then, give yourself a break!

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To enter, just leave a comment below, sharing your favorite journaling tip with everyone! We’ll pick a winner this Saturday, August 28th, along with all the other winners from our really big sponsored giveaway! If you haven’t entered that giveaway, please do so now!


  1. Laura T. says

    I usually journal on every one of my layouts. I usually journal first (either by using a PC, or hand journaling). I love journaling first, because it allows me to know how much space I will have left on my layout (sometimes I journal a LOT and sometimes it’s just a few words).

  2. chksngr says

    My favorite tip is to get out the Thesaurus. So, if I have the word “new” in my head, I get out my thesaurus and look at all the words listed under “new.” and make a list of the ones that strike me. Then I either build my journaling from those words or simply use the list.

  3. Amber says

    I try to journal on all my pages and usually use the computer to fit a lot of words in little spaces!!

  4. Jodi says

    I have a journaling book, where I keep a variety of ideas, and thoughts for pages. When time permits (usually between running the kids around)… I grab it and write, then when I have time to scrap that page, the journaling is done!

  5. Christy says

    I don’t always journal and it’s actually more of a new thing for me. Right now though, I basically write like someone is sitting there looking at the picture with me and I’m telling them about it. It just seems to make sense for me right now. Thanks for all the great tips!

  6. Jill says

    I think the best tip I heard recently is that you might forget about what was happening in the picture. Maybe you don’t have a page of journaling but just some comment that will help you remember what was going on, why the picture was taken, why you want to remember this moment, will help you remember years from now.

  7. Liz in MO says

    I never journal directly on my page, I always use a journaling tag, pieces or strips of paper, etc. That way I don’t have to stress about messing up my page when it’s done. If I’m not doing the journaling right then, I go ahead and place a piece of cardstock so I can remember where I had planned to journal. It also makes it so I have a piece of cardstock that matches the rest of the page. I can also, then easily go through a stack of pages and journal all at one time. I hate to journal at crops because I start writing whatever we are talking about. I HAVE to have a quiet place.

  8. My favorite journaling tip is to keep a small notebook handy (in your camera bag or purse) and jot down little tidbits–then you’ll have them handy when you get your pictures!

    Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  9. Jennifer says

    My favorite journaling tip is to write in letter form. In my daughter’s scrapbooks, I journal as if I’m talking to her or writing her a letter. Great giveaway and thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Kim says

    I just wanted to say THANKS for all these journaling tips! They are GREAT! I don’t always journal on ever page, but I always try to put who is in the pic and where and when it was taken. Thanks for the chance to win a Clip-It!! WOW! That would be AWESOME!! Have a GREAT Day,
    Me-Ma Kim

  11. I have loved this class so far and feel so inspired. Journaling is the most important thing on my LO. Sometimes I make a LO where my journaling is the embellishment.
    My tip: challenge yourself! Decide that you want to write ten facts about something that has to do with the LO story. It can be hard, but it is so much fun! I love looking back at those LOs.
    What an amazing giveaway. I turn 19 this friday and this would be the perfect birthday present πŸ™‚ HOPE!

  12. Amy K says

    I love to journal, and my favorite tip is to journal from the heart.

  13. My favorite tip is to journal after you’ve done your layout – at least for me, when I’m deciding how to scrap the pictures I’m remembering the little details that happened during the event I’m scrapping. I may jot a thing or two down while I’m still scrapping and then I’ll organize my thoughts and journal them!

  14. I have a story binder where I stash photos I want to use on a layout with a roughdraft of my journaling, the rough draft gets me over that scary hump because I just write what feelings and thoughts come up when looking at the photo knowing later i will perfect it when working on my layout

  15. Rebecca says

    Sometimes just making a list of a child’s favorites at this moment in time or the main events of a special day are just as meaningful as long wordy journaling. I love lists πŸ™‚

  16. pseudomin says

    I usually try to remember hw I feel when the photo was taken or If anything funny happened. And if I am really stuck I look at the people in the photo and write about how I feel and love about them!

  17. Malika says

    I keep a note page in my phone and jot down funny things that the kids say right then and there. I find if I don’t do it right away, I forget exactly how they put it and that is half the fun!

  18. I do my best journaling when I walk away from the layout and type up what I’m thinking or feeling about the photo or topic. I write better when I concentrate on the writing rather than on the page I’m making itself, if that makes any sense.

  19. Jessie says

    Journal from the heart or stick with the basics – who, what, where, when, why. I love using quotes too. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  20. angiew says

    I also have a small notebook where I jot down what happened or what I was feeling while I was taking the photos. Then the journaling comes much easier when its time to add it to the page.

  21. Jody says

    I make a word document of notes and make the file name the same as that of the picture.

  22. With an 18-year old son, I often have to scrap photos from the past, waaaaaaay before I scrapped, so when I find a photo, I scan it and sit down right then to just write on a piece of notebook paper what I remember about the moment, the time, my son, who he was at the time. Then I fold it in half and stick the scanned photo inside.

    Then, when I’m ready to scrap, I can pull one of these out and choose papers and get to scrappin’! I’m not heldup with the trying to remember/journaling part. I get to get on with the fun part of page design!

  23. Kim says

    I don’t know if it is tip, for me it is more of a rule, I always journal in my own handwriting. I think later when your children are older and look back that it will mean more when they see the words mom wrote and it is in her own handwriting, kwim?

  24. Great series. If you have some journaling that is something that you don’t necessarily want everyone to see, tuck it into an envelope or pocket on your layout.

  25. Stephanie says

    I always think about what I want to write before I start a page or mini album. That way I know there will be enough room for what I want to write.

    eggison at gmail dot com

  26. Peg says

    My journaling tip is to just do it. I went back recently and looked at some albums I completed more than a decade ago. I didn’t care one bit about the ‘decor’ of the pages but I read almost every word of the journaling. Our memories fade and nothing will help more than a few words on the page. Don’t get caught up in “all or none”…just do something. You’ll thank yourself later! πŸ™‚

  27. Vicki says

    I journal on every layout. Sometimes only the name and date because the rest is obvious, sometimes I tell the whole story, usually somewhere in between. Love the idea of hidden journaling so I can tell more without overtaking the pictures.

  28. Christi says

    I keep a notebook with me at all times for journal. I can jot down notes durning the day and then when its time for a layout I go back through my notebook for some inspiration.

