Handmade With Love – Day 1

Supplies needed:
Small Scrapbook Tags
Alphabet Stamps
Stamp Pad
Wax Paper
and your favorite frosted cupcakes!

1. Gather your small scrapbook tags (we used our Sweet Tweet Circle Tags) and make a list of the names for the people who will be eating the cupcakes. Start stamping each persons name on a tag. 2. Once you have all the names stamped on the tags and they have dried, you’ll want to line the back of each tag with wax paper. If you don’t, the grease in the cupcake icing will soak through.3. Cut circles from the wax paper that will fit on the back of your tags.4. Place a small drop of glue on the back of each tag and glue the wax paper to the tag.
5. Frost all your cupcakes – I used a piping bag and a large tip but you don’t have to.

6. Once you have all your cupcakes frosted, place your personalized tags on each cupcake! You can add sprinkles, too, if you prefer! These cupcakes would work great for Valentine’s parties or in the office or at school!
Other things you could top cupcakes with are chipboard letters or super big buttons! But, remember, any cupcake toppers that are paper or chipboard need to be lined with wax paper – if you don’t the grease will soak through! As you can see in the photo above, I didn’t line “Jack’s” cupcake and the grease went through the paper in no time! Poor Jack!
If you don’t want to stamp names, you could use tags that have no room for a name, like our Doodled Heart Tags!

Now it’s time for a giveaway! One person will win this awesome set of goodies that includes everything you need to make these on your own, even some fancy Martha Stewart cupcake liners and three packs of Elle’s Studio tags! Just leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win! Anonymous comments have now been enabled, but you must leave a link to your blog and your name in the comment! The winner from each giveaway will be drawn on next Saturday, January 24th!


  1. nicnacske says

    A project that combines two of my favorite things: baking and papercrafts!! Love this!!

  2. Stephanie says

    How adorable those are! And what a great idea to put wax paper on the back.

  3. Peggy says

    these turned out so cute.

  4. Kirsten W. says

    Wow! Adorable cupcakes and a great giveaway! Thanks!

  5. Addie says

    These are so cute! Love the giveaway!

  6. Rachel says

    How cute!!! I have 2 school parties to take things for this Valentine’s. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  7. Augusti_73 says

    I really hope this is open to international readers cuz I’d l♥ve to get that awesome cuteness in the mail!!!

  8. Liz says

    Very cute idea for my daughter’s preschool!

  9. Beth Perry says

    Hey girlie! so neat!! Thanks for having a giveaway! 😛

  10. mystyle says

    The personalized tags would make any party perfect! SWEET!

  11. Chris says

    These are adorable! What an awesome prize package.

  12. Cynthia B. says

    Yummy! (And I’m not just talking about the cupcakes!) Great project – thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  13. Michele H. says

    Oh so pretty! My little one would go crazy for this!

  14. Michele H. says

    Oh so pretty! My little one would go crazy for this!

  15. Dorianne says

    this is such a great idea…super fun and cute!

  16. oh my gosh!!!! YUMMMY project!!! want to eat em!! and great product!!! always love your stuff

  17. audrey says

    Ok, those are way too cute!!!

  18. mngirl says

    This is a great idea. Love it!

  19. Kimmie says

    how cool is that…..i wonder if you could take Kim’s idea and put tape over it, a lot of work but could be worth it! Thanks for sharing

  20. Kate says

    How perfect! I have to make these for all the girls in my grad school program 🙂

  21. rmeyfe says

    How cute is that!!! I love it and want to do it too!!

  22. Drika says

    What cute cupcakes!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  23. BrendaB says

    What a cute project! Makes me want to get out the mixer and make some cupcakes!

  24. Alecia says

    Oh, this is WAY fun!! Love this idea!!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  25. stephanie says

    mmm, those cupcakes look delicious!

  26. Zarah says

    That’s just sooo adorable!! LOVE it! 😀

  27. redmom says

    Those are the cutest cupcakes every!! I will have to try this for sure!

  28. nola says

    Wow these are a cute idea for a class party!

