Cupcake flags!

Cupcake flags are here!! I’m so excited about these! I was trying to find something really quick and simple to add to the tops of my cupcakes that I’m taking to my friends 4th of July get-together and I couldn’t find anything! Then I decided to make something but I thought that you might want to use them, too!

They are really simple to make and you can print out as many as you need, since it is a digital download file! All you need is the Cupcake Flag file, toothpicks, scissors and glue!

Here’s a little step-by-step of how they come together:

This is how the page will look after you print it out – print as many as you need.

I folded the paper in half before I cut, which made cutting them out super fast!

Now, gather your cut flags and toothpicks…

Lay the toothpick in a tiny bit of glue, the stick it to the inside of the flag. Add more glue around the edges and glue it shut!

Ta da!
Stick it in a cupcake and you’re done! Super simple 🙂

We hope you enjoy this download! Don’t forget, today through Monday it is 30% off when you use coupon code SUNNYDAYS at checkout!


  1. Yummy! Love these little flags! Turns some ordinary ol’ cupcakes into some super fun treats!

  2. Rebecca says

    Those are super cute! I think I will plan on cupcakes for the 4th just so I can use those cute flags!!

  3. Anna says

    Wow, those are really cute. I might just have to get me some!

  4. Chani says

    They are lovely! When I tried to download them, I couldn’t find them though. Are they still available? Thanks!

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