Handmade With Love – Day 4 – Coupons!

Stumped on what to get that special someone in your life for Valentine’s Day? This is the perfect answer to your problem! Give them a “coupon” to something you know they’ll appreciate! We used our True Love Coupons, but you could make your own, too! Our tutorial today will show you how you can spice up the coupons and give you ideas of what to write on them! We’ve done some for girls, guys and kids! There is also a fun giveaway at the end!

A simple way:

Tuck the coupon(s) into a special card and make the gift completely personalized! Make sure you write something sweet and fun on them!

For the “crafty” ones to give:

Spice up the coupons with chipboard letters and shapes, buttons, tulle, ribbon, glitter, tissue paper and felt!

Then hook all of them together with a ring and you have your very own mini coupon book to give! {tag shown above from our Cut Outs: So In Love}

And, don’t forget the kids! This is a great alternative to chocolates or candy and gives them something to look forward to for later on!

Time for the giveaway!

What would you want your coupon to say? Leave a comment with that answer, and you’ll be entered to win the fun set pictured above! The prize includes 2 packs of our True Love Coupons, 1 set of our Doodled Heart Tags, a super cute blanket to snuggle up with your loved one in and some candy in that cute tin! Winner will be announced on January 24th, everyone is welcomed to enter!
I wanted to say thank you so much for such an awesome response to our week of fun so far! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments and emails – you are all SO sweet!! I will be highlighting some comments and suggestions that people had and answering some questions, too on January 24th when we announce all the winners! So, if you have any questions regarding any of our posts please let us know!
Thanks so much!
XO, Elle


  1. Sonja says

    Wow, I’m the first one today!! Love the coupons!

  2. Anonymous says

    If my kids were to give me a coupon, I would want it to say: “I’ll keep my room clean”. Not likely to happen but nice to wish for~

  3. HL0517 says

    those coupons are adorable!! As always love your creations and so loving all the creative valentine ideas.

  4. susanne says

    love the coupons!! i would want mine to say- 1 free decluttering/ detail cleaning week! wouldn’t that be heaven??

  5. FruMaansen says

    ooohhhh how that kit would come in handy!

    Me and my hubby became parents on 11/5 2008. We’ve been hospitalized since because our son’s got a muscular diseace.

    I’d make the cupons say “one night at home” – “one day and night of playing computer” – “a massage” all things to spoil him, caus’ he’s being such a g8 father to our little son, and a g8 husbad to me 🙂


  6. Jen says

    I would want my coupon to say “One day of pampering, including: massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, and a nice lunch.”

  7. I would want mine to say a weekend with just the two of us and no phones!!!

  8. I’m just LOVING your fun projects everyday!!

    I would like a coupon from my family that says… one whole weekend of uninterrupted scrapping time!!! :o)

  9. mandydake says

    I need a coupon with “Mom’s Day OFF.”

  10. Lisa says

    so very cute! i would want a coupon that says ‘a whole week of not aggravating you about how much you scrapbook’ or ‘i’ll remember to take out the garbage’ would be nice, too!! 🙂

  11. sannika says

    I’d like a whole bunch of “sleep late” coupons!

  12. nichole says

    i am so doing this… wow my hubby is going to get a few fun things because of you.

    thanks for all the great ideas!

  13. Rachel says

    Fun question! I want my coupon to say:

    Five hours of uninterrupted time in your craft room without worrying about kids, laundry, meals or housework!!!

  14. Mandy says

    Oh, I would looove to get a coupon that said “1 day all to yourself to do whatever you want!” (I have 8 month old twins) 🙂

  15. Anonymous says

    Absolutely LOVE the coupons! Mine would say “extra hugs & kisses!”
    bianca b

  16. Brianna says

    These are too cute! Love how you added the buttons on one! Mine would say…One night out without the kids!