  29. carpediem says

    Great project! Everyone loves cupcakes…so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  30. ~amy~ says

    Good Grief!!! How stinkin’ cute is all this?!!!!

  31. Anonymous says

    this is so cute! it is just the thing i needed to brighten my day; it is snowing (SNOWING BIG SNOW!) here and though i don’t have a blog for to link to, i just had to comment anyway.
    thanks for the bright spot.

  32. I really love cupcakes! They are so in right now!

  33. JulieP says

    I’d love to know what your frosting is. It looks so pretty!!!!

  34. Vivs says

    The sweetest treats ever! Great idea to have a personalised cupcake!

  35. Bekka says

    I love cupcakes — this is brilliant!

  36. Kimmy says

    You iced those so cute. I hope I win. I love your tags. Thanks for doing a give a way.

  37. Tracy says

    What a great idea! I Love cupcakes!!!

  38. Virginia says

    Oh my goodness, what an adorable idea! And I didn’t know that tip about the wax paper lining- glad to know that. Those look so yum!

  39. Lu says

    wonderful. now i must make cupcakes.

  40. Mandy says

    What a fun giveaway!

  41. *danielle* says

    oh how fun! i love making cupcakes!
    everything looks super *sweet*

  42. 3QTGUYS says

    Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I MUST make them for my 9-year-old’s class! Sooo cute!

  43. metrochic says

    oh my gosh! so adorable and such a great idea!!! (and i have been dying for those liners! *crosses fingers*)

  44. Kris says

    What a delicious idea!

  45. peeps says

    What an adorable project.
    The cupcakes are *almost* too cute to eat.

  46. inaminute says

    This looks like so much fun. My daughter said she wants to make these for her school party.

  47. Sarah :) says

    Who doesn’t love a Valentine’s Day cuppycake? This is the cutest giveaway idea I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for putting it out there for us to drool over!

  48. it is now 1:30 AM and reading your post has made me want cupcakes! not just any cupcakes! chocolate with pink icing! oh ymmy! super cute project! thanks for sharing!

  49. RobinV says

    Such a cute project. Love the little tags and the cupcakes look so yummy.

  50. Cate says

    What a cute idea! I’m going to have to make some of those!!

  51. Cass says

    Super cute! What an awesome idea! 🙂

  52. nfaband says

    Such an adorable project and don’t those cupcakes look yummy. Love the idea for personalized cupcakes. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Larajc says

    certainly cute cupcakes! Love the tags!

  54. Terri says

    Love those cupcakes and what a neat idea with the tags! Thanks for the giveaway – good luck ALL!

  55. Gayle says

    Oh how I love cupcakes! Who doesn’t?! I would even make cupcakes for work with these cute supplies!

  56. Jen says

    I would never have thought of this on my own! We are big cupcake makers around here, too. It’s hard for me to break off the paper without some outside help. Thanks for the inspirations!

  57. Kataroo says

    great idea to personalize sweet treats!

  58. Joli says

    OMGoodness!! These are the cutest cupcakes ever!!

  59. ania says

    Mmm cupcakes! Would love to have a chance on real american cupcakes!:)

  60. Katja says

    I love cupcakes!

  61. Lisa says

    Way too cute! And who doesn’t LOVEY cupcakes!!!! Thanks! Lisa K in TX

  62. Sonja says

    I love cupcakes!!!

  63. Lacintha says

    I’m in love with your cute V-day ideas..this is adorable!

  64. Bibi says

    Those are just too cute! I think I’ll make these for my son’s kinder class. Thanks!

  65. LindaS says

    Love the birdies and the brigth and fun cakes.

  66. Corey says

    well aren’t those adorable! great looking cupcakes!

  67. MaryJo says

    Great cupcakes! Now I just need to get motivated to do some baking!!

  68. Margo :-) says

    What a fun idea for a bridal shower!!! Love it!!!

  69. Anonymous says

    Absolutely adorable!!

  70. mmmmmm … those cupcakes look delicious!! What a cute idea.

  71. Veronica says

    Adorable idea! Have to do that for the littles I watch! Thanks!

