Cards for Heroes

Last month we were contacted by Claudia from This is a wonderful organization that makes and ships cards to honor our armed forces serving on our behalf. Regardless of how we feel about the conflicts currently going on around the world, we can agree that our brave heroes are honorable and deserve our support! became official in November of 2007 and since has been able to bless our armed forces with over 43,000 cards – what an amazing number! I can’t imagine how much these cards mean to our men and women, since stores that sell cards and stationary are not always right around the corner and most of the time don’t even exist. Cards like these are so important to them since it is one of the ways they can stay in touch with their loved ones. Just imagine being in another country and not even being able to send a birthday card or thank you card!

The best part about this organization is anyone can help and it is pretty simple, too! If you’d like to help and bless our men and women you can make a card, or a few dozen, and send them to They collect all the cards and then ship them in batches all over the world! Right now they are especially in need of cards for teens and children. Don’t worry about the envelopes; they are able to supply them. But if you want an envelope to match your card, please feel free to download our free templates and make one to match (we have added a new size to our templates and you can now find them over on the right hand side of our blog)! VERY IMPORTANT!! Do not use any glitter – the glitter can get on their uniforms and then show up on night vision goggles, making them a target. Also, if you can, please include a dollar or two with your cards – all the shipping they do to get these cards to our heroes comes directly out of the organizations pocket. Any amount you can bless them with would be greatly appreciated!

I strongly encourage you to make a card or two and send them in, even if you can only do one or two, you are still blessing someone out there! This is also a great chance to use your leftover supplies while blessing others! I found that using double sided cardstock worked out perfectly! It adds the perfect amount of color to the inside and always color coordinates with the front – but make sure the inside is light enough for writing to show up… if not you could glue on a piece of lighter paper on the inside for them to write on.

I’m sending these two cards off tomorrow, along with a couple other things! One is a very simple card and the other a little more complex but both so fun to make 🙂

Happy creating everyone!
XO, Elle


  1. Amanda Ann says

    Those cards are beautiful! I am going to go check out that website right now. I am a Navy Veteran, and now a Navy Wife, so I know that those will be so appreciated!! You rock!

  2. Kimmie says

    I did this with Jen McGuire, shes hosting one. I mailed her close to 100 cards including Holiday cards

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