Our First Ever Grab Bag Sale!

We are super excited to announce our very first Grab Bag sale… ever! Here’s a little peek at what the Grab Bags look like:
We decided to have two sizes available: Medium and XLarge! Both sizes contain an amazing amount of items for their price!

What’s in a grab bag? Well… we can’t tell you exactly what’s in them 🙂 But, we can say that they may include journaling tags, stamps, and cut outs! Bags contain newer, semi-old and even some retired and maybe out-of-print items! Holiday items will be kept to a minimum and you will not receive any double items! We promise each bag will have a great mix of items and each bag will be unique!

There’s only one catch… our Grab Bag supply is very limited! So don’t delay… order today! (LOL! Sorry, I couldn’t resist the rhyme!)

Happy Creating!
xo, Elle
p.s. A fun tutorial will be coming tonight 🙂 Two blog posts in one day? Woohoo!!!!


  1. Jana says

    Me too… Can’t wait to see what comes in the grab bag!

  2. Jen says

    I just got my grab bay and I LOVE it! It’s way cool! I love surprises and getting things that I may not have ordered myself. What a great idea. I LOVE IT!

  3. Jana says

    I just got mine and it was fabulous!! There were several things that I had almost ordered and I few that I hadn’t even noticed! Great job!! I definitely think it was worth more than I paid. I will order again if you do this idea again!

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