  72. Lisa J. says

    Your ideas make being a mother fun!!! I can’t wait to do this stuff with Emma my daughter!

  73. Fun project! Those cupcakes look delicious!

  74. Jacqueline says

    Yum, yum! These cupcakes are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  75. Anonymous says

    Ohhh, Yummy cupcake goodness! Thanks for tip on the frosting too. I was wondering how it came out so smooth! Thank you for sharing yoru ideas. LOVE IT!


  76. Mandy says

    What a cute give away! Just love it and the Elle tags are perfect. I could really use this idea for my daughter’s classroom treat!

  77. Michelle says

    These look so yummy. I adore how those turned out! Great stamps too.

  78. Stephanie says

    How fun are those! Super cute!

  79. Applemimi says

    great idea !

    i love this project !

  80. Jenneke says

    These cupcakes look so, so yummie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Rhea says

    all I can say is Yummmmy! Thanks for Sharing – these will be a class party treat for my son’s class this valenties. Thanks for using a cake mix! hehehe

  82. tdaucrops says

    Thanks for the tip about the wax paper. It is the simple things that make all the difference.


  83. Heather says

    Yummy!!! My boys will go crazy for these!

  84. Patricia says

    What a cute idea to spruce up the cupcakes! Thanks for sharing ~ Patricia

  85. Another great idea! HOw do you get the frosting to look whipped like that? Is it homemade?
    Would love to win this giveaway!

  86. pamala says

    oh my, these are so dang cute!

  87. ddinak says

    CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Cupcakes are my fav!

  88. Gayle215 says

    The cupcakes are super-cute. I often sandwich two circles with a long toothpick in-between so I don’t have to line them!

  89. Ally says

    SOOOO cute! All that frosting made me hungry 🙂 Thanks for all your creativity!

  90. Absolutely adorable! I can’t wait to make these. The wax paper is a great tip! Thank you! Anne

  91. Jennifer says

    Those cupcakes look soooo yummy. Now I have to make chocolate cupcakes today 🙂

  92. Lynsey says

    So cute! I might have to do this when my students have their party next month!

  93. Wendy says

    So cute and yummy!

  94. Amy says

    My daughter and I LOVE to make cupcakes, but I had never thought about using cupcake toppers like that, what a great idea, thank you for sharing! Amy

  95. Keiko says

    Looks so beautiful!
    It’s quite good idea for coming Valentines Day!

  96. What lovely cupcakes and a great giveaway too!

  97. polinka says

    what an adorable idea!! like that!!

  98. Geke says

    So nice and cute!

    Ik love this!!

  99. Darling cupcakes and what a fun give away! TFS

  100. BabeCaddy says

    Love these!! Now I am wanting a cupcake…LOL!!

  101. Gina says

    So cute! A great Valentine idea!

  102. this is just gorgeous!! i am craving for cupcakes now! 😀

  103. chksngr says

    What a fantastic valentine treat!!!

  104. Anonymous says

    Yummo-licious…how cute. TFS. Liann M.

  105. This would be cute for my daughter’s birthday…love it!

  106. Dana says

    Super cute cupcakes. You have such neat ideas!

  107. Yvette says

    Valentine’s Day is so much fun!! Thanks for the great ideas and products!!

  108. Anonymous says

    Love the cupcake idea and thanks for the chance to win!
    bianca b

  109. Sierra says

    i love cupcakes and the tags are adorable!

  110. KatieB says

    What a fun week! Thanks for the cute idea–we love cupcakes!

  111. Di says

    yumm! now i want cupcakes 😉 and that hot pink frosting! nice!

  112. Bouf2 says

    love this idea!

  113. Darcey says

    Love this idea! Too Cute!

  114. Aleks says

    oh yummm that is the perfect icing!!! delicious!! the cupcakes look adorable!

  115. June says

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  116. Anonymous says

    How fun!! This would be a fun project with the Grandkids.

    Thanks for the info.

