Design Team Search reminder

Just wanted to remind everyone that this Thursday is the last day to apply to be on our design team!

Big, HUGE thank you to all who have already applied! We’ve got a really, REALLY tough job ahead of us trying to narrow this down 🙂 But, we are excited about it!!

xo, Elle


  1. Elle says

    Hey Nana! We did 🙂 Thank you so much for applying!! xoxo

  2. manuela says

    I’ve applied!!!!!

  3. Jenni says

    good luck everyone!!! 🙂

  4. jaycee0913 says

    I hope all my pictures were all the right size, or at least visible… and Thanks for at least looking at my projects, even if I don’t get picked.

  5. It was my pleasure! xoxoxo …can´t wait for the results! OHG!

  6. Guiseppa says

    Me too! Did you get mine? Good luck everyone!

  7. Elle says

    Hey 🙂 Just checking in tonight!

    Hilde – we did receive yours 🙂 Thank you for applying!!

    Jacinta, the size on the pics are good! Thank you for applying!

    Guiseppa – we received yours, too! Thanks so much!

    Huge thanks to everyone – this is going to be tough!!

  8. Rebecca says

    I haven’t received a notification that my email got bounced or anything, but I am paranoid since I just sent it in this evening, just hoping it got to you 🙂
    Rebecca Keppel

  9. Elle says

    Hi Rebecca! We got yours 🙂 We usually don’t send confirmations, but will plan on doing that next time! Sorry for any confusion!

    Thanks so much for applying!
    xo, Elle

  10. Rosann says

    can’t wait to hear the results. i love your products.

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