  29. sclugo says

    My tip is to jot down the memory or thought when it is fresh in your mind. Keep a small notebook nearby. This helps me because I find that I tend to forget the little things i wanted to say once I actually get down to journaling on my layouts. Especially when the layout is down months later.

  30. My tip was in the post today: To use a quote/song lyric. It’s a quick way to get the juices flowing!

  31. I write my journaling down in pencil first to make sure I have enough room in the place I’ve decided to put journaling. I also don’t think too much about what I’m going to write. I just write. If I focus too much on what would be PERFECT, I won’t get it done.

  32. Lisa C. says

    I like to keep a small notebook in my purse so I can write down what’s happening and not forget. And I try not to stress over journaling. thanks!!

  33. Kerry says

    I am not very good about doing a lot of journaling on my pages so all your tips and insight from other scrapbookers has been so inspiring! So, my best tip is just to at least get the date and event written down on your page. Also if you don’t like your handwriting much you can always create a little pocket to include some hidden journaling on your page.

  34. Tab says

    I’m a big fan of writing in lists. Simple bullets, little facts, the 5 Ws.

  35. Lillian says

    I have an ongoing Word document that is the date and story behind all my photos. When I download my camera, I update the document for those photos. Then when I’m ready to scrapbook them I already have a starting point for the journaling.

  36. Dina says

    Journal the way you speak. That will make it truly…you! No need to be fancy.

  37. I really love collecting comic strips that exactly relate to what I have experienced. Sometimes a strip can make the comment much better than I. And they are just fun to add to a page! (and fun to collect)

  38. Melanie says

    I like to journal in list form … much easier, less stressful and more the way I talk in real life.

  39. Traci says

    I have a rough time with journaling! Thank you so much for putting this all together, it has been very helpful! πŸ™‚

  40. perezmom says

    I try to journal on every page. My four year old gets the scrapbooks out and she says tell me the story Mama. I need to journal so I CAN tell her the story. But I know that my journaling needs to better and more so I have thouroughly enjoyed this journaling class!

  41. Scrappyjo says

    I love to write around the edge of pictures or the edge of the cardstock.

  42. April says

    How COOL!! My favorite journaling tip is to write like you’re talking to a friend. The stories flow much more easily and when you’re done, you’ll feel great!! πŸ˜‰
    – April W

  43. Cat says

    Another awesome giveaway. I would love to have all those journaling spots on a handy clip it up.

    I always try to include some journaling whether hidden or on a journaling spot.


  44. my fav tip is to just start writing – you’d be surprised at how easy it really is

  45. lindsalita says

    I have made pages with a title and labeled who is in the photos. If you talk to me I can tell you a 10 hour story about what was happening, how I felt, how I feel about it now, etc. I am lovin’ this class to help me break the mold and write ‘my story’ down! Who cares about the terrible photo or not perfectly designed layout, the story is all that matters. Thank you this class has been so inspiring!

  46. Journaling… just do it soon before you forget the details that make the story important!

  47. Denise says

    My new favorite tip for my friends would be to head over here and check out all these awesome tips you have shared with us these two weeks! I think most people struggle w/ journaling on their layouts. Thanks for all the cool inspiration and tips :))

  48. Erika M. says

    I keep a notebook with me at all times so I can write down stories or things that family members say so I can go back and refer to it to help me journal.

  49. The best tip I can give is to always be on the lookout for statements, quotes or saying that can work for journaling prompts. I usually write them down on a slip of paper and put them into a GINORMOUS brady snifter I have. When I need an idea, I just pull one out.

    This is an organizational item that I have been hungry for since I first saw them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Kelly Sas says

    This has been so helpful as I struggle with journaling. Thank you! Because I struggle, my tip really isn’t that special… I have a spell check thing that looks like a calculator and also a thesaurus at my craft desk… one less block then for me when journaling.

  51. Jennifer says

    The best thing I do is keep a notebook handy at all times to jot down thoughts, ideas, and silly quotes from my kiddos. And, can I just say I have been eyeballing the Clip-It for weeks now and would LOVE to win one filled with Elle’s Studio goodness!! Thanks for the chance:)

  52. ReNi says

    Thanks for those tips! I’m scribbling down my ideas etc. in a small journaling book and have it nearby nearly all the time..
    Thanks for the chance on such a great giveaway!

  53. Tina says

    I like to write all of our family events on a calendar. That way I can go back and fill in the blanks if I forget anything from a photo.
    Thanks for the journaling tips…it has been fun!

  54. jennifer says

    I find my blog really helpful for recording thoughts about photos, as I usually post them the day after the event so I can still remember lots about it. Then, when I go to scrap the page months later, I can look back on my blog to see what I had to say about the photo at the time!

    I also always try to remember to make it personal. I often might start my journaling with something generic like ‘we went for a walk to so-and-so’, and then I make sure to add something more unique, a memory about something someone said or did that was particular to that day. That’s what will bring special memories when you look back on the page in years to come.

    Thanks for the chance to win! x

  55. Sara says

    I always think about what I want remembered about the event or person 10-15 years from now. I also keep a small journal where I jot down notes to refer back to once I get to the layout.

  56. BJ says

    If I know I’m just printing it to take to a crop I’ll number the back of the photo and in a little note book I’ll write the date of the photo…so I have it for later.

  57. I journal on all my layouts regardless. I have almost always done hand written journaling and the best tip I ever received was to draw light pencil lines; journal; allow ink to dry; then erase. Perfectly straight lines every time!

  58. Deborah says

    These tips have really given me some things to think about.

  59. Journaling is so hard for me because I’m so far behind and I tend to forget everything. I try to write down funny things, memories, etc. on little pieces of paper and stick them in a basket. When I scrapbook, I go through the basket to see of there are any quotes written down for that particular thing I’m scrapbooking.

  60. Jen says

    The best way for me to journal is just to start writing, without thinking about it too much. That way I don’t stress about getting out the “perfect” story.

  61. Zeffy says

    I love to journal round the edges of my L.O.I turn the page as i go…this decorates the page and the journaling is almost private because not everybody goes to the effort to read around the edges of the page…..there is also lots of space to write on!

  62. jeswel says

    These are good tips. I scrap a lot to give gifts to others & struggle with the journaling. I think these will help.

    Oh my goodness. I’ve wanted one of those for so long!

