Party wrap up :)

You guys were such good guessers yesterday! A lot of you thought it would be stamps… and I have some more good news about that! But first, I’ll announce the winners 🙂

The winners from the last giveaway from yesterday are:
Heath said…
Yay! Happy 2nd birthday!

Ashley said…
I loved the announcement! Would love to win!

Farm Girl in MD said…
Hooray for digital!!!

Congrats! All of you win your pick of one digital item! Send me an email with your pick and I’ll email it to you 🙂

We were so glad to hear a lot of you guessing and wanting more stamps because… We have more designs on the way! I can’t wait to share the new designs with you; they are so much fun and versatile, too! We are planning our next product launch to be sometime in the middle of April, we’ll have an exact date coming soon! Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter so you won’t miss the announcement! It will be a really fun spring/summer launch with lots of new things in store! I can’t wait!!!

Thanks again for such a fun time yesterday! It was the best birthday, ever!
Xo, Elle

P.S. The digital items are now in the shop! Please note: The little birthday gift that we are shipping with every order in March applies to shipped orders only! If you purchase all digital items, you won’t receive anything in the mail – sorry about that!


  1. Christine says

    Ooh, I look forward to seeing your new stamp designs!

  2. Hannah says

    I received my wonderful package from the 4th giveaway today!


    There was so much more than I even realized you were sending, and I’m so excited to dive in and start creating!
    Thank you so much for your generosity, and Happy Birthday!!!

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