Designer Spotlight: Laurie Rodick

Hello my name is Laurie Rodick. I live in Fredericksburg Virginia. I have six children Jeremy 23, Carley 20, Taylor 16, Jonah 13, Jordan 11 and Mckenzie 8. I have been married to Wayne for 25 years . I work outside my home at a beauty shop as an assistant. I did hair for 18 years, but I gave it up to be home for my kids. As the kids grew up I went back to work to feed everyone, just kidding but the extra money helps. I’m happiest when I’m at home. It’s never really quite or boring, okay maybe when they are sleeping or just not home, lol! I love taking pictures, scrapbooking, and when I have time I love to quilt. My Grandmother and Mom were very crafty and they passed it to my sister and myself.

I love to cook and bake. I’m cooking more healthy now so it has been fun making new things. My daughter Carley loves to cook, too. On most days when she is home from college , you can find us in the kitchen. I love to read, I love to watch ghost hunters and criminal minds. Shemar Moore …. need I say more.
What is your favorite color combo?
I love bright colors, they just make me happy. I think my favorite colors right now are turquoise and orange. Another combo I like is pink and brown.
What is your favorite scrapbooking supply?
My favorite scrapbooking supply …… Do I have to chose one? I have many! I love buttons, patterned paper and every kind of embellishment ! I could go on and on.
Why do you scrapbook and how did you get started?
I scrapbook to document our lives so my kids have something to share with there children. My family has all these picture of our family and we don’t know who they are or any history about them I think that’s sad. I’m sure there were some great stories to be told. My grandfather was quite a character. I wish I would have gotten all his memories before he passed away. I want those things for my kids, so that’s why I do what I do. Besides, I just love it. Everything about it. It is something I do for myself as much as for them.

My sister and I had started stamping and making cards it was a natural progression to go to scrapbooking. I remember going into a local scrapbook store and my sister and I were totally overwhelmed. I remember asking her what do you do with this stuff . We soon caught on and I ended up teaching at a store and then working there too! Since then I have given up teaching and working at the store so I can be here with my family. Being on this design team has been wonderful experience for me! I have made some wonderful friends who are now like my family. I feel really lucky.
Who inspires you?
So many designers inspire me: Nic Howard, Nicole Samuel’s, Cindy Liebel, to name a few. I love Nic’s dimensional layouts they are so beautiful! Nicole’s layouts have all these wonderful details and beautiful photos. When I grow up I want to be Cindy! She is an amazing designer and friend. Cindy is always amazing me with her great ideas, she does beautiful work. Carley say’s “Cindy can pop out six pages in a day,” lol! We will have to put her to the test.

Pictures of my kids inspire me. I love their faces and the funny things they do. I don’t want to forget what they do. The older I get, the more I realize my memory is slipping, lol!
What is your favorite thing about scrapbooking?
I love so many things about scrapbooking. I love working with products,and working out my designs. I love the people I have made friends with just by doing something I love. I have made six more friends just being on this design team. I love that my family loves to look at their scrapbooks. I hope they will remember how much I have loved making them! When you make scrapbooks you are leaving a legacy for future generations. I think that it is important.

Thank you so much, Laurie, for sharing with us today! It was awesome getting to learn more about you and your family. We feel so lucky and blessed to have you apart of our design team! It’s been a great six months!


  1. Melanie says

    Laurie–fun to learn more about you. I love your bright layouts and the way you showcase your kids 🙂

  2. What wonderfu pages Laurie! Great designs and awesome details! Fun scrap space too! 🙂

  3. sophie says

    love your work Laurie! very colorful as i like! and i am amazed by the scrap room !

  4. Keshka says

    Love these profiles! They are so fun!

  5. Anna says

    Great layouts and your space looks so neat and organized!

  6. Amy says

    Love your layouts.
    Love your scrap space – your wall colors, and that huge dry erase board is AMAZING!

  7. Lara says

    I LOVE that calendar!!!!!! There’s no way anyone would forget an appointment with that calendar!!! Awesome!!!

  8. Rosann says

    All i can say is WOOWWWWWWW at that scrap room. Absolutely beautiful and i love the blue and white palette for the room.

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