  17. Mel says

    If my husband gave me a coupon it should read: One day to scrapbook uninterrupted and one spa day. 🙂 That sounds brilliant!
    OKC, OK 🙂

  18. Peggy says

    Such a cute idea! I want my coupon to say – an uninterrupted day of scrapping!

  19. gleeful says

    I would want “3 full hours of scrapbooking time with no interruptions.”

  20. Erin H. says

    I would like my coupon to read… Good for one free day of lounging in bed with a pint of ben & jerry’s (and my man)…lol.

  21. One full day of uninterrupted silence. With 3 toddlers, it’s never quiet in my house.

  22. Rachel says

    Oh these are so cute!

    Mine would read: Good for one night in watching a movie of my choice with lots of ice cream!

  23. I would love mine to say someone other than me would a) do the kitty litter for a month or at work b) do my lunch duty for a week …fat chance…Love the coupons, though I have tons of ideas for other people…Thanks for the chance!

  24. nola says

    Love the blanket so sweet! These ideas are great!

  25. redmom says

    What a fun idea!!

    For my husband: A bonus night playing pool with your friends!

    For my oldest son: A hockey game with all the popcorn you can eat!

    For my daughter: A day of baking with Mom using your Easy Bake Oven!

    For my youngest son: An afternoon with just you & Dad to do what you want!

  26. Samantha says

    Those are so great! I know my husband would appreciate some of those (I am SO lucky… he does most of the cleaning of the house!)

    My coupon (for me, from him… hee hee) would read: “One hour-long back massage!”

  27. Jennifer says

    I would want my coupon to say “Good for one lunch with the girls, shopping spree and movie with your hubby”

    I WISH!!!

  28. Cat says

    Love the coupons. Too cute!

  29. Joli says

    I love those coupons!! My husband is currently serving in Iraq, this would be the perfect way to brighten his day and give him a little something to look forward to!! Thanks for another great idea!!

  30. Love the coupons and the different ways you frou-frou’d them up!

    If I received a coupon I’d want it to say I wouldn’t have to lift a finger ALL DAY LONG. That sounds like bliss…

  31. JulieP says

    I love this idea!! I’ve ordered from your site a couple of times now and am so pleased with everything. You have so many wonderful and fresh ideas.

    I’d love ones from my seven year old daughter that say “I promise not to gripe during homework time” and “I promise to clean up my room, for real this time Mom.”

  32. Dana says

    Cute idea to give them to the kids. I never thought to give them any.

  33. Beth Perry says

    I would LOVE my coupon to say “I will give you a 30 min back rub every night for a week”…that would be an awesome gift from my boyfriend! I love his backrubs, but don’t get them enough! he
    Thanks for having such a fun week!

  34. Cindy O says

    I would want my coupon to say: I will do what you ask the first time without complaining.
    That would be wonderful!!

  35. Anonymous says

    Oh… I would love for my coupon to say… Back rub just for you! That would be great. Thanks for all of the fun posts. Jodi B.

  36. oh…and I would want my coupons to say “get out of dinner cooking” !!!

  37. Anonymous says

    My coupon would be for a date to get gelato at an awesome place nearby…just me and my husband so we’d also have time to talk and be together. Maybe with a hike first to earn all those calories 🙂

    Jenny W

    PS I saw it said we had to link to our blogs, but I have no blog…does this mean I can’t win?

  38. Silsine says

    Hello another day, i would like that my coupon says: ” a free car wash”

  39. Bekka says

    Mine would say: a romantic dinner for two that includes a glass (or two) or Riesling.

  40. mystyle says

    My Boys gave us coupons once and it was to call Rigia’s Pizza to deliver a Pizza! Tee Hee! I think the pizza was for them! If I were to get another coupon I would want it say, Mom, this is for a Kiss everyday! Sometimes its hard to get a kiss out of a boy!

  41. Kim M says

    Those coupons are a wonderful idea. I wish my kids would give me some that would say “I won’t holler for mom all night long.” A girl can dream, right?!

  42. Marianne says

    Mine would say a free 1 hour massage every month! ha ha everything is so cute!

