New February Galleries are up!

By Daniela
By Jennifer
By Paige
By Mel
By Laurie
By Samantha

We are super excited that the new galleries are up at our Inspiration page! Our design team did such an amazing job, so many wonderful and inspiring things to see. The above photos are just a tiny peek at all the beautiful things they created! You must go check it out now! 🙂

Huge thanks to the Design Team! These ladies are incredible!!

What else is new? On Monday I have a super duper, big time, life changing announcement! I’ve been holding back for waaaay to long and I’m so excited to share it with everyone! I’m even scrapbooking a special page for it! I will give you a hint: It’s not related to Elle’s Studio, it’s not about me but about someone related very close to me… and I cannot wait!! Wait… that’s three hints 🙂 If you want to guess, you’re welcomed to do so here or over at our facebook page!

And, then on Wednesday we’ll tell you a little more about what’s behind that new birthday logo in the left hand corner 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
Xo, Elle


  1. Jenni says

    the gallery is beautiful!!! Love everyone’s work! 🙂

  2. sara says

    soo lovely.

  3. Vic says

    It’s pics like these that make me want to take up scrapbooking… then I realise that I don’t do half the crafts I already moon over lol.


  4. lynninlove says

    Your scrapbooking supplies rock my boat! Loves!

  5. Parker says

    You make me want to start scrapbooking. You’re so creative and I am inspired.
    love and hugs,
    Fritzi Marie

  6. Holly says

    Wonderful galleries 🙂 Very inspiring!

  7. vanessa says

    Everything is wonderful!

  8. amanda says

    such cute stuff…. makes me want to scrapbook all day and night. : )


  9. Katie says

    I love this blog! Your products are gorgeous, and the galleries are inspiring.

  10. Kirsty D says

    Love the headband! Thats briliant!

  11. Meg says

    Hello! Been watching your blog for a while and although I don’t scrapbook often you make a great inspiration for my scrapbooking soul!

  12. katiebug92 says

    Ooh, That blue headband is super pretty!

  13. Annis says

    just started with scrapbooking, you blog is the perfect inspiration! found you on freckled nest

  14. mel says

    i agree with everyone – you have beautiful supplies. visiting from the freckled nest giveaway, hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Isabelle says

    came in from the Freckled Nest; i love your stuff!

  16. I love everything about scrapbooking and you have such fun stuff! Definitely a new etsy shop that I’ll be constantly perusing! 🙂

  17. MiniMak says

    HI! I came from Freckled Nest! I love scrapbooking! It’s one of my MANY hobbies! 🙂

  18. angela says

    saw those lovely tags over at frecklednest and i think i need them for my art journal..they would be perfect. scrapbooking is a huge part of my life and i’m excited to browse other gallery artist.


  19. Laura says

    Absolutely lovely! It’s nice to see someone with a gallery around here on Etsy – very encouraging. 🙂

  20. Meg says

    Oh how I wish that I could put things together like you do! I just love everything about scrapbooking, but never have had the talent to make something look as lovely as what you have done! Maybe I should take a class! Have a wonderful day!

  21. Anna says

    i love your gallery, its so great to see what other people do!

  22. Hello! I found you via the Freckled Nest giveaway post!! I love your products that I have scoped around on your site! Too cute!
    Happy 3rd anniversary for your business!!!
    Sarah M

  23. tamara says

    I’m “visiting” from Freckled Nest but am also already a follower of yours!
    I love to see all the new product you design. Your supplies keep my scrapbooking inspired

  24. Kristen says

    Already a regular to your blog 🙂 Hoping to win the giveaway @ Freckled Nest. I loved the valentine’s day recipe cards! SO cute.


  25. Laura says

    your scrapbooking rocks!

  26. I have done some scrapbooking before, but nothing I’ve done has looked anywhere near as good as this! These pages are super presh!
    You’re very talented.

  27. Story says

    scrapbooking is not something I’ve taken up…however, I am a collector of vintage paper and make collage out of it. i have enjoyed following my daughters adventure in Style School…and i have enjoyed seeing all of your work!

  28. Kimmy1013 says

    love your stuff, have a great week!

  29. we chirp says

    All the new work is so pretty!!!

  30. Vanessa says

    that headband is awesome! Your design team is very talented!!

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