Design Team Gallery Debut!

We are absolutely thrilled to debut our Design Team’s creations today in our brand new gallery format! Check out all the layouts, cards, projects and MORE here! We feel so blessed and inspired by these amazing creations that these ladies put together, thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Please Note: You must have the most up-to-date Flash Player and browser to view 🙂


  1. Ginny says

    Stopping in from Freckled Nest. Gorgeous work, I picked a great day to stop by!

  2. {tam*jan} says

    I love it how everybody is doing there part for Haiti! Way to go! Those poor people need everything we can give:)

  3. Michelle*G says

    The peeks are cute! Off to check out the rest!

  4. skyerae says

    Hi! I am here from freckled nest. I love all your new products in your store and I think what your auction for Haiti is really wonderful!

  5. Nadine says

    gorgeous creations! (:

  6. Wow!! I love your stuff–the color combo is just about as perfect as it comes! I’m stopping by from Freckled Nest, but I’ll be back to check out your whole site. Thanks!

  7. kimi says

    oh i love that color combo – pink, aqua and red. such fun colors.
    found you from freckled nest!

  8. Lynsey says

    Does it matter what browser we use? I have my Firefox up to date, but nothing is coming up for me.

  9. sanosal says

    I can’t see anything 🙁 I just checked and my browser and software are up to date.

  10. jenn says

    so very cute!

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