A tip from Maggie Holmes!

Maggie used the circle tags and cut them in half to create a custom scalloped border. This would also be fun to do with the ones that are all different colors to create a multi-colored border! Plus you can keep the other halves and create a second border on another layout!
The border is super simple to make, but adds so much to your layout! Simply take your tags and cut them exactly in half.
Glue the halves side by side and add a strip of paper over the top to create a finished edge!Adorable! Thanks so much, Maggie, for the inspiration! We love how you added little white flowers on the border, too!


  1. Toni says

    Totally cute page!!

  2. NoraAnne says

    Great idea!!!! What a beautiful layout!

  3. Sonda T says

    GORGEOUS layout, Maggie! And what a great idea using the circle journal spots like that! 🙂

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