  63. Stacey says

    I keep a seperate journal for thoughts and events and when I journal on my pages I pull alot of it from there. That way I never forget anything.

  64. Lissa says

    I love to journal my favorite memory about the photo whether it be my family or an object.I’m also learning to enjoy my handwriting(it’s terrible)but something I’ve learned from this journaling class it that when I’m gone that’s a part of me that my children will have.

  65. Kim says

    My tip is to us a quiz, survey, or checklist. I like to print it out from the computer and then have the answers in the handwriting of the person answering. You can make up the quiz/survey/checklist yourself or use one that someone else has created. I like to collect them as I see them in magazines or online, so I have a stash of them to draw on.

  66. Janelle says

    journal after you create your layout…don’t save it for later…it will never get done.

  67. Jana says

    I journal on every layout too. If I don’t feel like I want it on the page for everyone to read, I include it on the back. It’s a little bonus for the owner of the scrapbook. I also journal about random things using pictures of my children – like my daughter’s love of tigers using a really cute picture of her at the zoo, instead of scrapbooking about going to the zoo.

  68. Ann says

    Journaling is the hardest part for me, besides the lack of artistic imagination. I’ve been following the class and getting some good ideas. Would love to win the clip rack.

  69. That’s a good giveaway! When I’m stuck, I usually just start by painting a color on the page, that usually gets me going!

  70. LaMaMaLa says

    For me, my best tip for myself is always leave extra room! I always end up remembering later a small detail I want to add…so i usually make sure there’s somewhere extra for me to journal on if need be.

  71. karin says

    When journaling about spending time with others I like to include some comments that speak about our friendship, their traditions or recipes for example.

  72. I hate my handwriting so I journal on all pages usually using the computer. I want to start journaling by hand so my kids have my handwriting to look back on versus the computer fonts!

    Thanks for this chance to win!

  73. Rusha says

    I know there’s always a reason I choose a specific picture. For me, Scrapbooking is like meditation – it calms the mind and gives it a focus. Usually while I’m working on a page my mind answers the question as to why I chose this particular picture to represent an event or moment in time. My journaling comes from that reason.

  74. Lara says

    Journaling to me, is just as important as the photos. Without at least a little journaling, you may not know what you’re looking at in a few years, lol! I mostly hand write my journaling, but not directly on my page…too chicken! I like to cut journaling strips, then ink them. This way if I do make a mistake, I just get a new strip. Lord knows I have enough paper!! I love hidden journaling too, in cute envelopes. Elles journaling tags are perfect too, I use lots of them!! (Not kissing up here, it’s true!!)

  75. debbiefitz says

    If you are a blogger, you can look back to help you remember details about the pictures. I also like to think about how much I want to say so that my page design allows enough space.

  76. TinaM says

    I have started to have an easier time with my journaling now that I have given myself permission to only scrapbook those photos and stories that are truly important to me and not just because “I have to scrapbook these *** photos before I move on to something else”.

  77. My favorite journaling tip goes along with my mother’s favorite piece of advice – “This too shall pass.” Everything changes – all of the moments in our lives pass by – the good moments and the bad. So write them down! It doesn’t matter how you write them – list form or novel. Just write them down. They will pass by so quickly…I haven’t had the time or space to scrapbook any actual layouts in some time, but I do try to keep a journal with my thoughts and details. I especially try to jot down a few thoughts in my journal when I take pictures. (Why did I take that particular picture? What was I feeling? etc.) Just yesterday, I was taking pictures of my 2-year-old crying. Years from now, I might forget or she might ask me why I was doing that. Was I such a horrible mother? The fact was that she was fine as long as she could see the picture of herself in the LCD screen, but the second her picture went away and it went back to camera mode, she cried and wanted another picture, and she kept crying until I would take another picture of her. After taking a few pictures, I finally just left it on Review mode until she was satisfied. If I don’t write this down now, I may very well forget…I think I will go journal some right now! (Can you tell, I’m more of a “novel-length” journal-writer?)

  78. JPScraps says

    I sometime make noted in the photo’s comment section

  79. Wendy says

    My journaling tip? I always use some part of a song. Of course I include the basic info but while I am working on a layout, a song always pops into my head.

  80. Janet Z says

    I like to journal a little something on each page. If there isn’t room I can go into more detail on the backside of my layout.

  81. I keep my Journalling spots and tags in a little bucket at the very front and center of my craft supplies. It’s a little reminder to me to grab one first and make sure I find a home for it on my page.

    Great tips everyone.

  82. I usually tag each photo, and when I do that, I also type in a brief comment about the photo that I want to remember.

  83. Carol says

    My tip is, don’t put off your journaling. Do it as soon as the LO is done. I have LO’s from a couple years ago that I did not put journaling on Yet! I have learned a lot from this class.
    Thanks so much.

  84. tape says

    I tweet every day. Just a little record of that day. It’s easy to copy & paste onto layouts and if I want to write longer journaling, it’s a great reminder of what happened that I can then expand.

  85. Dawn says

    When I journal I always choose the simple details or info for the actual page where everyone sees it.
    Then I flip over the layout and write everything else I want to say or document. Sometimes I add fold out accordion cards or pockets tucked in.

  86. sophie says

    hi!!!! thank you again for these greqt classes!! i use a lot of journaling and especiqlly lists and quotes from my kids. I also like to write as if i were speaking to them!!!

  87. Mia says

    my best ip is to have a notebookwith you at all times, and write when you think of it πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chanceto win! πŸ™‚

  88. Christy says

    I love my journaling stamps to make my own journal cards. I don’t use them on all my l/os, sometimes I just write around the pic or an embellishment.

  89. Melanie says

    my favorite tip is definitely making a list. I am making lists all the time anyway, so it comes much more naturally and it’s much easier for me to organize my thoughts that way.

  90. I have always hated the journaling part – the doing not the result – and I usually procrastinated in doing so. i would end up with all these pages done except for journaling. And then….I learned to accept my stream of consciousness type of journaling . So my tip is to accept the way you write and see the beauty of it…stop judging yourself!

  91. Btrflywmn says

    I’m new at journaling and have really enjoyed all the tips. I just try to keep my thoughts in a journal so it makes it easier for me when making my pages

  92. Lesa says

    I struggle with journaling so these tips are really helpful-Thanks!

  93. vegetablog says

    Write notes to myself as close to the time something happened as possible, and to keep those notes with the photos so that I can scrap them whenever I want without fear of losing the memories.

