Handmade With Love – Day 2 – Handmade Crayons

Grab the kids for this one – The first part of this project is great for little hands!

Lots and lots of crayons – old or new!
Metal and/or silicone molds
Plastic or paper bags
Extra embellishments for bags!

1. Grab any extra crayons around the house or if you don’t have any, start with new ones! I started with a new box of Crayola crayons. I decided that I wanted to make crayons with complementing and contrasting colors, so I began by separating all the crayons into their color groups.

2. Next, you have to remove all the paper wrappings from the crayons

3. Break all the crayons into small pieces – each crayon should break up into four pieces if it is a full, new crayon.4. Get your molds together. Silicone and metal molds work great! I bought the heart molds at Michaels (a craft store in the baking section) and the alphabet molds from here.

5. Take all the crayon bits and peices and pile them in the molds. I found that contrasting colors get a better marbled effect than putting alike colors together. Example: Pink and red blended together to well, almost giving no marbled effect, but dark green and bright yellow looked great! So did red and white or pink and white 🙂

{be careful not to pile the crayons to high, but at least high enough to make a good and sturdy crayon once it is all melted together}7. For the alphabet molds, I found that standing the crayons upright worked great! I only filled the letters I needed.

8. Preheat your over to 275 degrees and put your crayon filled molds in a baking pan that is lined in foil. The foil will protect your oven and your pan from any melted crayon spillage!

9. Each mold will need about 10 – 15 minutes in the oven. The thinner ones will take less time than the thicker ones. Keep your eyes on them, and pull them out as soon as they look melted. If you leave them in to long the colors will mix together too much! Kids should NOT help with this part!! The melted wax is very hot!

10. Allow the molds to set for a couple of hours – they should be completed cooled before you pull them out. Gently peel away the silicone and pop out the crayon shapes. For the metal molds, give them a good whack on the counter and they’ll pop right out!

{here is a close up of the “O” from the “LOVE U” letters. I love the way it turned out! The pink, white and red colors worked great together! I did nothing extra to get the marbled effect either! This was just achieved by just letting them melt in the oven!}

11. Have your kids help you package the crayons in either plastic or paper bags – these would be a great alternative to hand out at school! You could give each kid the first letter in their name and a couple hearts!

Time for another giveaway! Here’s another great kit to get you started on this project! There are some of the silicone heart molds we used, along with the cutest bird plate from Target! Even some Martha Stewart glitter for decorating the plastic or paper bags, ribbon, Elle’s Studio tags and stamp set, and chocolate!
Everyone is welcome to enter, just leave a comment below! All the winners from each giveaway will be announced on Saturday, January 24th!


  1. I can’t believe I am the first to leave a comment!

    What a cute idea, I am so goign ot do this for my niece and nephew.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Michelle (from KY)

  2. Beth Perry says

    Another amazing idea! Those marbled hearts are soooo pretty!

  3. Sarah :) says

    Wow, I want to make a set of these for MYSELF! I love to color. *haha* You guys really crank out the great ideas.

  4. nola says

    Very cool idea! This is great for a little class room gift for Valentine’s Day! Especially when some kids have allergies, it’s a great alternative to a food treat. Thanks

  5. Lisa says

    i just don’t know how you come up with all the cuteness!! i love this idea!!

  6. Anonymous says

    COOL! Now I know what to do with all of the kids crayons!

  7. Mel H. says

    What a nifty idea! Love it.

  8. Gayle says

    This is such an awesome idea!! I would make these for myself!! I definitely will tuck this idea away for another decade until I have kids and we can make them!

  9. Cate says

    I love the idea of the initial letters for valentines! I wish my son was young enough for me to do that (I’m not sure the 15 year old boys like crayons much these days).

  10. Bekka says

    Oh, I just LOVE this idea!!!

  11. I’m a former pre-school teacher & I used to make these all the time with the left over crayon bits and an old muffin tin…but I love the idea of using the shaped molds…so cute!!

  12. Stephanie says

    This is wonderful! I’ve made the round ones before but the alphabet ones are fantastic! What cute ideas.

  13. amber says

    These are fun! They would be a great project for all the spare and lonely crayons in my classroom, since the kids gravitate towards those still in boxes still. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Virginia says

    Oh my goodness! I am so doing this for my kids’ friends! Adorable!