  43. Wendy says

    I’d love my coupon to say I had a day to spend with my daughter at a spa and an evening with my son and his wife with a lucious dinner he prepared.

  44. Anonymous says

    I would like mine to say:

    We’ll do the housework for one day.

    That would be awesome!

    Lisa L.

  45. Suzanne says

    Love these coupons. I would love one of mine to say “I’ll do the laundry this weekend……”

  46. Mandy says

    I would hope my coupon said snuggles and a movie of Mom’s pick on the couch with a fire, popcorn, and smoothies. My girls would make the snacks.

    Cute tags and items.

  47. jennie says

    mine would have to say a month of no laundry!

  48. Gina says

    I would love a nice back rub…

  49. Kate says

    Mine would say “one week without having to do the dishes!”…seriously, never again will I move into an apartment without a dishwasher!

  50. Sierra says

    i love the buttons…they are cute!

  51. Cate says

    Those are so cute! What a great idea for a gift too! I’m going to have to make a few for my son!! This Valentines’ Day is going to be fun!!

  52. BabeCaddy says

    Very cute… I would want my coupon to say that it entitles my husband a job… He has been trying so hard to find a job and no luck so far.. That would be the best Valentines gift to us both….

  53. TheresaK says

    mine would be from the hubs…it would say….one whole day of shopping…minus the kid in tow screaming!!!!!

  54. Corey says

    another fun handmade day!!!!!

    a coupon from dh to me: “for one week I will get up and get Hailee off to school so you can sleep in”

    from the kids: no fighting for one day!

    Happy valentines day 🙂

  55. Danielle says

    Great little coupons 🙂 What a wonderful little gift on Valentine’s Day!!!!!


    Danielle 🙂

  56. Margo :-) says

    Love those coupons! I would love to RECEIVE one from my hubby for a wonderful massage and foot rub… that lasts longer than 1 minute. LOL

  57. ropergirl3 says

    oh my what fun coupons! I know exactly what I want mine to say:
    A day off from dishes!!! (My SO never, ever, not not ever does dishes–blech)

  58. Yvette says

    I would love a coupon to babysit the kids…so hubby and I could go out on the town.

  59. Andee says

    I would love to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, and the dishes washed afterwards.

  60. Andee says

    I would love to sleep in and receive breakfast in bed with the dishes washed afterwards.

  61. Emily B says

    … free organization of all your STUFF!

  62. Mollie says

    I’d love a coupon from my db saying “a visit to see me because I can’t wait any longer!”

    (he’s in the military and far away)

    And the giveaways are looking pretty amazing. I’m loving these fun weeks at Elles Studio!

  63. deryqueen says

    This coupon idea is great…thanks for the opportunity to win

  64. gracie says

    i love these blogs everyday! cute ideas & great giveaways! thanks so much!

  65. Mine will read, “An evening of looking at pictures and videos from our wedding and dancing the night away!”

  66. Lana Day says

    I’d really love my coupon to say one evening out with your hubby and no kids!

  67. Lana Day says

    I’d really love my coupon to say one evening out with your hubby and no kids!

  68. oh those coupons are the best, I’ll take the foot rub!!! great project

  69. Cate says

    Oops… I didn’t read the directions properly. I think I’d want my coupon to tell me that I was getting a massage! I’ve never had one and would love one!

  70. I am currently making some of these coupons. Thanks for the ideas.

  71. Zarah says

    Oh… I’ve made coupons before but these are just sooo cuuuuuute!! ♥
    Gotta make some for sure 😀

  72. sam says

    wow, love the coupons, I had so little time the last weeks that I didn’t see al you great tips! love the one with the crayons!

  73. Drika says

    the coupons are sooo cute!!!
    I would like to say to my hub: dinner for 2, best place in town!

  74. oh I just love those tags. Super cute. A day with mom alone to each of my kids would be super to put on a coupon.

  75. Angie says

    This is such a cute idea!