  94. Marti says

    I always have a little notebook on hand so that I can jot down the memories right away. The older I get (and with little ones draining my energy!) I find my memory does not always work as well as I would like it to. Having the notebook saves me! Thank you for a chance to win!

  95. monkeymanm says

    I journal maybe 50% of the time. Sometimes, I feel so stuck that it seems better to just leave off the journaling than to ome back be unhappy. If I leave it off, I can always add it later when I feel better inspired

  96. I tend to always journal on a layout, whether it long or short depends on my mood or even the picture. I always try to know what I am going to journal so I know how much room to leave for journaling on the page.
    Everyone has some great tips! Thanks for the chance to win!

  97. I like carrying around a tiny spiral notepad & Sharpie pen with me everywhere so that I write down what I want to remember immediately…especially after i’ve taken a photo! Once I sit down to scrap the photo I can just rip the page out or re-write it on a journaling tag!

  98. {VICKI} says

    I use quotes alot, I also do list journaling alot but almost always I use my own handwriting.

  99. Jenny says

    I journal on every single layout. The times when I get stuck with journaling, I walk away and leave the layout alone for a couple of days. When I see the layout again, it immediately brings up some thoughts (ie – that was a fun day because…; I love this picture because…). And then I quickley jot down whatever I was thinking or whatever feelings the layout provoked in me. I now have my journaling down for the layout πŸ™‚

  100. Elizabeth says

    Even if I am journaling by hand, I always type my journaling out on the computer first. I can easily make changes and I can use spell check as I am a terrible speller.

  101. Suz says

    I journal on every layout – it really brings life to the photo. The stories are so important and now that my boys are older that truth has been reinforced by looking back at pages and being reminded of the little everyday moments and memories that are so easily forgotten.

    I keep my journaling spots nearby. I’m also a handwritten journaler so it gives me no excuses about not being near computer… don’t fret about your handwriting or what you are writing – do it from the heart that is what is important and what your family will treasure in the future… sorry for the longwindedness it’s a topic i’m passionate about can you tell lol

  102. Jennifer says

    My favorite journaling tip is to write how you speak, don’t worry about spelling everything correctly and using proper grammer, etc.

  103. My tip: don’t feel like you always have to have journaling on a page..sometimes the title & photo say it all!

  104. Meg says

    Great journaling tips! Sometimes I ask my kids to help with journaling. I like the details they see that I might have missed.

  105. What’s a scrapbook without journaling? πŸ™‚ I used to hate journaling in my own handwriting until one day when I decided I’d do anything to have my granmother’s or great-grandmother’s handwriting on something. Now I use mostly my own (not so attractive) handwriting. Sure, it’s not perfect; but it’s me. And I want my kids to have that little piece of me with them always πŸ™‚

  106. Nicole W. says

    I always leave my journaling until the end. I like to look at my layout and then use the journaling to explain the “story” behind it.

  107. Canay says

    When I digital scrapbook, I like to journal on the computer in a font of my own handwriting. I combine digital and paper pages in the same album so having my digital pages use a font in my own handwriting gives some consistency to the journaling throughout the album.

  108. Jenell says

    My favorite journaling tip is the who-what-where-how-why process.

  109. I started to journal thoughts and feelings as opposed to places and things. It makes my LOs so much more meaningful. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  110. ShellyDee says

    I have a journaling “journal” where I jot down little tibits about things as they happen or cute and funny things my twins say. It’s a great reference for journaling when it comes time to put the words on the paper of my layouts.

  111. Karen says

    I love to just make a list for my journalling…list of nouns or adjectives usually.

  112. Nancy says

    I am loving this series finding it very helpful.

    I tend to write my journalling as if describing the event to someone else, I have recently just started to embrace my own hand writing.

    I am going to take away the idea of doing lists on my LO’s

  113. Daniela says

    I love to keep a little notebook in my purse or several around the house to write things down!

  114. Heidi Y says

    I really enjoyed all these journaling tips – especially the one where you suggested to keep journaling papers/tags easily available. I’ll start keeping them nearby with some nice pens!!

  115. scarthur says

    I {try} to keep an updated journal on the computer {updated everyday, in theory}. This way, when I am working on a layout that was a few years ago, I can go to that “day” that is written already and remember exactly what was happening. This way, I never forget the story – even if it is a day, month or year later! And if I never scrap it, I have a written account of “daily” happenings for each child to enjoy one day when they are older.

  116. Susan says

    I really like list-style journaling. It helps me pinpoint the important memories without taking up too much space and sometimes it’s the easiest way to get words on paper.

  117. Lauren says

    More great advice and yet another awesome giveaway!

    I journal on every. single. page. I feel like it’s a waste of time effort and money if I don’t. Which is silly of course, so on the agenda, is to create a page withOUT journaling! LOL

    That said, being a story teller at heart, I have been LOVING this series! Thanks!

  118. Sarah K says

    Just started “telling the story” did a lot of documentory type scrapbooking. I carry a moleskine every where and jot the stories I want to remember. I am in love with Elle’s studio as the journaling card are the perfect size as a ton of journaling can be a turn off to some.

  119. Melanie says

    What a great list! And the clip-it up is so cool πŸ™‚

    My favorite tip is to write out my journaling before I make the page. That way I’m not tired, or limited by space. And my journaling isn’t pressured to be a certain way so it fits the layout.

  120. When I get really stuck with how to get started with some journalling, I get a piece of scrap paper and just start writing without worrying if it makes sense. Then I read through it and usually I can just change the order a bit to make it just right or the right opening sentence seems to flow more easily.

  121. Joli says

    Not sure if this is a tip or not, but every year on the first day of school I have my kids write their names on some scrapbook paper to add their scrapbook page. This year I may have my son write a little more since he is starting 2nd grade.

  122. I usually journal in my note book, which is always in my handbag. Helps me to remember, where, when, who, why and what. Thanks for this class – so inspiring, and thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Don’t be afraid of your handwriting! I don’t like mine, but like that it will be there for my kids later.

  124. I have a spiral notebook I keep with me all the time (almost all the time) and I try to remember to write down the things that my girls say in there and date it. That way I hopefully don’t miss anything.

  125. Deb says

    I love to cut my journaling up into strips and adhere them on the LO where they’ll fit.

