Valentine’s Project!

Valentine’s day is coming up quickly! So, I asked Amber Ulmer to make a little coupon booklet out of the True Love Coupons from the shop and check it out! This little mini booklet project looks like so much fun – and how great would it be to give one of these to your someone special? You could write whatever you wanted on the coupons and personalize them to the person they are for!

I LOVE how Amber used Hambly overlays, ribbon & lace. And, all those fun charms and details make it awesome! She also stuck in some “Sweetheart tags” from the shop too 🙂 So cute and so much fun – Thank you Amber for such awesome Valentine’s Day eye candy and inspiration! I’m ready to start on my Valentine’s Day projects!


  1. YMBD says

    This is so cute and gives me an idea for the hubby for valentines day! Off to check out those coupons! Love’em!

  2. this is such a great idea!! I’m sooo making one of these for my bf this year, thanks elle and amber!!

  3. Marlou says

    wow!!! this is stunning!! 🙂

  4. So cute! Love it!!
    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  5. Michelle says

    cute stuff! The coupon book is such a sweet idea =) yummy!

  6. Leah says

    nice nice…love the colours and the ideea is very…unique:)

  7. nessie says

    for valentines day this year I decided to record my loves fav song… he always prefers handmade presents…

    Anyways, this gives me awesome ideas for the packaging! Many thanks.

  8. Tiffany says

    Okay this idea is fantastic! Wow, what a great idea! Thanks for sharing Amber’s work…and I am off to check out those coupons because they are scrumptious!

  9. Amy says

    This turned out so cute! What a great idea!

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