  76. polinka says

    a “1 day to do whatever you want” coupon!! Id’ love to give it and receive it too!! 🙂

  77. corryn says

    Your coupons are adorable! Mine would be for my husband. We are new parents and it would read:
    A doodie (duty) free day of no changing diapers!

  78. Cass says

    Mine would say “One basket of ironing done”.

  79. carpediem says

    The coupons are a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  80. Gayle215 says

    I would love my coupon to say “one Daniel Craig movie marathon day complete with buttered whirley pop popcorn”!

  81. Susi says

    Cute Coupons-I like surprises!

  82. Mandy says

    Love this idea! I would love to get one from my hubby that says an afternoon of scrapping with me. I have really wanted my hubby to sit and create one layout with me just one time.Awesome giveaways!

  83. Tiffani says

    I’d want my coupon to say: …a weekend at home alone.” Once in a while my huband takes the kids to grandma’s for a few days and it is wonderful to work on things around here uninterrupted for a while. (Since we home school, they are ALWAYS with me.)

  84. great ideas! love them!

    I would want the coupon I receive to say “Need to get away? Time for a spontanious road trip!”
    (I would love to be able to turn this in after a really frustrating day where you feel your sufficating in your day to day and need to escape: PRONTO!

  85. 3QTGUYS says

    I would want mine to say ” a clean house”

    Nuff said!

  86. Danielle says

    one week off from washing bottles. i have a five month old baby, so this coupon would be like gold to me!!

  87. Tanya says

    Those coupons are adorable!!!

    For me: one full weekend of scrapbooking.
    For My hubby: one full weekend of snowboarding
    For Ds (9 & 7)- staying up two hours past your regular bedtime
    For Dd (5)- one afternoon of girl time at the location of your choice
    For Ds (3)- one afternoon of park hopping (going from park to park to park…)

  88. Jennifer says

    another day of amazing inspiration! 🙂 I would want mine to say one free week of decluttering room by room!

  89. Lizzette says

    Nice giveaway!

    Mine would say “A fun weekend at disney world, just the two of us”


  90. Kirsten says

    I would want mine to say “a weekend away, just the two of us” and with that no worries for money or who will cover the store, watch the dogs or any other of those daily things that make it impossible to leave.

  91. Terri says

    WOW – another day of fun!!! You are the BOMB girl! Love this idea of coupons – how cute is this? I can see where this would be very inspirational for kiddies and their chores. Thanks for the great ideas and giveaways!

  92. I’d like a coupon for myself that says “one day of scrapbooking with no interruptions” – actually can I have about 52 of those!

  93. I’d love my coupon to say ‘I’ll get up with baby so you can have one full night of sleep’! I’m due in March and fear the endless nights of no sleep! Okay, so its more of a dream, but a girl can dream right?

  94. I would want mine to say, “good for one whole day of NO RESPONSIBILITY!”
    I love the coupons, BTW.

  95. Tricia says

    I love the coupons. One from my kids would say,” We’ll keep the bathroom clean for a week.” One to my kids from me would say, “a free lunch with Mom, by ourselves.”

  96. Michelle says

    I’d love a coupon to sleep late any day I want!

  97. Chris says

    I would want a coupon that said “A day of no diaper changes!” (I have 2 in diapers, so I do a lot of them in a day)

  98. shara says

    I would want my coupon to say “A free night with no kid distractions-so you can catch up on some scrapbooking”

  99. Zorina says

    well, well, well! i love those coupons. great ideas. if i were to use ’em to my husband, i would put: “1 trip to spa salon for a swedish massage,” ” 2 hrs of free PC games on sunday, ” 1 week off from washing the dishes”.

    thanks for letting us play here.

  100. Meg says

    Good for a free back rub!

  101. Love the coupons!
    I’d love a coupon that said, Good for a month of car washes!

  102. Tracy says

    I would give my husband a coupon saying that i would wash his truck for him..he would LOVE that! I would want my coupon for me to say a full day of gurly fun..shopping, massage, girly movie!

