A Tutorial with Kerry Lynn +ask her a question for the q&a!

Mini gift cards with found paper envelopes by Kerry LynnProducts needed: prompts, patterns & Journaling tags, found paper {5″ x 5″}, paper punch, dry adhesive {i used a tape runner}Step 1: Fold your journaling card in half and punch out a design.
remember to save the mini punch as you’ll be using it to seal your envelope later.Step 2: Fold 5″ x 5″ found paper in half so opposite points meet Step 3: Open up folded paper and fold corner so tip meets the folded center line. Step 4: Insert your folded journaling mini card and then fold one side flap over top and secure with adhesive. Step 5: Repeat step 4 with opposite side flap.
Step 6: Sign your cards and insert into envelope and seal with your punched paper remnant.


Thank you so much, Kerry Lynn, for putting such a great tutorial together! I just love how cute those little envelopes look with those punched shape seals! I think this weekend will be spent making a bunch of these! They’d be great to tuck into school lunches, flowers, a get well soon present and more!!

Also, at this time we are going to open up the blog for any questions for our Q&A with Kerry Lynn! In the comment section below, leave your question for Kerry Lynn (or email)and in a couple of days we’ll have her pick a couple to answer! Also, each question gets you entered into a giveaway for a $20 Gift Certicate to our shop! Everyones welcome to enter and we’ll have the answers up on the 24th, so make sure you check back!

Happy creating, everyone!
xo, Elle


  1. What a fun tutorial! Love your blog Kerry Lynn! Do enjoy doing layouts or altered items better? Which do you feel more inspired to do?

  2. Shayne says

    How divine are these little envelopes! I’ll definately be using this tutuorial!

    Where is the Butterfly Punch from – is it also Fiskars?

  3. Ashley M says

    Who are your biggest inspirations in the scrapbooking world?

    Where do you find inspiration in the world around you?

    What are your 5 absolute must-haves when creating?

    What is your favorite creation you have made recently?

  4. Lilith says

    I love this tutorial ! will try it for sure!

  5. Zarah says

    Awww! That’s adorable!

  6. That’s a great tutorial! Love those little envelopes.

    Now for a question…what are your go-to supplies for most layouts and projects?

  7. charisse. says

    will be trying this one soon!
    thanks for sharing!

  8. Those cards are so cute! What a great, simple idea (wish I had thought of it!)

    I am always curious how people get involved with product companies and design teams? How did you get started?

  9. Joli says

    Those cards are adorable!!!

    What is your favorite of Elle’s products?

  10. Badalicat says

    are you an organized scrapbooker, or are you a messy scrapbooker? I know i am very messy! I love the envelopes, thanks for the tutorial!!

  11. Deanne says

    love the envelopes!!Great tutorial! Very simple I have made several already (Love to play!)What size do you like to scrap the best 12×12, 8×8 altered sizes(mini books …?

  12. Gayle says

    1. Where is your favorite place to shop for scrapping supplies?
    2. What are your favorite brands?
    3. What type of adhesive is your favorite?
    4. Where do you store your finished products? (wait a minute, i just saw the stack of layout on your blog!)
    5. What types size layouts are your favorite to create?
    6. What is your creative process like?
    7. Do you scrapbook chronologically, or by whatever pictures come up as inspiration?
    8. Do you make many altered books?
    9. Do you use sketches or just out things on the page until they look good?
    10. On your blog, most of the layouts you use only have one photo, how do you decide to only use one photo? What do you do with the other photos from the event?

    Ok I think that is enough questions! I love learning about others creative processes!!
    Thanks so much!

  13. Jade says

    The envelopes are soo cute and inspiring I have a gift card to give and lost the envelope can’t wait to find free time to make a few!

    How many different books do you have going at once?

    When do you feel the most inspired?

  14. LOVE your tutorial. I am a huge squeeze punch fan!

    Where do you find your unique papers for your projects?

  15. Anna says

    So where is the best place to find “found” paper?

  16. Another question…where do you find inspiration to put together your Kenner Road kits every month, and how do you decide which products to put in since there are so many out there?!

  17. Ooooh, I’ve thought of another one…do you have any scrapbooking crushes? i.e. people whose work you go giddy over?

  18. What a fantastic tutorial. I’ll be making these for sure.

    Where do you go to find found paper and vintage elements for your projects.

  19. Gretchen says

    What up KL! Great tutorial!
    You always take pics of your stuff against a green-ish/blue-ish piece of something (furniture maybe?). So what is that?? I think I need it.

  20. Kimmy says

    What are your main go-to colors?

  21. audrey says

    Cute envelopes!

    Is it 100% important for you to use materials that are archival safe?

    Is that actual sheet music?

  22. I love your paper flowers that you make out of strips of paper…do you have a tutorial on how you do that…or a basic explanation? And how do you store all your supplies (Besides your already completed album pages…I see where those are stacked ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  23. Phoebe says

    You are such a talented lady!! Gorgeous work!! Do you prefer working on layouts or projects? And how do you go about putting together such fabulous kits?? It seems like such an overwhelming process to me! So many options and styles out there! You always have such a great mix in your kits. Do you start with papers in mind or colors or do they just sort of happen? Thanks for the tutorial and for taking the time to answer our questions! You RAWK! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I just adore your work and your blog is definitely a favorite! My question is what do you do when you get into a funk with creating? With having your kit club how do you consistently stay refreshed and keep moving forward? Thanks!

  25. I adore your work and this project with the turial is so great !! I just wanted to ask you one curious question : Do you take note of all your ideas ? I mean maybe do you use a moleskine to write down all ideas when you wake up at night or when you are out of your home and discover something that inspires you in the everyday life ?! with some patterns handrawn to remind the idea that light your mind ??!! ^-^ thanks for sharing ! Smooches

  26. doverdi says

    What a fun tutorial! It definately looks fun & easy. I’m a huge squeeze punch fan & have just recently ordered the Fiskars Butterfly & can’t wait to get it.

    How do you get started on a layout? Do you chose the papers first or the photo? What is your favorite scrapping tool? Do you create mini books for yourself or give them as gifts. Do you make altered items?

    Thanks for sharing your creativity & talent with us.
    Diane #1329

  27. wendy says

    What a lovely tutorial =) I would love to make these but I need to ask what the size of the journal tags are? I think I’ve gotten the envelope down pat just need to work on the tags. I don’t own re-cut journal tags so I need to make them, Thanks =)

  28. Carmen says

    Great idea! I shared it on my FB page. TFS! ๐Ÿ™‚

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