  15. I love this idea!

    I’d love to make some for my little neice.

    Now I can rescue all the broken crayons!

  16. Carolyn G says

    What a fun idea!!! It looks like somehting the kids would love.

  17. Amanda Ann says

    I made these last year with my little girl, but we just made circles. Now I want to make them again!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Joli says

    I know what I am doing with my kids today!!! I have got make a quick run to Michaels, then its home to make some crayons. Thanks for the fun idea!!

  19. *danielle* says

    what great idea! can’t wait to make those for my daughters valentines day handouts!

    Thanks! <3

  20. JulieP says

    What a clever idea!!!! My daughter will love this project. Thanks so much!

  21. ania says

    Love this idea!! 🙂 🙂 So cute 🙂

  22. Marianne says

    CUTE! I’m gonna try it!

  23. Lisa says

    What an awesome prize pack! Love V-Day for all the reds and pinks…and already got my super cute deer stamps in the mail. Yeah!!! Lisa K in tx

  24. Dianna says

    What a cute little bundle of goodies*!*
    Can’t wait to see all of the fun projects 🙂

  25. Sonja says

    This is so cute!! I must make those hearts!!

  26. Korey says

    How cute a project is this! So exciting and a fun idea…I can’t wait to try it.

    I love your products; they are adorable!

  27. Lacintha says

    What an awsome idea!
    In fact I’m off to Michales right now to get some of those moulds…thanks Elle 🙂

  28. Sarita says

    Wow! That is a wonderful project – so creative!! Thank you for sharing this great idea, and for hosting this contest! 🙂

  29. Bibi says

    Oh, wow!! Love this idea! This is perfect for lil’ hands that can’t grasp the thinner crayons. And the giveaway is yummylicious!!

  30. LindaS says

    Oh my – its the most clever idea I’ve seen – fun and bright colors.

  31. Zarah says

    Ooooh… That’s so CUTE and so clever!! (I think you can probably do this with soap too? In case you’d wanna give fancy soaps to someone, for example your MIL. *nods and smiles*)

  32. MaryJo says

    Wow, never thought of doing something cool like this with my kids broken crayons… we have a million!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome project!!

  33. Corey says

    wow! I think I’ll make hearts for my dd’s Valentine party at school! so super easy and she’ll love that I let her peel and break her crayons! lol Thanks, Elle!

  34. pam says

    Adorable and so easy! Thanks for sharing and the opportunity for us to try this ourselves with all the yummy goods!

  35. Margo :-) says

    What a fantastic idea…. think of all the old crayon pieces you can have lying around to make these neat shapes with!!! 🙂

  36. Veronica says

    Wow! I just went to retrieve the old crayons I threw away! I would love to win this!! Thanks.

  37. maribeth says

    what a great alternative for kids! i can’t wait to do this with my preschoolers! thank you!

  38. Lisa J. says

    OMG me and my daughter are so going to do this. We have gazillions of crayons that need to be repurposed.

  39. Anonymous says

    Great idea ~ can’t wait to make these with my kids.

  40. What an awesome idea! I have got to try this. Thanks for the inspiration!! xox

  41. How fun! I remember making them as a kid and having so much fun! Thanks for the reminder! The shaped tins are an awesome idea and make the melted crayons that much more fun!

  42. Nichole says

    This is the cutest project! I have been wanting to do crayons with my daughter for a long time and now with valentines day coming I think I now have the perfect v-day project for us. We have so many broken crayons in our house it isn’t funny. Thanks for the instructions and for the awesome give away!

  43. Michele H. says

    Love this idea! I need to go to Michael’s!!

  44. Jacqueline says

    What a cute idea! My son and I are definately going to do this before Valentine’s Day. Thank you for the inspiration!

  45. Chiqui says

    Love the idea! I’m off to look for alphabet molds!

  46. Anonymous says

    This is the cutest project! I’m going to tell my friends about it. I LOVE Valentine’s Day too, so this prize is SO PERFECT for me. 😉 Crossing my fingers!!!