  126. Marsaille says

    Sometimes I like to keep to the simple facts and come back much much later. My remembrances of a family reunion ten years later make for interesting journaling. I make sure to date it!

  127. I try to get my husband’s memories when I’m scrapping for my daughter’s book. I want her to know his thoughts, too.

  128. Deiga says

    I keep a daily journal anyway, so it’s pretty easy to just look back at my journal to find the story for the layout… I suggest keeping little notebooks everywhere or send yourself a text especially when one of your kids or grandkids say something so cute!

  129. Cynthia B. says

    My advice is to write it down! Memories can be fleeting, and I’m not talking only about names and dates…stories of things that happened, things that are moments to remember…these are items that you should record in a journal, or even just a Word doc or file. It will be great ammo for future pages or projects!

  130. Henriette says

    I normally journal my feelings, thoughts and memories on my layouts. Sometimes it doesn’t fit with the picture I have on hand, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is getting the story told!

  131. I often write on the back of photos, so that when I come to journal later,I have something already written to ‘jump start’ it.

  132. LeAnne says

    If I’m not sure what I want to journal about a page, I’ll jot down notes while I’m working on it about what I remember or thoughts on it and usually will have an idea pop up that I want to use.
    Love tags! Thanks for the chance to win.

  133. I have found keeping a journal and writing things down right away (like funny things my boys say or layout ideas) has really helped me. Now I actually enjoy journaling and love looking back at my journaling on layouts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. Cathy H. says

    I think the best tip I’ve had lately is to journal more with my feelings and thoughts than with just the facts. I’m really working on this as I journal on my pages. Thanks so much for your tips!!

  135. Jen says

    Usually what I want to say is percolating in my mind while I work on the page and the photos jog memories. Sometimes, I have stories written down already and pair it with a random “cute kid” photo (the photo is random, not the kid!). When all else fails, pretend someone is looking at the LO with me – what would I say to them about the photos. There is some reason I scrapped them in the first place, so just explain it!

  136. Yolanda says

    I try and get the kids to write a few words about what they were doign in the particular photo.

  137. Nitasha says

    These tips are fab! And what a cute way to display all of those cute Elle’s Studio tags!
    My favorite journaling tip is to keep a small notebook with me at all times to jot down quotes, convos w/ my kiddos, and other little bits and pieces of life. It really does come in handy to refer back to my notes when I finally sit down to scrap.

  138. Cowgirlpal says

    Just do it! Even just a couple of words will help recall memories when you have more time. Also it doesn’t have to be perfect; this is the hardest one for me.

  139. Diana says

    I like the tip about asking the kiddos to do their own journaling in their own words.

  140. I tend to look at the who, what, where and why…but focus on the feeling the picture evokes. Why is this so important that I’m scrapping it. Some of my journaling is brief and other times, well, it can ramble. Just depends on the pic but I really want the focus on the emotion. Most photos we can figure out the era and the person, more than likely the place, but the emotion…that is something that needs to be shared.


  141. Olivia says

    I make a note of title ideas & journaling as they come into my head, then when I sit down to scrapbook I search for a photo that will fit the title & story.

  142. Sometimes I like to write my journalling addressed to myself, where I will tell myself things to do, or try to remind myself of things.

  143. Stephanie says

    I believe in rough drafts! Write it out first on a scratch sheet so you can get your wording & size/spacing correct πŸ™‚

  144. Donna says

    I try to write from the heart or capture something that isn’t evident in the photos.

  145. I ALWAYS write it out on scrap paper first. sometimes the way the letters bump into each other (the descending and ascending letters like g or d) can mess things up. and i don’t like spelling mistakes, so it’s like a dry run.

  146. Pammejo says

    I like to journal what was on my heart the moment I took my photo

  147. my favourite tip is if I don’t want to “mess up” my layout with my terrible handwriting I just write everything on the back of the layout. That way I have all the details and the front of the layout still stays pretty πŸ˜‰

  148. Hope says

    The best tip I received (before I started this class of course!) was to write my journaling directly to the person or people I was making the page about or for the person I imagined viewing the page one day. I have started to write directly to my children and the sweetness that develops is just priceless. Today I get to see them smile when they read it and then I picture them reading it years from now and just smile more!

  149. Gloria says

    I love to journal on my pages, I usually keep a couple of journals in reach where I right down any ideas, memories, emotions that can be used later on my pages…thanks for the great giveawaya and the chance to win:)

  150. Tanya says

    I love using song lyrics! My tip: Practice writing it out on another paper first!

  151. judean says

    When I scrap pages for my kids, I address my journaling to them. I think it will be really cool for them to look back at these photos of their life and “hear” me speaking to them.

  152. buttel4him says

    I loved the suggestion given,to imagine how you would journal this moment,this moment being wherever you are right now.It is a great practice exercise.-ginger

  153. buttel4him says

    I loved the suggestion given,to imagine how you would journal this moment,this moment being wherever you are right now.It is a great practice exercise.-ginger

  154. I usually journal right on the page with just a few written words. I’m loving these different ideas.

  155. Jimjams says

    I journal on a lot of LOs because I know from experience that the memory that is so fresh in my head and heart today will have faded badly in ten or twenty years time. I always include the date, people and place names plus at least a sentence or two about the subject – hopefully that will not only trigger my memory in future years, but explain more for future generations.

  156. Journaling is the best part! Would love to win some great Elle’s tags! πŸ™‚

  157. basketcase says

    I always journal. Even if it is just putting names by pictures and a date in the corner. And I almost always use my own handwriting. I don’t like it, but I know I will be happy I used it later!!

  158. Melissa says

    wow another awesome give away and article on journaling. I am learning so much

  159. My journaling tip is when you get the pictures printed write what was going on with those events on an index card and keep with the pictures or in the CM Software I use there is a spot you can journal with your photo so you don’t forget the story.

  160. Shelley says

    I keep notebooks handy to jot thoughts and things people say as they happen, then I have material ready when I scrapbook (assuming I can find them!)

  161. Paula says

    This may sound crazy, sometimes while I’m driving journaling ideas will pop in my head … snippets of conversations, song lyrics playing on the radio – all sorts of stuff. So I call myself and leave a VMS, then transcribe it later on. Works for me!!

  162. I love the tip I once heard, to journal as if you were telling the story behind the photo to someone else. Always works for me!!!

