Valentine Bags – Digital PDF Kit

I wanted to post a short little highlight about our Valentine Bag Digital Download Kit since it’s getting so close to Valentine’s Day! This kit includes everything you need to make these bags, along with 4 other designs, and they are so easy to make at home. Just download, print, cut and glue! And, since they are a PDF file, you can print as many as you need at no extra cost!
Over the weekend we tested something fun! I wanted to make smaller bags to hold smaller treats, so when I went to print them, on the print dialog box I clicked the “Properties” button. From there (and all printers are different) you’ll want to find the “Scale Document”section… I scaled our bags at 50% and printed them… The little bags turned out SO cute!!
Try different percentages for different treats! How cute would these be to hand out at work or school?
Or, print them at the regular scale to hold larger treats and even cookies 🙂
Too much fun 🙂 PDF files are really easy to use, if you could download and print our free recipe card and tag download, then you’ll be able to use these too – they use the same program for printing.

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Valentine’s day (soon) 🙂
xo, Elle


  1. Amy Heller says

    Now just how adorable are these??? Too cute!

  2. Daniela says

    These are so cute! Love them!

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