New items are up!

The new tabs and Dandelion sets are up at both the website and etsy shop!

This month we didn’t launch as many products as usual due to our “gearing up” for the upcoming holiday season! We have so much fun stuff in store; I cannot wait until you can all see the items, I’m crossing my fingers that you love them as much as we do! It’s so weird sitting in the sun working on items for winter! We’ve been in a “design lock down” for about two weeks now and feel so inspired for the season. I’m ready to get that tree out and hang the stockings 🙂 LOL!

We’ll be doing the seasonal launch in two parts – more details on that later. Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to hear!

And… here’s a peek at something fun we’ve been working on! It’s our new “Thank you’s” to be included with every package we ship out – flip them over and you’ve got an awesome patterned tag to add to your scrapbooking pages! We’ve had this idea in our heads for awhile now and it’s so fun to see it finally happening! Below is three patterns… but trust me, there’s A LOT more!! Some tags will also have a little surprise on them 🙂

And… here’s a picture I can’t wait to scrapbook!! Such a cutie – we have a leg check up on Tuesday!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!
XO, Elle


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