Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! (a day late – so sorry about that!) This Christmas was a very busy and exciting one! I was involved with our church’s candlelight service and ended up working on it in the weeks and days prior to the event, so that would explain my absence! But, everything was wonderful and merry. Christmas day was great too, and so much fun watching everyone open their presents!!! I hope you all had a bright and merry Christmas too!

I’ve also been busy working on some valentine designs (yikes! I know!) and some other new things for the shop! So much fun in store for the new year – which is only like a week away, crazy!! I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep the Christmas items in the shop, but probably until I’ve ran out of what I already have made and packaged. Which really isn’t much, so if you were thinking of getting something you might want to now, because once they are gone – they’re gone! I’m also starting to run quite low on the 2008 Ultimate Calendar kits too and once those are gone – they are certainly gone forever since I only bought a certain amount of the paper mache boxes that they go in.

And… just a reminder about the Flickr contest! WOW, the layouts are so awesome in there so far! If you’re looking for eye candy make sure you go check them out! And, if you have a layout that features any Elle’s Studio products, make sure to add them to the group! When you do, you’ll be entered to win something from the shop! I’ll be back on the 31st to post the winners 🙂


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