What’s New?

We are super excited to announce that we will be exhibiting in The Farm Chicks show in June! If you live near Spokane, WA be sure you stop by! We’ll have something special for those who mention our blog 🙂

We first learned about The Farm Chicks when they posted on their blog about our items around Christmas time and cannot wait to meet the girls behind it! What will we be selling? All of our tags and note flats, plus we are working on some new items, too!

We’ve been super busy in the studio coming up with new ideas for our next launch and I cannot wait! We haven’t pinned down an exact date for the next launch, but it will be sometime around April or May… and it will be a big one!! In the meantime we are moving things around on the website and there will be more items moved into the Limited Quantities Remaining category – some items are retiring because they are out of season and others because they are being redesigned or another design is taking their spot! Can’t wait!!

Also, I’ve been thinking how fun it would be to have a scrapbooking weekend were we can scrapbook with the computer near and upload what we’ve made or just chat as we are scrapin‘… Let me know if you’re interested and if you have any great ideas on how we could pull it off!

XO, Elle


  1. Are you talking about a “virtual” crop? That would be fun. A real one would be fun too!

  2. Joli says

    I love online crops! I love the challenge of getting things done in a certain time frame. Challenges to use certain products are always fun. Just make sure to give a list of items need ahead of time so we can stock up.

  3. Kristine in Spokane says

    So cool that you are heading this way for Farm Chicks. Its an incredible event, looking forward to seeing you there!

  4. I dont see on their website anything about their show. I would LOVE to go and meet you! I follow your blog and LOVE it! Your stuff is SO fun!!!! Can you post more details about when, where…etc? I live 2 hours south of Spokane, but I will definitely be there!

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