Technique by Kristin Hayne!

Hi there! Kristin Hayne here and I wanted to show you a quick tip on making your products stretch! Ever get a great idea and then find that you don’t have the right color for the project? Take this sunshine card… I wanted to add felt swirls for a little extra dimension on the card but I only had the color pink.
So, I simply pulled the backing off and sprinkled yellow flocking to the adhesive side to make a more cohesive yellow look.
Next, I added it to the card as seen below…
Along with a Granny’s Doily Circle tag and ta da!
Here it is!
You could also do this with shaped borders, acetate, stickers… the possibilities are endless! Try using glitter on the adhesive as well. You get an entire new look out of a product that may have not been used otherwise!

Have fun!
-Kristin Hayne

Thank you, Kristin! This is an amazing idea that I have never, ever thought of! I can’t wait to dig into my unused scrap items and put them to good use now!! xo, Elle


  1. SMK says

    love it! how cute is that card?! great idea 😀

  2. Just Us says

    This is such a cute card and an amazing idea-great work!!

  3. Toni says

    Absolutely excellent idea!!!

  4. Debbie says

    Super cute idea! I’ll bet you could use the backing for something too…? 🙂

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