Happy Friday!

The rain has stopped falling for a couple of days and the sun is shining, the flowers are opening – everything looks so beautiful! I had to take a picture of my absolute favorite flowers. These peonies where transplanted from my great grandfathers yard. Every year we wait for them to bloom and wish the blooms would last all year round, or even just for a month or two. The color is amazing!

There’s been lots of things happening in the studio! Packages of some display items (that we ordered for the Farm Chick Show) have been arriving and it’s so fun to unpack and see it all. I can’t wait to set the booth up in June – I’ll be taking lots of pictures, I promise! Until then, here’s a little sneak peek:

This last month has made me feel so inspired! It seems like every design leads to a new idea or every color sparks something. Plus, we’ve been extra “vintage-y” around here in prepping for the upcoming craft show, so I think that has been having a lot of influence on us.

Here are a couple of new things that we are lovin’ this week: This shirt, this blog and this blog, this flickr stream, this store, these tips, this necklace and this kit:

Pure bliss!

I’m headed back into the studio – this weekend is going to a super crafty one! What are your Memorial Day plans?

xo, Elle


  1. Jiggy Jen says

    It’s raining here in Miami..Probably all weekend!!!!!Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. amy lapi says

    yummy, yummy!

    memorial day: first etsy update, sleep, beach, shop, sleep…:)

  3. nestof3 says

    We transplanted a peony from my MIL’s yard, and three years later, it still hasn’t bloomed. 🙁

  4. the peonies are beautiful. we’ve had some rain too, great for the garden. hope you had a lovely weekend too. we escaped to the mountains for FOUR days in hope of finding my sanity, hmmmmm, i think i may have found it? thanks for making my day the other day. look forward to it. HUGE hugs, rachel

  5. SMK says

    Lovin’ the new stuff at Elle’s 🙂

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