    Nora :~}

  117. ropergirl3 says

    Darling idea! Too bad our schools only let in sealed store bought food. I might do them for home for our celebration though!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  118. Sarah says

    So cute – I love how you thought to add the waxed paper so they don’t get all wet and ruined – so smart! 🙂

  119. Marie says

    That sounds like a perfect project – and really cute too!

  120. PamS says

    How cute is this!

  121. those are so precious! Great ideas, I’m thinking valentines day!

  122. Sonda T says

    Holy Moly…being the cupcake obsessed person that I am this is right up my alley!! LOOOOOVE IT!! 🙂

  123. Chok Keun says

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  124. Charin says

    So simple and sweet!! 🙂 Very cute idea. 🙂

  125. THat is such a great idea for cupcake toppers. Now I want a cupcake!

  126. melita says

    how fun is that! very cute cupcakes!

  127. stamprgrl says

    OMG…too freaking cute for words!!!! wow!!!!!

    — dalis

  128. ..feli.. says

    what an awesome idea and giveaway!: )

  129. Becky says

    I just found your blog and all I can say is yummy!
    Cute cupcakes and I love all your paper designs!
    Thanks for the giveaway…

  130. Book Bling says

    Sweet! Neat idea and one children could help you with.

  131. Angie says

    I love the cupcakes, very cute.

  132. Salai says

    Hello…. Please pick me I love it!!!!!

  133. Moira says

    Love this idea for personalising the cupcakes! Brilliant!

  134. grover says

    ohhh those are so cute!!
    we love cupcakes in our house–these would be extra special!

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  138. Sheila says

    I love this-will have to remember this for the school party!

  139. Kim M says

    Seeing how I have little girls at home, this project would be perfect, thanks for the great idea!

  140. Mollie says

    Holy Cow… I need cupcakes pronto. lol I’m craving sweets now! yum yum yum…

  141. Super cute! How fun would this be for a Valentines party at school or even adapted for a birthday party or other holiday!

  142. Sophia says

    What a cute giveaway…LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

  143. jen k says

    Cute, cute, cute!! Love it all. 🙂

  144. Katja says

    great idea…..like the idea of piping the icing too rather than slapping it on with a nife – looks very tidy. Now you need to do tags on sugar paper then we could eat the lot!! :o)

  145. shara says

    LOVE IT-I can’t wait to use this idea for my kids birthdays.

  146. Jenn says

    wow!! what a great idea…cupcakes look DELICIOUS!

  147. Laura Z. says

    Oh Elle!
    How cute and creative! I love it!

  148. Isabelle says

    How fun – I would love to do this. I love all things Valentines. It reminds me of my childhood and making handmade valentines for everyone in my class. I loved doilies.

  149. Carol A. says

    These are absolutely adorable…and now I am so hungry…LOL!!! Thanks!

  150. HL0517 says

    those are so adorable!!

  151. Mandy says

    Ooh cool! I have 2 Vday parties for my kids I think they will love these.Thanks Elle!

  152. Mandy says

    Ooh cool! I have 2 Vday parties for my kids I think they will love these.Thanks Elle!

  153. jennie says

    this si so fun to get all the different ideas this week!

    Thanks so much!!

  154. Cat says

    Me want cute cupcakes!

    Cat from TX

  155. Anonymous says

    Wow! I almost licked the screen 🙂

    Mich (chinelos)

  156. mmmm cupcakes! i love valentines day! so fun 🙂

    jessicajane.love at yahoo dot com



  157. elina says

    now i want some cupcakes too! i love your stamps! ja wonderful ideas.

  158. Juliane says

    Cupcakes…yummy CUPCAKES. They look yummy. Thanks for sharing with us.


  159. Anonymous says

    I always wondered how to include a paper type decoration on baked goods. I never thought of wax paper!! Thanks for sharing!

    Kim in NJ

  160. Kirsten says

    CUTE project! Who doesn’t love a sweet cupcake?!

  161. nichole says

    those stamps are just yummy! i might eat those on instead….

  162. KimL141 says

    So cute. I love your little tags.

  163. Stacy B. says

    Adorable cupcakes and labels and such a great project for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  164. Ceilidhmom says

    I love…no wait I LOVE cupcakes. Did I metion I love cupcakes. This is a great idea!