  47. Vanessa says

    OH wow, my 4 year old was looking over my shoulder as I read this post…he totally wants those heart shaped crayons. Would be great to win since we live WAY up north where you can’t buy anything cool like those…but you can bet I’ll be cruising the internet for those goodies if I don’t get picked! LOL

    Love it! Thanks for sharing

  48. OMG! what an adorable idea! so so cute! we had the crayola crayon maker and it was kind of a pain and they just came out shaped like crayons! hearts are much cuter! and i love the tray from target! i was going to buy some and settled for the placemats instead. i adore valentines-themed things!

  49. susan m says

    Oh my – what a cute project!!

  50. melw says

    Such a cute idea!! And wow what a great giveaway too!!

  51. Addie says

    What a fun and cute project! I think I’m gonna try it with my son!

  52. Augusti_73 says

    Wowzerz! That’s cool!!
    And I’d LOVE to win!

  53. oh, i forgot to mention…the 17th was my birthday! this would be an awesome belated birthday gift! 😉

  54. latisha says

    awww! i never thought about making those with the shaped molds…great idea! i’m going to try it this afternoon…

  55. Jenneke says

    Wow, I love this!!!! I’m crossing my fingers to win!!

    Hugs to you all,
    Jenneke (from The Netherlands)

  56. This is a good idea for all of those stray crayons!

  57. Michelle says

    This is the most adorable idea! Thanks for sharing. Your tutorial is really easy to understand.

  58. Mandy says

    Thanks for the step by step photos and pictures. How festive and fun! Your tips are great, too.

  59. What a super cute idea. I love it! Can’t wait to try this out.

  60. swoozie says

    What a great idea – my daughter and I will have fun making these! Now, to go find crayons…

  61. Stephanie says

    I do love that idea! My son and I made those last year as part of his Valentine cards! I wasn’t sure if we were going to do it again this year….but after seeing this….I think we will!

  62. Katrina Grabowski says

    Just so happy to have found this site. Love everything!

  63. Applemimi says

    just love this idea !!!!!!! thank you for giving us the chance to win


    Gaëlle a french girl in italy lol

  64. Applemimi says

    just love this idea !!!!!!! thank you for giving us the chance to win


    Gaëlle a french girl in italy lol

  65. Heather says

    Oh look at all those pretty goodies!!!!!
    I can see I will have some great inspirations 🙂

  66. Rhea says

    This is a great idea for the little kids! Off to share with my friends….. Thanks for the inspiration!

  67. tdaucrops says

    I have more than enough crayons to do this project. I’m off to find my muffin tins.

  68. 3QTGUYS says

    Oh how fun! I have a feeling y’all are gonna give me so many cute ideas, I will have to choose!

    Keep ’em coming!

  69. janis m says

    what a cool idea! I did not know you could melt crayons like that. thanks for the hot tip! 🙂

  70. aneulore says

    what a giveaway!
    and what an idea!!!

  71. That is such a cute idea! I’ve always wanted to make crayons like this but feared it was to much work. It sounds so easy though! Thanks for sharing! I hope I win that awesome give away!

  72. Patricia says

    Love those alphabet molds!! We made some of these at Christmas and they are so easy & turned out great. We just used tree and candy cane molds that we had, but I love those letters!! Thanks for sharing another great idea ~ Patricia

  73. ISCRAPNSEW says

    oh my word, how stinkin FAB!!! Love everything!

  74. Rachel says

    Oh my! What a cute, fun, easy idea! I am an elementary teacher and think I might make some for my students. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  75. ddinak says

    What a fun project! May let my girl scouts do it.
    Thanks for the give away!
    Denise from AK

  76. Oh my goodness this is the cutest giveaway ever! Soooooo happy I found your blog 🙂 Thanx, Anne

  77. Kimmie says

    now how cool is that…that would be so cool for the class. Thanks for another great handmade item

  78. jessicaj says

    I am so excited to do this for my daughters classroom!

    Jess (From WI)

  79. Anonymous says

    love your ideas would love to win
    elizabeth Holder

  80. Gayle215 says

    I love all your ideas! Those marbled crayons are amazing.

  81. rmeyfe says

    I love those little dear stamps!!! This would be a great project for all those well loved crayons in my house!!

    Jen M in Texas 🙂

  82. Jessica says

    loooved the tutorial! can’t wait to try it with my kids, thanks so much!!!