  163. Tracey says

    After my page is completed I jot down in point form the things I want to cover in my journaling, then write it out in sentences. I rarely use the computer for text, I prefer my own handwriting or printing>

  164. Deb Long says

    My favorite journaling tip is to just do it! And whatever you do, don’t put your LO away and think you’ll journal later – if you’re like me, you’ll never go back and do it!!!

  165. Brooke says

    I think that my best tip is to journal at the time, or shortly after. Leaving the journaling too long means you are no longer in the moment and you are now looking at things differently. I find the words come much easier at the time.

    Look at that cute Clip it up! Thanks for the chance.

  166. I come at journaling from different directions — sometimes I have a story to tell and the journaling is key to the layout and the photo is complementary; others the photo is key and the journaling complimentary. I seldom do a layout without journaling.

  167. sucor says

    My favorite journaling tip is to write as if I was talking,telling someone the story about the photos. I too, keep a notebook handy, it’s too easy to forget details.

  168. Beth says

    ooo clip-its! great idea!
    in my journaling, I like to remember funny sayings or quotes from the moment.

  169. chene says

    I keep a mini-notepad in my scrap tote that I use to draft and revise my journaling. This way, I can edit and make sure the length is good right then. If I wait to journal it may never actually happen.

  170. Tani says

    I love to use phrases cut on strips – then I can use my journal strips as part of the design…The phrases I use are the words that first pop into my mind when I see the picture – Then I can explain myself in a sentence or two on a journal card. “Voice” is a writing element we look for in good writing- so I try to make sure it sounds like me.

  171. Michelle says

    I just write. I don’t stress to much about what I write, I just get it all down. It’s better than nothing!

  172. Heather says

    I don’t always journal.. but if I do it’s always the moments I want to remember and know I might forget.

  173. Sharolyn says

    I always think I”ll remember, but don’t…so my most important tip is to keep a note book handy with details, details, details!

  174. Chris says

    My tip is just to write. Yes, I have a general idea in my head of specific things I want covered in my journaling, but when it all comes down to it…I just write. Sometimes out of order, sometimes I have to add info on the back of the layout because I ran out of room on the front. But that’s OK.

  175. RNBsmom says

    I find it easy to get something down on paper if I pretend I am talking to someone – either telling them a story or in a conversation.

  176. grandmaq says

    I love to journal the facebook entry that show up from my daughter concerning the grandkids! It is fun to look back and see how they have grown!

  177. quilter says

    I just finished a Disney trip scrapbook and did some journaling around the outside of a couple of the pages, and around two or 3 pictures on other pages. This was new to me, but I liked the way it dressed up the page.

  178. Bonnie says

    My favorite journaling tip is to think of what I wish for the person in the photo…telling them how I feel about them through my heart’s deepest desire for them. This usually connects me to my emotions, which I believe is the very best sort of journaling! What an amazing give away. Fingers crossed and thank you for the amazing journal workshop! XOXO

  179. Often I will study a LO right before going to bed. When I wake up in the morning I usually know just what I want to say.

  180. laury55 says

    thanks for the opportunity to in this great giveaway…I am not good at journaling but I’ve learnt great tips through your blog, I usually try to write down ideas or memories in a small notebook

  181. thanks again for an opportunity to win a freebie LOL…my journalling tip is KISS…Keep It Simple and SMile…I find if it simple and in my own handwriting, people smile more than if its long and/or on the puter…they want to read the ‘bottom line’ not a novel LOL
    {happy journals all} xxx

  182. I am not the best at journalling, so I love the tips!

  183. Gail L says

    Great giveaway! So I remember the details when it comes time to scrapbook the photos, I always jot little notes in my diary/planner which is always with me!

  184. kathy jo says

    Favorite tip: Jusst write. No matter what you write it will be great.

  185. Sarah C says

    What great ideas. I often write as if I’m either talking to the person/people in the photos or as if I’m telling the story to someone in the room with me (narrative journalling. If I want to write something really personal, I’ll hide the journalling as I did in the LO of my late Nan (6th LO down on this post). Journalling’s hidden behind the photograph and you pull the flowers on the left to find it.

  186. kathy jo says

    Favorite tip: Just write! Anything that you write will be great. No one is judging the content, spelling or anything else.

  187. amandae says

    love this class. i journal on most layouts, but i love all the ideas here.

    Amanda Engweiler

  188. KarenB says

    What a fab giveaway!! I keep a scrap journal of funny things that my daughter says, and I use her quotes in my journalling or title.

  189. M says

    Journaling has always been hard for me in the past I didn’t journal on a lot of my layouts.

    Now I try to make sure I put as much as I can remember about the event or just what it is about the person/place that I love.

    Having photos from long ago that still need to be scrapbooked with some of the details forgotten has pushed me to try much harder to document NOW.

    I have a journal that I try to write in every night anything I want to remember about that day so I can refer back to it later.

  190. Veronica says

    I keep a dated planner on my desk so I can write down little snippets to remember something that happened on a specific day. When I get ready to make a layout, I can go to my planner and there is my reminder of what happened on that occasion.

  191. "Girl" says

    My favorite tip is do not put the layout away until the journaling is done. –if not, you may end up with a mile high stack of unfinished pages waiting. If I push myself to “get it done”, I have the joy in putting a new page in my album.

  192. Wow! What a great prize! My favorite journaling tip is to just do it, don’t judge what you write at the time. After a few years, I always enjoy reading my journaling no matter what it says.

  193. I journal and just write from the heart. All it takes to begin is just one or two words and then it just flows! Suzie

  194. Lorelle says

    I don’t really have a favorite tip, but I do know that I stress about it when I sit down to actually journal & change my mind ~ A LOT!! SO I try to remember what I thought as the photo happened or try to jot it down somewhere … then it reminds me much more of that moment πŸ™‚

  195. Rachel says

    I’m not sure if this is a tip, especially since I am horrible about getting journaling on my layouts as I leave it to last.

    But I have noticed that if I create a layout about something I blogged about I just take the words directly from my blog post and voila. Page is done. I already have it written down and when I blog I somehow don’t feel the same pressure to say something spectacular as I do when coming up with journaling for my pages.

  196. Keshka says

    my favorite tip is to just journal the first thing that comes into your mind–stream of consciousness is an easy way to journal, and a great way to record your genuine feelings about a photo. And great giveaway, by the way!