  165. jenpete says

    Great for the kids valentines!

  166. susanne says

    can i tell you these are some great ideas!!! thanks for sharing & giving inspiration!!!

  167. Mel says

    I want to devour each and every one of those yummy cupcakes! The craft stuff looks pretty yummy too!
    OKC, OK 🙂

  168. Samantha says

    Wow, that’s a cute idea! I just may use that idea for a fundraiser I am doing this spring! And, who doesn’t love cupcakes?!?!? 🙂

  169. Cindy O says

    This would be such a great Mom and kids project!

  170. Anonymous says

    please pick me!

    Amy, SC

  171. Wendy says

    What a fun giveaway!

  172. Anonymous says

    So adorable. I don’t have a blog but my I can leave my name:

    Lisa L.

  173. Traci from Ga. says

    Yummy, extra cute project. what fun this would be to make. Thanks for the chance.

  174. Danielle says

    YUMMY in the tummy!!!! What a super cute project for the kiddos to make 😀

  175. Lana Day says

    Totally Cute!!!! Those cupcakes rock….makes me hungry just looking at how sweet they are!

  176. corryn says

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  177. rachel_kokes@yahoo.com says

    That little bird is absolutely adorable!

  178. Meg says

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  179. Rachelle says

    I just discovered your blog. I am loving the handmade series. Fun project!

  180. Jen says

    fun, fun, fun!!
    great giveaway!!

  181. rebecca says

    What a delicious looking give-a-way. 🙂 You have the cutest ideas!

  182. scrapmin says

    Those are such cute cupcakes and totally do-able. Thanks for the inspiration!

  183. Rach H says

    guess what I’m making!!??
    yep cupcakes!!
    and I how I LOVE your idea!!
    just love it!!
    thx for sharing!!

  184. Nickie says

    I wish I could make cupcakes like those….They are the cutiest ever. Thanks for the giveaway.

  185. olexer says

    What a fun project, that would be fun for a class party!

  186. valeria says

    che bei progetti!!! mmmmm cupcakes

  187. Karen says

    Way better than those little heart candies with the messages.

  188. Stephanie says

    I love these cupcakes – why didn’t I ever think of piping the icing on? That is so great. Did you make icing or use storebought?? I am making these for work!

  189. Melisa says

    Super yummy project. Thanks for the chance to win!

  190. Jingle says

    I {heart} cupcakes!!!! (No, really, read the last couple of posts on my blog…LOL!) This is a great idea! Thanks!

  191. Brenda says


  192. Lyla says

    KEWL CUPCAKES. I love it when you can take something ordinary and make it EXTRAORDINARY!!!

  193. Anna says

    Wow, I just love all your ideas! We are going to have such a festive Valentine’s Day!

  194. Nina says

    Super cute valentines project!!
    I just loooooove those tags with the little birdies on…and all of the other Elle’s tags too. Got to have ’em!


  195. Judith says

    Love the cupcakes and the tags.

  196. Jenell says

    Love the new Valentine products and projects. Great give-away.

  197. Mel Nunn says

    A mouth watering giveaway! fantasic ideas… love your blog!

  198. Alex says

    What a fantastic idea. These would be a huge hit in the classroom!

  199. Tam says

    I love all things cuppycake! soooo cute! I can’t wait to try each and every idea! yeah! Thanks!

  200. Angi says

    Yummy Yummy, I think I need to make some sweet treats now!

  201. Kim says

    Yum….who doesn’t love cupcakes??? Some sweets for my sweeties on Valentines Day.

  202. Szilvi says

    Oh, they are super sweet. Unfortunately I’m the only one who loves cupcakes in the family. You know what it means… I have to eat all of them. 😀 But maybe one day I’ll bake a set of cupcakes and label all of them to me. 😉

  203. I like this idea… but I am thinking I am going to use it for a birthday theme instead… but thanks for the idea.

  204. Tracy says

    awww … those are sooo cute – love it!!

    Love, Tracy G

  205. tmwathen says

    Just found your bnlog today and love it:)

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