  83. Jennifer says

    OH MY GOSH what a cute project! And what an AWESOME give away!!!!

    Thanks so much!

  84. Anonymous says

    Such a great idea. Thank you. I am going to use this for my class.
    KimC (NJ)

  85. Jessica says

    That is such an awesome idea! I must try it – we have a on of broken crayon bits around the house 🙂

  86. Stay Funny says

    That’s really a fun project to do for kids giveaway treat for a b-day! Love it!

  87. Cynthia B. says

    Cuteness! Great kits you’re giving out – not just Elle’s stuff, but crafty things we can do at home too (and kid-friendly, even better! 🙂 )

  88. Carol A. says

    Oh wow…what a really cool idea. This would be a great project to do with my girls….they would love helping with this. Wonderful giveaway….Thanks for the chance!

  89. Kate says

    so cool! I want to make these for the kids I tutor!! Thanks for the idea!

  90. Lynsey says

    This would be a great idea even just for decorations! I’d totally put these in a pretty bowl on my coffee table or as a centerpiece on my kitchen table for Valentine’s Day. So cute!

  91. Wendy says

    This so fun and very cute!

  92. Jennifer says

    this idea is adorable!! LOVE IT!!

  93. Awesome project! I have lots of crayons waiting to be used in this project. Love the heart molds.

  94. Amy says

    I have tried this before, but yours turned out much better. Maybe I will have to try again and see if I did something wrong. Thanks for the tutorial, I am going to give it another whirl.

  95. Keiko says

    Wow, it’s a great idea.
    I have to look for my school time old crayon!!!

  96. Amanda N says

    I LOVE those deer stamps! They are too cute! 😀
    Love the crayons! Goodness knows we have TONS around here that are broken already!!!

  97. GREAT project idea…..love the idea of getting rid of our old crayons! And since my birthday is on the 24th what an absolutely perfect gift! TFS

  98. polinka says

    so cool!! love this idea!!

  99. I’ve done this with old crayons that we had lying around BUT I really love the idea of using the alphabet moulds!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Geke says

    Such a nice thing to do for the ones you love!!!

  101. Kirsten W. says

    I did this a million years ago with my mom, but I should definitely try again! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  102. Great Valentine’s gift idea. Love the new deer stamp!

  103. That is SO cute. Thanks for the showing how easy it is! Now I just need to get me some of those molds. 🙂

  104. Erin H. says

    Adorable idea! I am definately going to try this! This would also be a great idea for stocking stuffers or kids parties. Thanks for sharing!

  105. jwood says

    This is a great project, thanks so much for sharing. What a wonderful way to use up all of our old crayon pieces.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win goodies too!!

  106. JJ Sobey says

    what a fun way to re-use old crayons! Love the letter shapes, too.

  107. Kim says

    Such a sweet idea for the kiddos to make! Who doesn’t have a million broken crayons w/kids in the house. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration & generous giveaway!

  108. BabeCaddy says

    Awesome project!!! Love the way the colors come out… Can’t wait to try some of these

  109. BabeCaddy says

    Awesome project!!! Love the way the colors come out… Can’t wait to try some of these

  110. Kimmy says

    I love the cupcake effect of these. That deer stamp is to die for.

  111. Gina says

    Looks like a fun project to do with the Grand kids!

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    Supa sweet! What a great give-away!
    Love how the shapes turend out!!!

  113. Jen says

    I love this idea!
    I think it would be an awesome idea to make the crayons to fit inside an Easter egg! They could hunt for eggs and have fun crayons along with their candy and money!

  114. Sue says

    fantastic idea, I’m just going to steal my kids crayons.

  115. Anonymous says

    This is awesome! Cool idea- Sherry

  116. mystyle says

    Fun Kids project! I need those molds to make these! Tee Hee!

  117. Christine says

    What a fantastic idea, I love the letters, they look so cute!

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    What a great idea. My kids are still on their school holidays so this would definitely be something fun they could do. :o)

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    really good idea 🙂

  120. Jennifer says

    These are such great tips! I made these last year and am doing it again this year for my sons kinder class. I really love the alphabet idea, might have to try that this year! Thanks 🙂

  121. chksngr says

    What a great idea for little ones…the toddlers in my son’s class would love these!!

