Handmade With Love – Day 7 – Heart Tree

Today is part two of our felt heart and tree tutorial! We’ll work on the tree (display) part today 🙂 After you have made your hearts {shown above, patterns here} you can get started on the display!
You’ll want to find a tree branch that has quite a few branches on it, but is small enough for where you are putting it on display. Ours is going to go in the center of our dinning room table!
Bring the branch inside and you could choose to leave it as is or paint it. We painted ours white. We also didn’t clean the branch and painted right over the mossy parts. This gave a great effect! You can use any type of paint, we used just regular craft paint.
You’ll need some sort of vase to put your tree branch in. This red one below is from Michael’s Craft Store and cost 3.99! Quite a deal 🙂 Get the branch in the vase the way you like it and fill it so the branch will not move. You can use rice or packing peanuts – this time we used tissue paper and packed it in there very tight! Make sure you leave a little extra space at the top!
Feel the extra space with something fun, like candy! We choose little candy conversation hearts.
Besides decorating your tree with the fun hearts we made yesterday, you could also add some birds or butterflies! When we went to the craft store we couldn’t find any in the right color – so I decided just to glitter them red!

To glitter any object for your tree you’ll want to use a good paint and apply a thin layer over your item.

Sprinkle the glitter over the glue. We worked in parts so the glue wouldn’t dry before we got the glitter on! Martha Stewart’s glitter works wonders! It has so much sparkle!!

Secure your birds, butterflies or other objects on your tree and add your felt hearts.

We also got out the pipe cleaner and added it for some extra fun! You can wrap parts of the branches in it and then curl the ends!

Or, make some hearts and hang them on the tree, too! Take two colors of pipe cleaners and twirl them together before shaping to get the effect seem below.

And, ta da!! You now have a beautiful and fun decoration! We love the way this turned out and we’ll have to post photos of it on our actual table because it looks so cute!!
Time for the giveaway!

One person will win all the items pictured above – this is our biggest giveaway EVER! There are a bunch of items for Valentine’s Day there – include two boxes of candy and that adorable teddy bear! You’ll even receive a bunch of our tags! Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win! The winner from this post will be announced next week on Wednesday, January 28th so everyone can have plenty of time to enter 🙂 All the other giveaway winners, from the other posts, will be announced tomorrow night!! Make sure you check back to see if you’re a winner from those – if you haven’t entered the giveaways below, do so now!!

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    I ordered a lego silicone ice cube tray from the lego store last night, I can’t wait to make lego crayons with my kids! They are going to love it! Thanks for all of the great ideas this week!

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    Jen Kolakowski

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