  197. Lydia says

    I try to journal on all my layouts but sometimes find the right words to use. I usually stick to the 5 W’s but sometimes I want to add more. Thank you for the many tips and different perspectives on journaling. This has really helped me think of journally in a totally different light!

  198. Darlene S. says

    I have been coveting a Clip-It-Up for a long time! Thanks so much for the chance, I’ll blog about this giveaway tomorrow! πŸ™‚

  199. I often write on the back about what on that particular day prompted me to make that page I think its an extra bounus into my insights of that day.

  200. Thinkie says

    I keep a daily journal, sometimes I just write a few things down about our day, sometimes, especially during a trip, I write a lot. Afterwards I can use that as a starting point for a draft for the scrapbookpages I create. And I don’t feel like I have to do a lot of journalling on my scrapbookpages because it’s already documented elsewhere.
    This saves me so much stress; if I can’t keep up scrapping my photo’s, I don’t have to be afraid to forget what happened. And because I don’t HAVE to include journalling on my scrapbookpages, I feel much more free to just improvise or give it a different twist than the 5 w’s.

  201. Melanie says

    I handwrite 99% of my journaling…it’s quick and I love the handmade look!

  202. Wow, a clip it up!
    My fav journaling tip is to write al the extra details on the back of the layout…especially since I don’t like my handwriting or the way I word things

  203. Wow, a clip it up!
    My fav journaling tip is to write al the extra details on the back of the layout…especially since I don’t like my handwriting or the way I word things

  204. Olivia says

    I can’t say that I really have something new to share, but I always feel that journaling Something is important. I usually write how I felt during this moment in the photo, or have my husband give me thoughts on his experience.

  205. Awesome giveaway! My tip is to journal around a design element.

  206. Ashley says

    I have found using the computer to do my journaling makes it less intimidating than handwriting directly on the page- that way, if you don’t like the way it looks, you can actually fix it!

  207. I usually journal as if I was telling the story to to someone in person.

  208. Amy Coose says

    My fave journaling tips are to just write what you feel and don’t worry about what other’s will think about it. Another fave tip of mine, is to write in pencil first..just to make sure it fits, which I learned about the hard way, LOL!

  209. Alisha says

    I love to journal and I love journalling tags. I would love to win this prize, thank you for the opportunity. I am totally loving this journalling series, thank you all!

  210. Jess says

    My tip would to treat yourself to some products that make journaling easier, like tags, because you will journal more and as a result will be happier with your LOs for years to come. Its worth the extra money.

  211. I am using MacJournal tying to write each night about some of the things that have happened during the day. I also use iphoto’s note feature if when I am uploading I think of something to go with the photo. I am basically trying to write it down when it is fresh or the thoughts are remembered otherwise it will be forgotten.

  212. lana says

    I sometimes (most of the time) leave my journaling until later, and then I don’t always go back to it. I was super stoked to see you offering this awesome information on journal, it has totally inspired me.

  213. Angela says

    I just have to make myself journal right then. If I put it off, I will most likely not go back and do it.

  214. Kelly says

    When I’m at a loss journaling wise, I’ll go to my blog and see if I wrote anything about that detail, event, ect and use that as inspiration.

  215. amyp says

    I always journal on my pages, sometimes it is typed but more often here lately it has been in my handwriting. I write until I feel it is enough and until my story is told. Sometimes it is a few words but today my journaling for a layout I plan to complete was 3 pages, this I plan to put into a pocket on my layout to hide it because it is personal feelings and it is not something that I want just anyone to read.

  216. Dyna says

    I usually journal on my layouts. I
    journal first (usually on tags, layout, strips of paper either handwritten or typed). My creative juices usually begin to flow while I’m journalling. When I journal I try to summarize the photo/moment in a couple of sentences(sometimes it’s difficult to do). I get inspired reading everyone’s tips. Thanks:)

  217. NanaBeth says

    None of my tips would be very original. I’ve learned most of them here. This has really been a great experience. Thank you.

  218. Heidi says

    I couldn’t live w/o my “Quote/Unquote” book series…I go to them often. And nothing beats finding the perfect journaling idea in a favorite song.

  219. mel says

    I like to journal exactly how my kids say it or spell it how they would – My eldest has always called his grandad Gayz _ no my dad’s name is not garry and yes my son can say grandad and when talking about my Dad he does just that but when his talking to my dad it’s always Gayz and now my youngest ahs followed the trend – this may change and in years to come they will probably call him something else but Ihave it down on papr and I have it written how they have said it…it’s not always about the where, when, why sometimes the story is so much more

    thansk for the chance Melxxxx

  220. rose says

    i must confess that i didn’t always journal, but i’ve been really inspired by this series to do it more often. when i do, i ALWAYS practice on another piece of paper first, mostly to perfect what i wanna say and also to make sure the spacing works (i trace my journal tag on the other piece of paper)

  221. amy lapi says

    just write. don’t think, don’t plan, don’t erase. just write.

  222. Marcy says

    If I’m not using the 5 W’s then I’ll use prompts, like, I remember… You… Today we… This day…

  223. Ericka says

    I am a bad journaller, but your ideas are helping me figure out what to do. Thank you!

  224. I make notes on my calendar or on a couple of notepads I keep handy for journaling inspiration.

  225. Joule says

    The only thing that has made me consistently journal in my scrapbooking is to write down my thoughts *as soon as I think them* — whether it’s to find a piece of paper to jot down why I chose to take a particular photo, or to catalogue my feelings about the day when it was done, I have never been very successful trying to remember later, “Oh… what was I trying to say here?” It never comes out as genuine either.

    To help, I always carry around a small notebook or at least a few scraps of paper with me everywhere, so that I can write notes to myself — I often rewrite journaling bits to fit a layout anyway, so at least when I do it that way I’m not too distracted by thinking, “Oh, is this going to fit on the page? What color pen should I use? Should I try a different handwriting style?” and I can just allow the pure, unfiltered thoughts flow to the page. There’s always later to edit and redesign anyway.

  226. I write my journaling on a piece of paper before writing it on my layout. This way I can adjust it if I don’t like it and I’m less likely to mess it up when writing it on the page.
    I also write things that my children say or do on the calendar so that I can go back and know the exact date it happened!


  227. I like to decide where my journaling will go before I glue everything down. That way I’m sure I have a space for it and also if it is hidden journaling then I have not glued down the spot when I want to hide it!
    This is a great resource of tips, thanks!

