A mini album for summer!

I was so excited to sit down and create this last month! One of our retailers asked me to make a mini for them to display at their store and I was so happy to do so! I waited to post the images for until after they had it on display – I didn’t want to spoil their customers surprise! But, now I get to share it with you, I could hardly wait!!

So, this is my 7 {seen and noted} Signs of Summer mini! And, while making this mini it reminded me how much I love mini albums! So simple, fun and such a great feeling of accomplishment once completed 🙂

My favorite part about this album is the cover. It features each one of the photos featured in the mini, but they are really tiny! I used a ton of our tags and mixed lots of other product in, too!

Summer is here, and I love it!!
XO, Elle


  1. Zarah says

    Absolutely wonderful!! LOVE the signs too – they’re so spot on! 😀

  2. Nicole says

    sweet album Elle.

    love what you have done,


  3. Charin says

    So cute and happy!! 🙂 Love it 🙂

  4. Corey says

    that is so cute!

  5. Melonie says

    Fantabulous! Completely inspiring me!

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