  103. chksngr says

    Mine would be for the hubs…it would say “One Nag-Free Day” HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He would laugh so hard!!!

  104. Rachelle says

    fun way to jazz up the coupon idea. very cute!

  105. Lisa says

    how cute!!! what a great idea! lisa k in tx

  106. a weekend away. no phones. no computer. no responsibilities. 4 wee babes with grandparents. you.me.away.together

  107. Anonymous says

    I make these types of coupons all the time. The last one I did was a full year – one thing monthly – for me and my niece to do together. It was a lot of fun!! If the coupon was for me it would say I am entitled to one evening home with dinner and games with my husband and sons. Thanks! Kim C in NJ (cygank@comcast.net)

  108. Kataroo says

    ooh this is perfect, hubby and I want to do a handmade gift exchange 🙂

  109. bAbYbEcKy says

    I am SO making one (or 3) of these!!!

  110. bAbYbEcKy says

    oh, and my coupon would say…

    “valid for one FULL nights sleep”

    we have 3 young kids, so the last time I’ve slept through the night was back in 2001!!

  111. Jen says

    what a fun idea!! love the love coupons!! you always have the cutest things!!

  112. RobinV says

    I really like that you can customize the coupons to say whatever you want. Such a cute Love line.

  113. melita says

    the coupons are too cute! i would have them say a “special date with mom” or “special date with dad” so the kids could have one on one time with me and my dh!

  114. Christine says

    I love the idea of giving them to the kids, that’s so cute!

  115. snazzykc says

    I would love to have a coupon from my husband promising he would put lotion on my feet every night…for any amount of time

  116. This coupon idea is great…thanks for the opportunity to win 😀

  117. rebecca says

    You have the cutest things on your blog. 🙂

  118. rebecca says

    You have the cutest things on your blog. 🙂 I forgot to say that my coupon would say “we will pick up our things before you even notice they are laying around mom!”

  119. Anonymous says

    I’d love a coupon for “one visit to the bathroom without an audience”. Cannot imagine what that would be like. My two little boys like to keep me company. Ha!
    thetessaroo 🙂

  120. scrapmin says

    I’d love my coupon to say – someone else makes dinner (besides me!)and then afterwards gives me a back rub!

  121. Rach H says

    mine would be to my sweet 6yr old girl “thank you for being just you + just for that we deserve a girls day out”

    love those coupons!!

  122. Kris says

    What a great idea! I should give these to my kids so they can fill them out for me–tee hee!

  123. peeps says

    These are SO adorable!!!

  124. *CPA* Su says

    I love this idea! It makes the gift so much more personal and fun!!

  125. Nickie says

    What a supercute blanket to cuddle with your honey sweetheart in.

    I would love to get a coupon that said “Dinner and the Movies with my hubby” sorry no kids…I do love them but we also need so alone time 🙂

  126. Charin says

    Love those! 🙂 I have always loved the gift coupons, but these are perfect because you can have them say whatever you want 🙂
    I would want mine to say that I’m entitled to a day of pampering for sure…a pedi/mani and a massage 🙂

  127. olexer says

    How cute! And great ideas for notes on the coupons!

  128. valeria says

    morbidoso e bellissimo!!!

  129. hariyani says

    i’m eyeing that super cute blanket!!! i can imagine snuggling with my loved one at the botanical garden under the starry starry sky!
    hehe.. and surprise him with a few coupons! thanks for the idea! 🙂

  130. PamS says

    I love these coupons. I would like mine to say “love, Unconditionally”.

  131. Karen says

    What a great idea!!!
    I love the coupon for “Chick Flicks” It gave me an idea for my girlfriends.
    Thanks, Karen

  132. Stephanie says

    Ohmigosh! Such cute things. I just love your stuff – it is the best! I would want my coupon to say “good for one romantic weekend with my hubby (and no kids).