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    Love the giveaway, so pretty:)

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    What a wonderful idea. I was always sad to see a container of broken and well used crayons. Thank you, Kris egirlsmom@hotmail.com

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    bianca b

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    What a clever project. Now I know what we can do with the bucket of broken crayons we have in the closet! Thank you so much for the whole picture tutorial..for those of us lacking a craft gene, it makes a big difference.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  141. I was organizing my scrap space today and thought, “I love Elle’s Studio.” So I came here to look around and put off the organizing. You never disappoint. 🙂

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    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Jo 🙂

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  145. Anonymous says

    What fun. I see lots of potential for this with those scrap crayons we have at our church in abundance. How fun it would be to spirit the scraps away and return with pretty crayon shapes!

    Jenny W

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  159. Julie says

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  161. yucaree says

    this is a great project, not only because it’s so cute, but because it can be very eco-friendly. instead of throwing away the little broken pieces, this is a fantastic way to give the crayons a second life.

    thanks for the idea and the giveaway!

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    Thanks for the chance to win

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    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

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    Staci in Tx

  178. Katie says

    Normally I don’t condone destroying perfectly good crayons but I love the idea of making them out of complementing and contrasting colors. I’d love to win too!

  179. I love what you did with the crayons and the molds. That is such a great idea! Especially the letter ones! Very cute!

  180. susanne says

    Wow- what a cool ideas fr the crayons- might have my sons help me do thse & give them out to classmates with valentines- TFS!!!

  181. melita says

    that is such a great idea with the crayons! we have TONS laying around, i am always throwing them away! what a great way to recycle them!

  182. sheree says

    oh this is such a great idea will have to get my dd involved in this one…

    take care

  183. stamprgrl says

    OMG… I love the idea… but I do have a question… when you melt them do they let fumes? and can you re-use your molds for food?

    — dalis

  184. Anna says

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  185. snazzykc says

    I am getting all giddy, looking at all this cuteness. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make some valentine’s 😀

  186. LisaW says

    That is a totally brilliant and inspired idea!! It never occured to me that you could melt crayons! I know what I’m doing with all of our broken ones now! LisaW

  187. Book Bling says

    Very cute idea. I used to do this with my students when I was in the classroom. Of course, I didn’t have such cute molds. TFS

  188. Oh my, the crayons are beautiful. Now I can’t wait to find bits and pieces laying around the house instead of cursing when I step on them. ha.

  189. Angie says

    What a fun idea. My daughters will have a blast doing this.

  190. Peggy says

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  191. Moira says

    What a great idea! I need to go through the kids’ crayon box and pick out all the bitty crayons – now I’ll have a purpose for them!
    Your tags are fab. 🙂

  192. Oh my goodness!!!! This is such a creative idea. I love all the items used–ESPECIALLY the deer stamp set.

    I hope I win!!! 🙂

  193. Lara says

    These are so cute! We did this years ago with old broken crayons, but not in fun shapes. We just used regular cupcake holders. Love this waaaaaay more! Thanks for this awesome giveaway too!
    ~Lara xo
    PS LOOOOOOVE the new goodies I bought!!!

  194. These are so fabulous! Thanks for the great idea!

  195. Mindy says

    These are so super cute! I never thought to use an alphabet mold but that is just genius!

  196. janperilli says

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  197. MaryC says

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    Mary C

  198. this is over the top, wow what a cuuuuuute idea!

  199. Susi says

    love the “love u”!

  200. the kit looks so gorgeous! i esp like the deer stamps and the heart cupcake molds! and the martha steward products…i can never seem to find them! definitely will try making the crayons soon!

  201. Sheila says

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  202. Kim M says

    What an awesome project and giveaway, thanks for the great ideas!

  203. Mollie says

    Hi! I love this tutorial! I’ve seen it before and thought it was cool, but the colors and pictures you have here are so fun and cute that I’m actually going to try it out now! hehe

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    Great gift ideas!

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    I’m going to be following your blog from now on … heard about it over at Create My Keepsake.

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    and, thanks for the link to the alphabet molds, i might just have to order some of those too!

    thanks for the inspiration!!

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    I love cupcakes, muffins… and crayons! (No link) and your post is really tempting me to get an oven for myself… ahhhh!

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    Love, Tracy G

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    Kristyn G

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