  228. Erin says

    Life is so busy sometimes (umm….sometimes = everyday it seems!) that most importantly to me is to STOP to journal. Write down those thoughts, those funny things my three year old sweetface daughter says…to write down those pertinent to the moment things as they happen – then incorporate whatever you wrote them on into your work….MORE importantly, don’t beat yourself up when you do forget – it happens. : )

  229. Summer says

    It’s weird, but I have to edit down my journaling- I can go on and on how much I love my kids or a story or whatever. I like to tone it down with a list – it gets right to the point!

  230. Uptowncat says

    I have a journaling notebook where I free write my journaling when I have a moment (sometimes before I even have the layout started). That way, when I am ready, I can clean it up and add it – often knowing how much space I need when I start.

  231. Uptowncat says

    I have a journaling notebook where I free write my journaling when I have a moment (sometimes before I even have the layout started). That way, when I am ready, I can clean it up and add it – often knowing how much space I need when I start.

  232. rkokes says

    I type things on my blog and then use them for journaling later.

  233. I always journal in my own handwriting. It makes it very personal and I don’t have to worry about the computer πŸ˜€

  234. I always journal in my own handwriting. It makes it very personal and I don’t have to worry about the computer πŸ˜€

  235. I keep my journalling fairly simple. As silly as this may sound, I always put my kids’ names on the pages. It’s amazing after several years have past, that kids sometimes look very similar.

  236. KateB says

    the tip I use is just to think of the 5 W’s (who, what, where, when and why was this important to me to scrap)…even if it’s not all on front, I try and write a whole page on the back of the layout for my kids to read later!

  237. Cheri says

    I love doing list journaling or run on sentences… Just letting my thoughts flow out. This has been a great class!!!

  238. Shannon says

    Most of my journaling is as if I’m talking to who I’m writing about (i.e. one of my daughters or my family). I feel it’s more personalized and helps my thoughts flow better.

  239. Crystal says

    Once I’ve picked the pictures I want to scrapbook, I write a rough draft of the journaling. Then as I’m gathering the supplies and creating the page, I can ponder what I’ve written and add to it or edit. I think I write more meaningful entries this way and I’m able to incorporate the writing into the page design. I can fit it in instead of running out of room, as often happened before. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

  240. It’s hard for me to journal. Words don’t flow easily for me.
    Lately, I’ve started to just write what I would if I quickly snap a cell phone photo and send it off.
    A short statement in the “just now.”

  241. dawn says

    i have been using twitter/facebook updates as my date/time stamps as things happen. that way i can just go back to them to remember when my son did that funny thing, or said something that cracked me up.

  242. kimberly says

    I have a calendar with a pen in my son and daughters rooms to jot down things they say or special events, or even what we are reading,etc. I use those calendars when I am working on pages or their baby books.

  243. cbee says

    I usually draw lines with a pencil and write my journal in pencil first. So I can easily correct any mistakes.

  244. Becca says

    Always use your own handwriting–at least a little bit–on each layout.

    If you absolutely HATE your penmanship, just sign your name. It’s your legacy.


  245. Leslie says

    My favorite tip is to jot down little details of my day in my calendar each evening before heading to bed πŸ™‚

  246. Debbie P says

    I journal on 95% of my layouts. I like to do my journaling after I’ve completed my layout. That way I’ve spent time with the photos and remembering the memories that go along with them.

  247. Patricia says

    I’m relatively to scrapbooking and the idea of journaling so I’m being very careful not to put too much pressure on myself yet. Just try to tell the story of what was happening in a few sentences and let it go at that. I’m thinking that the more I do this the easier it will get.

  248. I try to journal from the heart. I may tell the story from the photos, but sometimes I just tell a story.

  249. jtgkaiser says

    I take a notebook with me when we travel and keep a journal, trying to write daily. I’m working on our trip cross country in 2007, and it’s amazing how much easier it is to match up the pictures with my journal notes. It also prompts a thought I may not have written down earlier. Thanks for all the Journaling Tips!sugar

  250. CraftyCat says

    My journaling tip is specific to vacations. When traveling I send an email to family and friends about our adventures each day. This is a great way to not only document daily doings but also share our adventure. When we get home I open the emails I sent and wa-la instant journaling!

  251. Geralyn says

    I like to write in pencil first, to make sure I get all the thoughts I want down and to make sure it fits. Then I go over it with pen πŸ™‚ Less mistakes that way!

  252. My best journaling tip is for me to do it first. If I delay the journaling, it simply doesn’t happen. Also, the very act of writing directs me and helps me synthesize my thoughts so I know what is really important… what I really want the LO to focus on.

  253. I jot down notes as soon after the event or moment & keep the notes with the photos, whether printed or digitally in the same folder. Plus I keep memorabilia to help with specific details or if photos are not available.

  254. eunice says

    Journaling has always been a challenge for me – I’m a write in the place and date kind of girl. I’ve found that using quotes helps to get motivated.

  255. S says

    I love to use quotes and song lyrics for part of my journaling, helps to round out the storytelling when I don’t have a lot to say.

  256. Sue D says

    I always write on scrap paper first so I can make changes and make sure it will fit.

  257. Anne says

    My journaling has evolved from stating just the facts (who, what, when, where) to journaling with emotion, or from the heart. I think it’s more meaningful and I find that it sounds/feels more like me. If you practice, it comes more easily. Thanks so much!!

  258. Zoya says

    I just like to remember my feelings at the time that the picture was taken and elaborate on those. I usually have a few sentences on every other page.

  259. Google is grand for so many things! Also have a little notepad I jot things in, a book of quotes for scrappers, song titles are good, and little kids come up with some really insightful sayings.

  260. Deanna says

    After following Ali Edwards Blog for years, I am a believer in getting the story told!

  261. Miss Niki says

    My favorite journaling tip is to write stories, event data, etc. on notecards and store them with the photos then I am never at “a loss for words”! ha!

  262. Haylee says

    my tip would be to just be as consistent as you can. It doesn’t have to be a long entry but just try and do it more often than every few months. πŸ™‚


  263. sojoys says

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  264. I don’t have a journaling tip, because I don’t journal only LOs. This class will helped do so!

  265. Busygirl says

    I just found this. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what FONT it was used in the pdf file? I love it! Would you be so kind to email me the name of the font? I love you!

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