doggy update!

Hey everyone!

First, I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU for all the emails and comments over the last week! You guys are seriously the sweetest people, I have truly appreciated every one of them!!

I have an update on her……….. She is doing very well! We had a check up at the vet’s office yesterday, and they are really impressed with the progress – so that is a very good thing! We were a little (okay.. A LOT) worried that she wouldn’t want to use the leg after surgery, and they warned that it happens quite often, but luckily this little girl is very strong and determined!

I had a lot of things in store for this month, along with some surprises đŸ™‚ but, this experience kind of pushed things back a tiny bit. So… you’ll have to wait a little longer, but I promise the wait will be worth it!! I’m so excited for the things to come and feel so blessed!

XO, Elle


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