some sunday love

A while ago our calendars were featured on the PoppyTalk blog! We were so honored – we have visited this blog at least twice a week for the last year and love seeing all the beautiful items they feature… So when I read the post and saw our calendars I was beyond amazed!! And then, to top it off, baileydoesntbark sent in this fabulous photo of how they hung their calendar! Love that idea – so much fun! Thank you for sharing!

You have to check out baileydoesntbark’s etsy shop, absolutely beautiful dishes and cups in there! Here are two of my top favs:

A couple other shops I’ve had my eye one lately are:





Etsy’s full of such beautiful items, it’s so easy to get lost in time looking at them all! I hope you enjoy these items as much as I do!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, they mean so much to me! It was a great one 🙂 I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the envelope template download! Feel free to post any creations with it in our flickr gallery!
XO, Elle


  1. Love those flower buttons!
    hoganfe handmade handbag originals

  2. Kathlyn says

    I love the umbrella, the grey chic bag, and most of all those plates and cups! Love Love Love ! <3

  3. Simona says

    Hey Elle, today I received your Halloween stuff: it’s sooo cool! Thank you so much!

  4. sunnymum says

    Great collection! I love the seasons plates too.

  5. I love it when people post their fave etsy stuff. Sometimes it is so hard to find stuff you like, but when someone else does all the hard work…it makes it so much more fun!!

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