Flickr Gallery Winner of the Month + Sunday “Love It!”List

This month we have two winners from our Flickr Gallery! They are:

We love how they both used the My Dear Cut Outs on their layouts – so cute ladies! Each of you get to pick two items from the shop, email me your choices and we’ll get them out asap!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Keep them coming, the next round starts now! And, if you need some inspiration make sure you browse the flickr gallery, too. It is full of awesome projects!


Sorry I haven’t been updating much 🙁 We have been super busy getting all the new items ready for our next launch! And, we have also been getting ready for the upcoming shows. There are so many decisions to make. The last two days we have been going back and forth between Slatwall and Gridwall… and now we just found out they make a Slat-Gridwall, LOL!

We’ll be making the new launch date announcement in the next couple of days and even have a sneak peek to share with you! In the meantime, I’ve put together another “Sunday, Love It!” list! These are fun!! Please feel free to post links to items you love in the comment section!

I love these little candles from Fred Flare – because you never know when you are going to need one!
Spring is here! I love this light weight scarf from American Eagle! If you are not on their newsletter go sign up now! They send awesome coupons out all the time!!

And, since spring is here, we need some shades too 🙂 These are my favorite from Forever 21 and they are only $5.80! Which is good because I almost always end up breaking my sunglasses some how 🙁

These drinking glasses are so cute! The mustache is so in style right now, too! This one is from Bread and Badger!
And, last but not least! This little cutie needs a good home! Just look at that face! This little owl is from skunkboycreature!

I hope everyone has a happy Sunday!

xo, Elle


  1. Zarah says

    AWESOME layouts – no wonder they won! CONGRATS! 😀

  2. Kelly says

    Oh wow – thank you! Off to have a look at the shop 🙂

  3. My girls like to wear my sunglasses and I have tendency to lose them. No point buying the good stuff if I can’t keep track of it.

  4. Merdrey says

    oh my…i didnt even know i won!!! and it is almost a year..hahaha!! =) Thanks for choosing my layout dearie!!

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