  133. Bibi says

    What a cute idea!!! I’d love a coupon for a full body massage. 🙂

  134. Jingle says

    I would like a coupon that gave me a full day of scrapbooking!!!

  135. Melisa says

    I love the coupons! Such a creative project. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. My coupon is for my son who is mentally challenged. It will say, “I love you just the way you are. This coupon is good for as many hugs a day as you want/need from me.”

  137. I would want my coupon to say “1 month of mess free kids rooms” haha.
    My kids tell me they “like” their messes!

  138. Brenda says

    Thanks for all these great projects you’ve been sharing. You’re so creative! Since I would most likely be exchanging these coupons with my hubby and kids, I would want them to say “Free hug any time!”. Whether giving or receiving, I just can’t get enough hugs!

  139. Anonymous says

    If my boyfriend gave me one of these I would want one for a chick flick movie night and a trip to Dairy Queen.

    Cynderellaj – MN

  140. Anonymous says

    What a great giveaway. You have some super projects this week.

  141. Nina says

    Oh, what a CUTE idea!!

    I’d like a coupon from my boyfriend saying:
    “An evening with home made sushi, a movie of your choice and all the kisses and hugs you want” ..


    Thanks for having such generous giveaways!!

  142. Anna says

    How fun! I’d want mine to say “good for a surprise trip to Tahiti!!” LOL!

  143. KimL141 says

    I would love a coupon that says “this coupon is good for a new house”.

  144. Judith says

    Love the coupon idea.

  145. i would just like an afternoon of no arguing between my boys. lol

    super cute ideas! thank you!

  146. Mel Nunn says

    I would love my coupon to say “1 top to bottom clean of the bathrooms” and I would use it while I scrapped!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  147. Brandie says

    We did these coupons at our church and we still have our coupon..hehe 🙂 but then again i guess that is what happens when you have 2 kiddos 🙂

  148. I would want my coupon to say – one week of foot and back rubs from hubby!!

  149. Alex says

    I would want my coupon to be for a day by myself in my house to scrap and create completely undisturbed. Just some alone time!

  150. my coupon would say “one day of no driving”. my husband always drives and i know how difficult it is for him and how exhausted he gets. of course, i hve to learn how to drive first. 😉

  151. Angi says

    I would give coupons to my boys. I recently had surgery and my boys took care of me. they let me stay in bed and brought me food and drink and “tucked me in” They are so very sweet. (they are only 8,10,13) They gave me the most beautiful gift of love. I would love to give them a coupon giving them the chance to spend some time alone with me doing whatever they wish for one afternoon.

  152. Kim says

    I would love mine to say, “One free day to craft my heart out without a 4 year old or husband to interrupt me.”

  153. Amy says

    Wow! Can I just say I am lovin’ your products!!! I just stumbled across them and am for sure going to place an order.

    Mine would be from the hubs. “1 night of undisturbed sleep, don’t worry about getting up with the baby, I’ll do that. Oh and you can sleep in if you want to”


  154. Szilvi says

    Great idea! Love the coupons.
    Mine would say: one week off work. 🙂 That would be perfect.

  155. Carrie says

    Coupoun: You are entitled to a whole weekend of scrapping! Thats what I would want mine to say!

  156. I want mine to say “This is to reward you for not spending so much on scrapping these days – a $100 voucher to Elle Studio’s shop!” LOL!

  157. Wow… this is cute… for a family too… husband and kids… I think Ima include one for myself…. but its a good idea for my mom who is always working hard.

  158. Lisa J. says

    I am not sure what I would put on the coupons that you don’t already have in your images. LOL Maybe no nagging by me for a day. LOL I dunno!

  159. Tracy says

    Gorgeous coupons – I would give mine to my husband and it would say: “home-cooked meals for a week … er 5 days … er 4 days … ok … 3 days in a row …” tee hee … you have to understand that this is a BIG thing as he is a seriously fussy eater and I so don’t like to cook … tee hee …

    Love, Tracy G

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