Handmade With Love – winners and inspiration!

I cannot even put into words how fun this week was for us! Getting to share our projects and read your comments was amazing and I am so thankful for all of our readers 🙂 You made this week so much fun! I’m feeling so inspired, probably the most inspired I’ve every been! Thank you all so, so much for stopping by!

Here’s a couple pictures of our tree on the table:

I added some of our paper tags! Turned out cute 🙂

And, I ended up making a little felt doily for under the vase!

We have some winners to announce! I really wish everyone could win! It’s so hard to draw only one name out of each dish for each day!
The winners are:

Day 1:
Stephanie said…
How adorable those are! And what a great idea to put wax paper on the back.
January 17, 2009 9:45 AM

Day 2:
.charity.sorrells said…
What a great idea! TFS Elle!
January 18, 2009 4:59 PM

Day 4:
jennie said…
mine would have to say a month of no laundry!
January 20, 2009 5:51 PM

Day 5:
Tracy said…
If i were to win..I would either make this for my awesome husband or my 2 yr old son..who makes me laugh everyday!!
January 21, 2009 10:19 AM

Congrats, ladies!!! If you could email me with your address we’ll get your goodies out asap! We are still leaving the last giveaway open until January 28th – so there is still one more chance to win something 🙂
We also had some awesome suggestions and good questions from our readers!

Day 1 – cupcakes:
Margo suggested these would work great for bridal showers!
Q: Did you make icing or use store bought?
I usually use a store bought cupcake mix and make buttercream icing. Buttercream tastes so good and goes on nice and smooth. It’s also super easy to make! TIP: You don’t have to have a piping bag to pipe icing. You can use a plastic “sandwich” bag and cut one of the corners off and pipe the icing through the hole!

Day 2 – Handmade Crayons
Lynsey suggested the heart crayons would even work as a decoration! Put them in a pretty bowl on the coffee table or as a centerpiece on the kitchen table for Valentine’s Day!

Jen suggested these would be an awesome idea to make the crayons to fit inside an Easter egg! They could hunt for eggs and have fun crayons along with their candy and money!

Erin H
suggested these crayons would be a great idea for stocking stuffers or kids parties!

mentioned she bought Lego silicone molds for her boys! (those crayons would looks so cool! I’d love to see pictures!)

Q: When you melt the crayons do they let off fumes? And, can you re-use your molds for food?
I didn’t notice any smell coming from the crayons when they melted in the oven. If you have anyone in the house that is super sensitive to smells you might want to turn on the fan just in case. I would not recommend reusing the molds for food once the crayons have been in them. Tiny bits of wax do get left behind when you pull the crayons out of the molds.

Q: Wow the baking tray is gorgeous! Where can I find that?
The bird tray in the giveaway is from Target! And, I just found out that Target also has heart silicone molds in there $1 section! The metal heart tray came from Michael’s Craft Store.
Day 6 – Felt Love
suggested these hearts would work great as scrapbook embellishments!

Day 7 – Heart Tree
Q: Is your name pronounced “el?” I have a dd named Ellie, and she was wondering, but I told her it was probably different but I would ask!
It’s been pronounced both ways – the correct way to say it would be “El” but most people say it “Ellie”. It’s actually a nickname that came from the last four letters in my real name, Danielle. People started calling me Elle in grade school and it stuck ever since!

If anyone else has any questions, please feel free to post or email them 🙂


I’m really excited about some fun things coming up! One fun thing is that we recently got to participate in is Fred Flare’s Valentine’s for charity! Here’s the one we sent in:

Those pictures aren’t the best but I promise it looks better in real life! The inside has a little pocket for the two coupons and I added scallops to the envelope! All the valentine’s will be on sale for $4 each starting this coming week and everything will be donated to charity! I can’t wait to see what everyone else created!!

I’m also super excited about this:
A HUGE congrats to these ladies – they are amazing and I love everything they do! I can’t wait for their online shop to open 🙂 I bet they’ll have lots of fun stuff!!

Lots of fun eye candy! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ve got my to-do list going and it’s getting long, LOL!
Love you all and thanks again for makng this last week the BEST ever!!!
XO, Elle


  1. ropergirl3 says

    congrats to the winners!!!
    Love some of those sneak peeks

  2. Congrats to the winners! Enjoy your awesome goodies!

  3. Elle, that was sweet of you to answer our question about your name. Thanks!
    Congrats to the winners!

  4. Erika M. says

    Congrats to all the winners!

  5. Stephanie says

    EEEEE!! I am so stinkin excited! I just emailed you my info. 🙂 Oh, and I have a ton of those flickr photos favorited – they are great!!

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