Vacation time :)

We are officially on vacation! This is my first vacation in three years, so I’m pretty excited. The closer the trip got the more I started thinking about how I would document/scrapbook its adventures… by days, photos, just a journal – but the truth is, I’m not good at just writing or just taking pictures. Plus, I wanted it to be something I do there and bring back with me done (or, as close to done as possible). So, I limited myself to bringing the six items pictured above: A chipboard mini album, gluestick, tape, pens and mixed pile of my favorite tags and stickers. Anything else will have to be collected on the trip – like extra paper, brochures, napkins, coasters, anything really! It should be fun, I’m crossing my fingers it turns out. The photos I take will be plugged in when I get back. I plan on just punching two holes in them and adding them like pages. That is the main reason I went with the 4 x 6 inch chipboard album, so it would match the size of the photos! This mini should be simple enough to not get buried in my “I’ll do it later” pile.

While we’re away the main store and etsy shop will remain open for purchases. Anything bought during the time we are gone will start shipping, in the order they are received, starting August 29th. We plan to have everything that was ordered, shipped by the following week – we’ll work our hardest to get these orders out asap and you will receive an emailed confirmation when your order has shipped.

My sister, Michelle, will be in charge of checking my emails and relisting items in the Etsy shop while I’m away. So please feel free to email us if you have any questions! Although, any Etsy convos received during this time will be answered after I return home, on August 29th. Say Hi to Michelle!!

I’ll miss you all so much and I promise there will be lots of fun stuff in store when I return… Like new items for Christmas and Halloween 🙂 and maybe a giveaway or two!!
XO, Elle


  1. Have a fabulous holiday Elle…:D

    Can’t wait to see your mini when you’ve finished!


  2. snazzykc says

    Hi Michelle…hope you have as much fun as Elle!

    Looking forward to the cuteness when you get back, relax while you are away.


  3. Zarah says

    Great kit! Have fun! 😀

  4. Elizabeth says

    good for you. have a fantastic time!!!

  5. What a great little survial kit for a trip. I think I may steal that idea for our upcoming beach trip;)

  6. Mara-May* says

    Have fun!
    Can’t wait to see your finished mini! 🙂

  7. Mara-May* says

    Have fun!
    Can’t wait to see your finished mini! 🙂

  8. Safo says

    have fun!! i love this kit 😉

    Safo xoxo

  9. oh i hope you have lots of fun on your trip!! I cant wait to see your mini!

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